Safeword Mercy game for Dicks challenge

Safeword Mercy ….Mistress Jane Wins Again!!

Following his little email exchange in which Dick had invited Mistress Jane to “make him use the Safeword mercy” in as many different and varied ways as She liked, and with the appointment booked, confirmed and – now – just moments away, Dick could hardly contain himself as he strode towards Her premises. With a knock on the door he entered to find Her delightfully attired – as always – and with that mocking chuckle.

As something of a regular now Dick chatted away as he stripped, and in no time, a naked Dick was guided into MJ’s new harness – much like that attached to a parachute, which passed under his legs over his shoulders and was fastened around the chest. With hands and feet also tethered Dick was raised up on the hoist. Here he found himself physically very comfortable, but with nipples, cock, balls, buttocks, and (with cheeks spread wide) anus, all very exposed and entirely at Her mercy, psychologically, he was anything but.

As She prowled slowly around him making sure all the restraints were tight enough, Jane ran again through the order of the day – “so, I can do absolutely anything to you, just so long as it hurts enough for you to request mercy, is that right.” Dick nodded, with a nervous laugh. “But, your email never said anything about whether or not I should grant mercy upon request… did it, so what happens then?”

Dick thought this was a particularly unhelpful time to bring this up, but hoped the question was rhetorical, and said nothing, as Jane reached down to stretch his scrotum, apply rope around behind his balls and then giving it a good tug, before also applying a ball clamp which She tightened up behind his balls and then left hanging.

Moving up to his nipples Jane gave them a good twist before applying clamps here too, just to get them started. The weight of the clamps on both balls and nipples pulled down gently, until one by one Jane added weight after weight to all three clamps until there was a good 10 lbs plus swinging away on his balls and another pound or two hanging from each nipple. And thus, the games began.

At this point I guess we need to establish the rules (if we are to keep score) as by Dick’s reckoning he was doing ok – and so with the weight limit to his balls (arguably) reached without any mention of the word mercy Dick figured he was one nil up (not that he said that out loud at the time of course). Then as the nipple clamps were removed to be replaced first by MJ’s finger tips and then by Her finger nails She raised the stakes (almost) to Dick’s breaking point… Yet despite a determined series of pinches and twists Dick (in his view) gained the second point, by again not yielding.

Jane now sensing the first hint of a challenge, calmly walked again to the wall this time returning with two surgical clamps, which when applied one to each nipple and clamped shut, showed Dick that there was much more in Her locker. And with more weights added and a brief pause here, to capture the moment on camera (or more likely to just let Dick stew), Dick was a worried man, and just managing to hold on. Until Jane, no doubt sensing victory, started a slow and still gentle twist of the clamp… and that was it, I yelped the safeword “Mercy Please” and was very grateful for (if a little surprised by) a prompt release. (2:1 to Dick).

Changing her tack now Jane sidled around behind Dick and let loose with a flurry of rapid spanks to his bottom… but Dick, now in his third year was unmoved by this, and soon (no mercy requested) She relented (3:1 to Dick). And Dick risked a chuckle, until he saw Jane reach for the bath brush… which for those unfamiliar has a very heavy wooden head, a long handle, and in the hands of Mistress Jane, and particularly when applied rapidly, stings like hell!!

So, with little pause, Jane resumed her rapid spanking this time with the brush, and again Dick felt the sting build… and build… ten strokes to each cheek than 10 more… and still the sting continued to build. Dick was sweating and breathing heavily, and trying so hard to resist… but as Jane went in for round three and upped both the intensity and the pace Dick broke and again cried “Mercy.” At which point Jane too breathed a sigh of relief as Her arm was starting to get tired… a point She made to Dick with a chuckle, and if he hadn’t been so thoroughly restrained Dick would have kicked himself for not lasting just that bit longer (one for next time though!!) and, of course now just (3:2 to Dick).

It was at this point that Dick made his first acquaintance with a little leather device known as a “scrotal parachute.” In the dim light (and with Dicks dodgy eyesight) it looked harmless enough as Jane wrapped it around his balls… Dick figured this was a sure fire 4:2 lead, right until, as She stood very close and gazing into his eyes, Jane gave a little squeeze. At which point Dick realised the business side of the item now wrapped firmly around his balls was covered in very small, very sharp spikes, perhaps just a millimetre in length. Too small to do any real damage, but as Jane squeezed and twisted, way sharp enough to take Dick’s pain promptly off the charts and produce another rather surprised “Mercy.” To bring the match to a draw.

With this one in the bag Jane lowered Dick back to the ground, helped him out of the harness and led him over to the medical table, on which he was promptly (and comfortably secured), for the next stage in the game….

With little fuss, and perhaps conscious of the 3:3 score line (though still, neither party had discussed it) Jane applied conducting lube, and slipped two coils over little Richard… and already Dick new the match was lost. As the current started, and slowly increased Dick was determined to last as long as possible… but with little pause Jane steadily increased the current with a slow steady twist of the dial, and in pitifully little time Dick was again the loser using the safeword Mercy 4:3.

Of course, the 4:3 score was all in Dick’s head, and he had no doubt that Mistress Jane would have considered it yet another 4:0 victory, having after all, obtained a mercy from each of his nipples, buttocks, balls and cock… but at least this time Jane had needed to bring out the big guns to achieve Her goal.

With victory secured, Jane now suggested it was time for Dick’s treat, and thoroughly satisfied with this week’s little dose of pain, Dick heartily agreed.

Strapped to Her medical table, with little Richard lounging unimpressively after his ordeal, Dick was relaxed and content. On with the lube, and then with the flask of one of MJ’s lovely milking machines – Dick could never remember the names – and anyway he liked them all. Within seconds a steady slurp, slurp, slurp could be heard as his cock was slowly (and exquisitely) sucked up into the receptacle.

With new gloves on and more lube, MJ then set about Dick’s prostate… and once again Dick started the slow climb on the staircase to heaven. And with a steady, and perfectly waited stroke of his prostate, and with the rhythmic suck, suck, suck on his cock Dick was soon teetering on the brink. And for while Dick resisted the urge to take the final plunge. And the stroking continued… and the sucking continued… and still Dick teetered on the brink… until, enough was enough and Dick gave himself to the final wave…

But… try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now keenly awaited) hurdle.

Jane, sensing Dick’s dilemma, paused to gather re-enforcement’s… and in no time had resumed her ministrations, though this time with the Hitachi wand applying vibration via the sheath attachment, over the top of the milking machine’s receptacle. And so, round two commenced with a steady stroke, stroke, stroke on his prostate… and a suck, suck, suck on his cock… and all the while the vibrations pounded on all sides of the shaft… And in no time at all Dick was again teetering on the brink…

But… still, try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now very keenly awaited) hurdle, and did rather wonder if today it may just be a bridge too far.

Not yet ready to concede defeat though… our magnificent Mistress Jane, again paused to re-group… removing the milking machine to allow the sheath of the Hitachi wand to slip directly over Dick’s aching and eager cock… and with this turned up to full power, She resumed her attack on Dick’s prostate… and this time within seconds Dick was again teetering on the brink, and now desperate to cum.

And… still, despite everything, Dick couldn’t quite get there… And yet still neither would admit defeat…

Until finally, slowly… so very slowly… with Dick racking his brains for every sexual fantasy he had ever considered, and MJ now pounding away on his prostate and twisting and sliding the Hitachi wand up and down the length of his shaft… they both dragged Dick towards the most explosive orgasm of his life… and with a squirt powerful enough to take your eye out Dick finally came… and came… and with one final sigh (from them both!!)… came again.

The only thing missing then was a twenty-piece gospel choir singing Halleluiah!… and waving their hands… and had there been one, Dick rather suspected he and Jane would have joined in too.

As the panting subsided, Dick couldn’t let the moment pass without thanking Jane profusely for Her tenacity and ingenuity and the supreme skill with which She had both held him on the brink for so long, and still delivered a truly magnificent finale.

Is there any doubt why Dick would of course be back for more…

safeword mercy

Berkshire Cock Milking Clinic…Latex Nurses

Cock Milking Clinic

Nurse Trixy waited patiently for him to hand her his clothes. She looked him up and down and ushered him to hurry. Nurse Jane would be doing her rounds shortly and she expected the patient to be ready and waiting in his gown. “Chop chop” snapped Nurse Trixy “We haven’t got all day”. The patient finally removed his last piece of clothing when suddenly the door opened and in walked Nurse Jane. Nurse Trixy quickly handed the patient a green rubber gown and asked him to sit for a moment.

The two nurses had a brief chat before addressing their patent. Welcome to The Berkshire Cock Milking Clinic. He was told to lay back on the medical bed and as he did Nurse Jane parted his legs and guided his feet into the stirrups. The nurses wrapped white leather straps around his body to secure him to the bed.

The cold of the rubber gown had made his nipples stiffen but his cock had yet to show itself. As the two latex clad nurses turned to face him it soon rose to the occasion and the gown began to raise around his groin area. And although the nurses had seen this many times it always raised a smile.

Nurse Jane pulled a pair of disposable gloves from a box on the wall. As she put them on she stared him right in the eye and spoke to him in a direct manner. “So, you have been masturbating excessively?” Said Nurse Jane. “Yes Nurse” he replied in the same manner. “How frequently?” she said as Nurse Trixy held a lube dispenser over Nurse Jane’s gloves. “Oh errrrr, two may be tree times daily Nurse” he answered with a spring in his step only he wasn’t walking. “Hmmm” she grunted as she turned away. “Your notes say you have been known to masturbate 4 to 5 times, is that correct?” Asked Nurse Jane looking rather vexed. “Yes it has been known Nurse” he answered sheepishly. He started to feel like a naughty school boy as the two nurses stood over him prodding and probing his fully erect member and began to discuss it as if it were detached from his body.

Nurse Trixy squirted a blob of lube on to her gloves and massaged it in. His cock began to twitch as he anticipated her touch which made her giggle and tease him a little longer by taking her time over it. Nurse Jane cupped his balls and squeezing them gently, she turned to Nurse Trixy “Oh yes, they need emptying Nurse” she said in a soft voice. With that Nurse Trixy slid her small hands down his shaft. He gasped with sexual excitement as her grip stretched his foreskin back, peeling it of the head of his cock and his first cock milking began.

Cock milking clinic….to be continued

Berkshire cock milking clinic

Satin Panties, Spanking Punishment

Satin Panties, Spanking Punishment.
“Well young man”. Said Mistress Jane as she whispered into his ear whilst lightly fingering his erect shaft. “It seems a standard spanking hasn’t taught you to contain your excitement. This is the second time I have caught you in the female changing room stealing satin panties so you can masturbate into them! I’m going to call for some assistance to help deal with you.” Mistress Jane left the room and shortly returned with her deputy, Miss Trixy.
“Miss Trixy” Mistress Jane started. ” This is the young man I was telling you about earlier. He has terrible trouble controlling his excitement around the other female students. I know you have a lot of special techniques to train naughty boys to teach then to respect ladies and their underwear”.
“Oh yes” Miss Trixy replied. “I have found that the best punishment for naughty boys is to discipline them in the same manner we would our naughty girls. I suggest we dress him in a pair of frilly girls knickers which I’ve brought with me”. Miss Trixy waved a satin pair of panties in the air for Mistress Jane to see. The two ladies pulled down his pants and while Miss Trixy held his arms behind his back Mistress Jane forced him into the frilly satin panties. “Let us see how he responds to being spanked across our knee’s wearing those!” said Mistress Jane.
Miss Trixy perched herself on a chair and beckoned the young man over. As he approached Miss Trixy began to hitch up her skirt in preparation but he couldn’t help but notice her stocking tops peeping from under her skirt. The soft feel of the satin panties brushing against him as he walked towards Miss Trixy made his cock stiffen. He leaned across her knee ready to receive his punishment. “OOh what is that I feel pressing on my stocking-ed thigh?” shouted Miss T.
Mistress Jane walked over and told him to ‘Part his legs’ while she slid her hand between to feel what all the fuss was about. “My, my” She said “What do we have here in these frilly satin panties?”. Miss T also slipped her hand between his legs. The ladies looked at each other and they knew then what needed to be done.
Miss T stroked his bottom. The soft silky fabric warmed to her touch and she gently pulled them over his bottom. She then began to spank him whilst MJ kept a firm grip on his enormous erection. His cock twitched with every spank received, six on one cheek then six on the other.
He was then pulled over MJ’s knee. She to stroked his girly frilly panties before pulling them back down over his buttocks. She could also feel his erection throbbing against her thigh a her spanks rained down on his naked buttocks. “You will come to learn that having naughty thoughts about what the girls wear under their skirts has its consequences.  Coming to see us for regular panty punishment is the only way your behaviour will improve, as I can feel your naughty cock already getting far too excited by those panties you’ve been made to wear. Control yourself !” Said MJ.
Miss Trixy manoeuvred a chair so she could sit herself in front of him as he lay over MJ’s lap. She lifted her skirt and demanded his head hide under it whilst he is spanked by MJ. “We have a panty sniffer at large Mistress” said Trixy. “I will force his head under my skirt and force his head in to my crotch in order for him to breathe in my scent”. And so she did.
“You are going to have to learn some respect and self control young man, kiss these panties while you take your punishment and don’t stop till Miss is done” Said Trixy pulling his head in under her underskirts giving him nowhere to go whilst MJ continued punishing him, but now intermittently tickling the area between cock and balls seemingly revelling in making him squirm across her thighs while she ignored his muffled moans from under Trixy’s skirt.
“I’m still not happy that this naughtiness is still out of control” Said MJ as she ran her nails around the outline of his throbbing member through the satin panties”.
“What other suggestions do you have?” Asked Miss T.
“Well I think there’s a simple solution to this, we drain all this naughtiness out of him” replied MJ. At this moment  Miss T started teasing his cock and balls through the girly panties he was wearing. “To be honest its my favourite way to discipline naughty boys”. Said MJ as she gently slid down his panties down his legs leaving them round his ankles. “I have much silkier pair with me that will do the job”. MJ walked over to her bag and pulled out a shiny pair of purple panties with pretty bows and handed them to Trixy.
“Now naughty little boy”whispered Trixy as she playfully dangled the panties across his cock. “We are going to find out how much self control you’ve learnt today”.
MJ approached him from behind and began spanking his cheeks again but this time not as severely, but sensually with one hand while her other gently but mercilessly tickled his balls and perineum. Trixy slid the silky fabric up and down his stiff shaft with a loose gentle grip. With each movement he groaned in ecstasy followed by sharp intake of breath with each spank received from MJ. “This is what happens to bad boys who spend too much time trying to sniff girls knickers. Its a very unbecoming obsession  for a young man, don’t you agree Trixy?’ Asked MJ
“Oooh yes” replied Trixy as she looked him in the eye whilst stroking his stiff erection with the satin panties, now wet with his pre cum. Her hand actions quickened on his ever stiff shaft. “I do love putting these naughty boys in my panties and having my way with them” Said Trixy as she let out a cruel giggle. He could no longer hold himself back. The softness of the satin panties, the humiliation of the two ladies dominating and disciplining him in such a way. “Aawww, are you making a mess in my pretty little panties you naughty, naughty boy” teased Trixy.
“We are going to have to double the punishment for you next time” Said MJ.
satin panties and blouses


Dick’s Frustrations In Absentia!!

Dick was frustrated! And that was putting it mildly.

Dick was in fact hugely frustrated, on several levels, and with little sign of relief very soon… and no, in case you’re wondering Mistress Jane had not placed Dick in chastity… though She may well have done for all the difference it might have made.

The first level of Dick’s frustration lay in the simple logistics of a work schedule and family commitments which kept Dick away from MJ’s magnificent dungeon, and though he had made his way peacefully through the first 40 years of his life pretty much entirely kink free, he now found anything shy of a weekly treat something of an ordeal.

The second level of Dick’s frustrations lay in his recent (and indeed increasing) dis-satisfaction with his DIY skills – (not drill and hammer) – And whilst for the past 30 years, Dick would at this point have thrown little Richard over his thumb and popped one out promptly, Dick now found that the much longer and far more intense sensations he enjoyed at the expert ministrations of MJ’s prostate boosted feast, had left him with the clear opinion that a basic one hander wasn’t worth the effort. You may also be amused to note that Dick’s attempt to reach around and stroke his own prostate – not least as he was hardly in any doubt where it was – had also ended, prematurely and somewhat farcically, due to severe cramp which in turn left Dick with a promptly deflated ego, ardour and penis.

The third, and (for the moment at least) final frustration, came from the resurrection of what Dick had hitherto considered to be a fully scratched itch. And this was entirely down to two recent video clips tweeted by Mistress Jane which showed her applying various canes to a gentleman’s upturned buttock’s whilst he lay strapped to Her bench. Now, with the very greatest of respect and absolutely no offence intended to the chap in the clip, the sight of said buttocks were most definitely not the issue. Nor indeed was the severity of the beating, which appeared some way short of the absolute humdingers readily shown on the world-wide-web.

What planted the seed for Dick (just as had her Blue Room Challenge – which had created an itch which it had taken Dick 18 months to scratch) was the fact that this was Her bench, and Her canes and She was the one wielding them – and with those mocking phrases “six of the best to start you off”, and “just grin and bear it.” And this little seed had now sprouted on Dick’s shoulder and was whispering persistently in his ear, in Her mocking voice… questioning just how well Dick may have fared under a similar onslaught… and now Dick was again keen to know, and frustrated that his reluctance for marking, and limited resilience to pain, would prevent him finding out any time soon.

Dick had finally scratched the Blue Room Challenge itch, after a number of steadily more intense sessions with MJ’s various straps and tawses, which had finally reached the point of a 100-plus-stroke beating, which Dick firmly believed was at least very near (if not all the way there) to MJ at full tilt. And whilst it had taken Dick a few sessions to reach that point, MJ had confirmed (unless of course She was just teasing Dick) that She had little left in the locker room with regards said implements.

This was not true of course with Her canes. And Dick’s limited experience of these had shown him just how different they felt to the straps, and how much harder he found the resultant sensations to bear. He was also very much aware, from both his own observations and confirmation from Jane that She had a great deal more in the locker room – both elbow grease and severity of implement – with which to push him further when it came to caning. And now with those darned video clips, Dick found himself once again keen to know just how much more intense “those strokes, as videoed” were than the ones he had received.

Dick was also very much aware that this was a path fraught with danger on several fronts.

First, he really was worried about the marks which at some point on the severity scale, were bound to appear vividly and clearly on his buttocks (if of course he ever got that far).

Second, he was very aware that he should exercise care (and perhaps restraint) when it came to making bold requests from the safety of his desk. He was also very much averse to placing Mistress Jane in the position in which She needed to “interpret’ his requests and if need be “tone them down” firm, as he was in the belief that this went against the ethos of his “relationship” with Mistress Jane. Dick much preferred it when he calibrated his request accurately and Jane delivered in full.

Finally, Dick knew he would be disappointed in himself, if he found his limit was too far down the scale, and that he could barely make it beyond Her gentlest canes, much no doubt as an Olympic cyclist might feel, out of the track with stabilisers attached.

So, perhaps now you can see why Dick was frustrated. But, Dick had a plan!

Dick was a frequent traveller for work, and often away in some tedious hotel, or stuck in an airport or on a plane with little to stimulate his senses. And when little else was available, Dick could immerse himself in his own little world and debate his top 10… He had done this with top 10 songs, films and books… which made for polite conversation when required… but he had also done it on rather more adult themes… top 10 shags, blow jobs, kissers, porn scenes etc… and so now Dick set about debating his top 10 “sensations” at the hands (or other implements) of Mistress Jane.

First he determined the rules – of which he decided there should be Three. One there could be no repeats. Two, he felt for balance there should be 5 treats and 5 torments on the list, and that they had to alternate. And three, Dick felt it only fair to omit any mention of MJ’s assistants a) as he had not met them all, and b) lest he offend if one or other failed to make the cut – the latter point not least as he may find himself tethered and at their mercy at some point – and Dick was anything but stupid.

The winner (treats category) – and claiming a lifetime achievement award, was his first “perfect” prostate orgasm, which as you may recall from blogs past – went something like this:

MJ placed an attachment onto the Hitachi wand that would supply vibration to Dick’s cock through a sheath. She then strapped the wand to Dick’s belly with the business end close to his cock. A quick application of lube was applied then the sheath was placed over Dick’s penis.

Dick realised that by clenching his stomach muscles (think belly dancer) he could manipulate the sheath on his cock to optimum effect… and so he did.

Then Jane slid first one, then two, carefully lubed digits-of-delight into Dick’s already stretched and lubricated anus, and slowly began to massage his prostate. With the skill of a safe cracker, Jane had determined the precise combination (of massage and vibration) necessary to milk Dick’s prostate, and with both now in place, She knew it was just a matter of time. Dick knew that too, and so did little Richard… and so with all three relaxed, and Dick in control of the vibrator (by virtue of a little belly dancing on his part) they moved closer and closer. And Jane watched very carefully, to ensure She was ready to “fine-tune” proceedings when the time came.

The first sign was a slight swelling to Dick’s prostate – “here we go” thought Jane – then the first bead of pre-cum appeared. Jane slowed the massage to elongate this as much as possible, and Dick held his breath. Then as the flow of semen started Dick started to count in his head… one and two and three… and still it flowed… by ten Dick was into uncharted territory… at fifteen the more traditional squirt, squirt, squirt started… and continued… on and on… to twenty two. Then with a massive sigh, Dick collapsed on to the bed… easing himself off MJ’s fingers.

The winner (torments category) was Dick’s longest and most intense CP session – which he assumed (but couldn’t be absolutely sure) had given him his first real “CP induced endorphin high.”

Having previously experienced MJ’s Borstal Strap, Prison Straps and Heavy Lochgelly Tawse, with both severity and pace raised to (pretty near max) Dick knew he could cope. And so on the day in question Dick had requested 24 of each, as hard as She liked, and had challenged Her to “make him say yellow” indicating that that was hard enough, and hoping that would encourage Jane not to hold back.

And sure enough once strapped to the bench, Jane had set about Dick with gusto – starting with the Borstal Strap, then on to the Tawse and finishing with the two Prisons Straps.

This stuck with Dick in the number one slot for a number of reasons: One, it finally laid to rest any remnants of the ghost of Jane’s Blue Room Challenge. Two, he finally felt his resilience in the face of pain (for this type of pain at least) had caught up with Jane, and he was at last cycling without stabilisers! And three, Jane had teased and played with Dick during his ordeal, insisting (not necessarily correctly) that he had miscounted on several occasions, and starting again.

Dick was pretty clear on the winners, but (as he had anticipated) found himself debating long and hard over the remain places – with strong candidates…

“Treats category” including: various rides on Jane’s strap-ons; the perfect mechanical blow job Dick had experienced on Her new Temblr, several afternoons where Jane had taken Dick around the block on more than one occasion; and (even though he had not mastered the toy yet) Jane’s new REV1000 – which Dick was sure he would get the hang of eventually.

“Torments Category” including: the hand of evil – particularly when applied without lubricant and without mercy; the nettles Jane had applied so firmly and for so long to his scrotum; the electrics which held so many possibilities and which he was learning to endure for longer and at higher settings; and any of the many challenge games they had played in which Jane drove him to beg for mercy – particularly when She was anything but swift to grant it.

Just which of these came in which place… of course really didn’t matter… the debate at least had satisfied Dick until next time.


………..To be continued

Dicks Fetish Medical

Dick gets his first Fetish Medical

Well into his second year at Berkshire’s premier BDSM academy, and with dozens of the most varied and delightful sessions with Mistress Jane, and several of her friends now under his belt, Dick found himself wondering why on earth had he not yet met “Nurse” Jane. So, spurred on by some rather attention grabbing short clips of Jane, immaculately presented in that tight, short and shiny latex nurses outfit, Dick emailed to make an appointment for his first Fetish Medical, and was rewarded with a prompt reply from Nurse Jane confirming She would be happy to ensure he received the treatment he deserved, the following day!

And sure enough, the following day, with the parking and texting ritual complete, Dick entered Nurse Jane’s Fetish Medical facility to find Her, as he had hoped, looking breathtakingly stunning in that exquisitely kinky nurses outfit, with hair tied in a pony-tail revealing a pale and slender neck, and a playful smile on her bright red lips – all very much to Dick’s approval – Dick liked a bare nape!

Wasting no time Dick was swiftly stripped and strapped onto the “examination table” and once securely tethered, Nurse Jane confirmed the course of treatment prescribed, would commence with electrics to anus and cock, plus saline injections to balls and nipples, and with no second opinion permitted, She set about preparing the target areas. As Dick pondered his fate he was relieved by the considerable distraction provided by Nurse Jane as She stretched and stooped to gather Her equipment, providing teasing glimpses of white knickers, and that magnificent cleavage, all perfectly framed by such tight latex.

With his anus lubed and plugged, and his cock lubed and ringed – and with the currents adjusted to Her liking – Jane set about sterilising the target areas for Dick’s first ever course of injections. And had She bothered to apply a stethoscope Nurse Jane would have noted a considerable increase in Dick’s heart rate, not because of any phobia of needles, but for the all-the-more-intense twinkle in Her eye as Nurse Jane asked again if he was sure he wanted to go through with this.

Dick watched as Jane loaded the syringe with saline, and turned carefully to stand between his legs, and taking a gentle but firm hold of his scrotum She eased the tip of the needle under the skin. Pausing to look up into his eyes, Jane eased down plunger and injected just enough… and Dick felt the first intense (and so very localised) sting build and build, all the while conscious of the need to keep absolutely still. Satisfied She had made Her point (no pun intended), Jane withdrew the needle and moved around slightly to inject at a second, then a third place in Dick’s now throbbing scrotum, and She clearly had Dick under some considerable distress.

“So Dick, are you enjoying your treatment so far,” asked Jane with a grin. Dick thought enjoying was certainly not a word he would have chosen, but he acknowledged that She had his full attention, and that he wasn’t ready to quit just yet. And at this point (if truth be known) Dick was actually quite relieved, as he had taken Her statement of injections to balls and nipples perhaps more literally than She had intended, and had imagined the needles entering his testicles perpendicularly and thus injecting the saline directly therein. Hence the reality of piercing just below the skin of his scrotum, was at this stage, very much a relief.

So when Jane asked “how about a little squirt into your nipples then,” clearly intent on “completing the therapy” – Dick nodded – and even when She added “be careful, I’m told the nipples hurt a lot more” – Dick found he was committed. So around She came to take hold of his left nipple.

At this point Dick was anticipating something a little more intense than down below, and as the needle was eased in Dick decided it was perhaps a little more tender than into his scrotum. And this opinion lasted for just the micro-second until Jane started to inject. At which point the pain want from well within Dick’s limits to straight off the scale…and Dick, entirely unable to contain himself, abandoned his usual polite and to a certain extent, playful request for mercy, and yelled “please stop, please stop, please stop” until Jane relented and withdrew the needle.

As Dick lay panting and squirming, whilst Jane gazed down eye-brows raised and with that mocking smile, he couldn’t help comparing his recent experience to that of a wasp sting. But not just any old wasp sting, this was one from a mean, steroid-injecting, jungle-dwelling, dragon-slaying, evil fucker with perfect aim and a hell of a punch. So, when Jane noted that She had more saline and Dick had more nipples – Dick prayed She was just playing with him and that that was an end to his ordeal, hence when asked if She should proceed, Dick offered a very pleading no thank you, certain that he had now found a very clear and not-to-be-breached-ever-again, limit!

Hitherto, many of Dick’s most memorable sessions (and indeed his favourites) were when Jane took him to his limit and kept him there teasing him just on the edge – as She had done on more than one occasion with Her prison straps and tawses, with her electrics, and with nettles massaged slowly and firmly into his balls. And on each of these occasions She had hit just the right note, and held it there for quite some time. And Dick always came away wondering if he would have liked it even more if She had pushed him just that little bit further, like the slaves in the literature he now enjoyed. Well, now he had had the first glimpse beyond his limit, and it was a much wiser Dick that would leave MJ’s medical facility that day.

But, all was not done yet! MJ had far more in store for Dick, which She was sure he would enjoy much more, but just before She put all the needles safely into the sharps disposal, She made Dick one last offer, which in the interest of completeness he accepted. And so Jane again held his left nipple and this time with no syringe attached She slowly eased the needle right the way through, and left it there to settle (lest too swift a withdrawal led to bleeding). This Dick found was much less of an ordeal.

Now Jane set about removing the electrics from cock and anus, and lubed Dick up for a little ride on Her new Tremblr, and in no time at all the device was “sucking” it’s way “expertly” down Dick’s now erect and eager shaft. With ropes expertly applied to keep the device from climbing off, Jane went through a series of adjustments to pace, pitch and suction – all to Dick’s most definite approval – as She fine-tuned the quality of his “mechanical blow-job”. And as the device sucked steadily up and down the length of Dick’s cock, he lay back to enjoy the journey, and as he did he could not help but compare the sensations now washing over him with the “ghosts of blow-jobs past.”

Dick’s first practical experience of sex (at least that for which he had more than himself to thank), came shortly after his thirteenth birthday, and started (perhaps not surprisingly) with his first French kiss, which he is ashamed to admit caught him so off guard that he almost bit the intruding tongue clean off (an oft reminded in-joke between Dick and girlfriend number one). This was followed, over the succeeding weeks with fondles, north then south, as they joined each other in eager exploration, culminating later that summer, on a poorly supervised camping trip, in an inquisitive mouth sliding tentatively down Dick’s achingly hard cock. A treat for which the provider of such immediate joy was rewarded with a prompt squirt in the eye (another in-joke, to be endured).

From then on Dick was hooked, and still judged all subsequent suiters by the quality of their French kiss and their blow-job, and with a little professional assistance had built up quite a catalogue of treasured memories. And so, as he lay back now and savoured this new sensation, Dick considered himself something of a connoisseur.

The pressure the Tremblr applied evenly around his shaft was perfect, the pitch of movement from the very base of his cock up to just below the glans was just how he liked it, and the pace (although easily varied) was currently nice and slow (and just perfect). So when MJ slid a few digits-of-delight into his anus to get up close and personal with Dick’s eager prostate the result was never really in doubt. But as neither party was in any rush, Jane massage slowly but firmly and the Tremblr (as was it’s way) just went on sucking, and sucking, and sucking.

Dick’s eyes were now closed and his lips parted as his breathing grew deeper. And still She massaged, and still it sucked… until heralded by a swelling of the prostate, and a deep intake of breath, Dick started to fill the receptacle… and still She massaged, and still it sucked… until a clearly spent Dick started to squirm a little as orgasm turned to post orgasm torment… and yes, it turned out that the Tremblr was equally expert in tormenting a cock as it was at pleasuring it.

Hinting She might pop off to put the kettle on at this point and leave Dick to stew, immediately got Dick back to his old self with a plea for mercy (which he half hoped She would deny) but which this time She granted – and with the flick of a switch the sucking abated, and the receptacle was eased off, depositing a dollop of cum on Dick’s stomach.

With tissues to follow, Jane released Dick from his restraints (and removed the needle from his nipple) and shortly thereafter a slightly wiser (re nipple injections), and now happily sated Dick, strolled back to his car…until next time

to be continued.


Berkshire Mistress Jane….The latest

The weather is fantastic, although a bit hot at times. There have been moments when we have melted in our kinky attire, but in the name of BDSM..We must play on!

The ever demanding appetite for BDSM just seems to grow and having Trixy here to help out has been a God send. Although she is on ‘L’ plates at the moment she adds another dimension to your session, and I’m sure that not to far in the future she will be hosting her own sessions.

I have been in Wales since Fri evening and will return on Tue. Whilst here I have had some photos taken and will be adding them to my galleries soon.

I will also be shooting a short spoof clip for a well know sex machine company in the coming weeks.

Miss Torment visited me last month. We played with some old friends and played some new ones. A good time was had by all, and who knows, she may well come back down south for some more fun and frolics with you guys.

My next CFNM event looms and we have two fun filled day for ALL involved. If you wish to register your interest for any future CFNM events, send an email with your particular scenario/fantasy and I will notify you via email of the next one, as I do not openly advertise these events.

There have been some recent additions to my dungeon. A fetters full body leather suspension harness which can hoist you off the ground whilst being tightly and helplessly strapped in. Two rubber inflatable hoods and I have recently taken receipt of a latex vac bed. I have also acquired the newly released ‘Tremblr’, a hands free masturbation machine by the makers of the F-machine. Also a ladder back bondage chair to add to my ever growing collection of toys and fetish BDSM furniture.









Cock control

Cock control has become a major part of my repertoire amongst other things. By ‘Cock Control’ I refer to activities such as edging, denial, orgasm control, cock milking, ruined orgasms and post orgasm torment. All these skills I am very well versed in. Sometimes I work this particular kink in to a role play scenario for those who want to play things out. Say for instance a medical scenario. You have come for a routine examination only find your regular Doctor replaced by a very demanding nurse who is hell bent on extracting as much cum from you as humanely possible. Or put in inescapable bondage and have your member edged over and over. Teasing your shaft with my skillful grasp, Your orgasm controlled, ruined in some cases, but despair not, for eventually I might just allow you that inevitable explosion that will send you reeling.

Welcome to Mistress Jane’s male milking facility. I present you with another facet to my vastly equipped chambers. Mechanically induced cum or orgasm. Experience the pleasures from one of my masturbation or male milking machines. Relentless is the Serious Kit which is capable of holding You on the edge for as long as it takes. Try the Venus 2000 and enjoy its powerful stroking action, hands free masturbation, so while your hands are tied my are free to probe your other most intimate places. Then there is the Robojac, a combination of alternating air flows of suction and pressure to move a soft transparent tube up and down your erect cock. The Robojac is also suitable for those who find that the days of getting a rock hard erection are over. Then last but not least is the all new singing and dancing Tremblr by the makers of the F-machine. Very similar to the V2 but slightly more advanced. Air can be added to the cylinder making it fit as tightly as you want it to.

I have manual hand pumps to engorge the smallest of wieners. Or to pump up that big cock you hide down your pants in to an even bigger monster.

But mechanical jerk offs are not the only mechanical sex aid invention on the market, or in my chambers….no no no. I also have the F-machine pro. A fucking machine with several sizes of vac-u-lock dildos. See, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

cock controlserious kit cock control




Review….The Tremblr by the makers of F-machine Pro

The New Tremblr male masturbation device.

A few weeks back I took receipt of the new ‘Tremblr’. A hands free male masturbation machine by the makers of the f-machine pro. A well engineered piece of kit that comes in a neat carry case. Having read the instructions I then phoned my friend and asked for the use of his body. Well one part of it in particular, yes you guessed it, his cock.

Ask anyone who knows me will tell you, I love gadgets like this, I have them all. While your hands are tied I can masturbate you, or rather the Tremblr can. While it works your shaft I can be tending to other parts of your anatomy and therefore allowing you to experience more sensations.

After lubing my friends ‘stunt’ cock I flick the switch and pressed the remote. The receiver starts to slide up and down and  immediately he began to moan. The machine works on suction and you can adjust the dilation and speed at the flick of a switch. I started slowly and gradually increased the speed. It took a little bit of playing around to begin with just to get used to the controls but once we worked that out it was plane sailing and its every guys Dream!

Stunt cock said it felt like a really good blow job and then some. He then begged to take it home.

If you take a look at the link below you will see ‘stunt cock’ being fucked by the F-machine Pro 2 while being masturbated by the Tremblr….over 21’s only please!

Dicks exploits….Auto-Pilot

Dick Goes On Auto-Pilot

Following his “Double Dom” session with Mistress Jane and the delightful Miss Trixy, Dick was as eager as ever to return to Jane’s dungeon. But, as he sat at his keyboard composing his next “request” he was torn between a re-run of any of his 5 previous sessions – each of which he had “re-lived” in his mind any number of times since – and the chance to try something new.

As he sat their musing he was alerted to an email from Her!! which said simply – “fancy wearing rubber?” Still very much under Her spell, Dick found he couldn’t say no to Mistress Jane, and whilst hitherto this hadn’t been on his wish-list Dick found himself becoming aroused at the thought… and moments later had replied “yes please.”

Two days later as he approached Her chambers, Dick was still quite excited, and eager to take his journey one step further into the unknown. As he approached the door it was opened from within, as MJ peered around the door, with that heart-warming smile and a gentle “hello Dick.” Dick quickened his pace and entered to find Her dressed head to toe in a magnificent figure-hugging black rubber cat-suit (possibly not the correct term) but to Dick She looked far more inviting than any of Batman’s cat-women.

“Kit off, and come here” said Jane, giving him no time to think. And once naked She set about coaxing him into a rubber suit of his own, far more sheer, and sensual than Dick’s own wet-suit. With arms and legs in, and the zips suitable arranged to allow Her access to the important bits, MJ then set about gloving Dick in long tight rubber gloves. Finally, She placed a tight rubber hood over his head, with holes for eyes, nose and mouth… before finishing him off with a tight rubber corset over the top.

Stepping back to admire Her handy-work Jane nodded towards the mirror for Dick to get his first view, which to Dick’s surprise was strangely appealing – and as he stared at himself in the mirror, with Jane’s arm provocatively over his shoulder Dick wrestled with just what it was that he liked – having had no prior urges to dress up in pretty much anything at all.

As he stood there two thoughts fought for prominence in his mind – the first was how wonderfully anonymous he felt covered from head to toe, and with the hood masking his face, he was of course totally unrecognisable – the second was a memory plucked from his youth, when after the green light from his first “proper” girlfriend who had agreed that Saturday night would be “their first”… Dick had purchased his first packet of condom’s – quite a nerve wracking experience at 14.

Dick was even more nervous when he returned home and decided to try one on… (lest – heaven forbid it did not fit)… Then as he rolled the condom over his raging hard-on the delightfully delicate tightness gripping his cock, even when he let go, was almost too much for him to bear (which did not bode well for his likely performance on Saturday), a few strokes later and Dick had filled his first condom…

Anyway, back to the present as MJ reached down and grabbed “Little Richard” leading the way to the medical bed, easing Dick aloft then lifting his feet into the stirrups, before securing him in at hands feet and via several straps around his torso. Adjusting the zips a little further to allow Her full access to cock, balls and bottom Jane then set about arranging Her various gadgets in silence. Pausing now and again to stroke Dick through the rubber suit.

When she was ready to go, Jane then asked Dick what he immediately considered to be one of the most wonderful questions he had ever heard – as in a business-like tone, Jane asked “So Dick, how many times can you cum in an hour?”

Dick was a little flustered, and again thought back to his early teens, when aged 13 and back home after a Christmas Party at which Dick had snogged several tipsy 13-year-old girls from his class, a very excited Dick had knocked out 4 before falling asleep. Still a record for him, though not necessarily in just one hour.

Jane, still waiting for an answer, gave Little Richard a slap, which brought Dick promptly back into the room… and conscious that he hadn’t answered yet, stammered out “I’m not sure, may be two, or perhaps three.”

“Let’s find out then shall we” suggested Jane, much to Dick’s delight.

And with that she was all action again. First lubing and stretching Dick’s anus before easing in a cock attached to Her “fucking machine” and with height and angles confirmed She set the machine onto a slow thrust, thrust, thrust… which took the large rubber cock almost all the way out before easing it back in again. Then she lubed Dick’s cock and lowered the Robo-jack receiver down onto his shaft, and with the flick of another switch it greedily sucked Dick’s penis all the way in. A few more adjustments and Robo-jack continued to suck up and down with a steady rhythm.

Stepping back Jane took stock of the situation, and noted Dick was breathing in little pants, and squirming and twisting just a little to gain maximum benefit from his current plight. Then adjusting the height of the bed a little Jane ensured that each thrust of the cock plunging into Dick’s anus would arrive firmly against his prostate. This had an almost immediate effect, and Dick started to squirm a little more. Confident She had him now, Jane upped the tempo a little on both machines, and stepped back to await the inevitable fireworks.

She didn’t have to wait long as after about a minute at that pace, with a cry from Dick, Little Richard erupted for the first time that afternoon, with a number of squirts all captured in the Robo-jack sleeve.

But, it didn’t stop there – as to his considerable surprise Jane just left both machines running – and very soon the ecstasy of release became the agony of post orgasm torment, made worse by the infernal pounding against his prostrate from the large cock still thrusting in and out. On and on it went, and no matter how much Dick pleaded Jane just left him to stew.

As the minutes wore on, what had been agony, seemed to switch for very brief moments at a time, into something almost pleasant again, and as the minutes continued to ware on those moments of pleasure became longer and more frequent, until sensing She had waited long enough, MJ applied a little vibration to the base of Dicks cock, and turned up the pace on both machines a little more.

Dick was now clearly back in the saddle, and his moans took on the tempo of the thrust, thrust, thrust in his anus… so when MJ upped the pace again and applied more pressure to the vibration at the base of Dick’s cock it was only a matter of seconds when Dick let out a long sigh, and Little Richard again squirted into the Robo-jack receiver.

But, again it didn’t stop there – and to his considerable dismay and distress – Jane again left both machines running… only this time the sensory overload was much worse. “So Dick” said Jane teasingly as She stroked his face through the rubber mask “how confident now are you about a third lap? Shall I pop out for a cuppa, and leave you to it?” Dick again pleaded for mercy, but confident he was coming to no harm, Jane left him there on auto-pilot for a little longer, chuckling to Herself.

Finally, Jane relented, and with a flick of a few switches all was silent and still. Easing the cock out of his arse, and lifting off the Robo-jack receiver from his now slightly wilting penis, Jane wondered if She

could indeed pull off a third. But always up for a challenge Jane gently re-lubed Dick’s cock and with a gloved hand stroked it slowly from the base almost to the tip, but carefully keeping away from the still over-sensitive glans at the top.

After a minute or two of this gentle persuasion, and with a digit-of-delight slowly entering Dick’s still stretched and lubed anus and pressing firmly against his prostate, Jane new there was one more bullet still to fire. And with a slow circular massaging of his prostate, and the invincible Hitachi wand set on “high” applied firmly to the base of his cock, Dick too felt a glimmer of hope, and once again started the slow climb to orgasm.

On and on She massaged, and closer and closer Dick got to orgasm, but still he couldn’t quite make it… still, on and on She continued… until, with a shudder and an evident swelling of his prostate, a slow flow semen trickled out, and went on, and on, and on… as Dick held his breath and savoured the sensation… until with just one final squirt Dick let out a huge sigh.

Jane stopped immediately, not wanting to ruin the final one of the day, and eased out Her fingers, before letting Dick relax, whilst She cleansed and cleared things away.

Un-buckling Dick, and helping him up, Jane removed his hood, and helped him out of his rubber suit, handing him a bunch of tissues to wipe himself down.

As he dressed and chatted with Jane about what next, Dick’s attention was drawn to the range of CP implements hanging on the wall, and not yet ready to have his bottom stripped with the kiss of the cane, Dick focussed on some of the smaller looking items, and having tasted the tawse and the large prison strap, couldn’t quite imaging how these delicate items could possibly bring any pain. Rather foolishly he joked with Jane that the only way one of “those little sticks” could possibly hurt him was if She poked him in the eye with one.

Jane took this as a challenge, and suggested to Dick that She had any number of cruel and unusual ways to make him beg for mercy, and that She could even make him beg without touching him at all… if of course he was up for the challenge… But with that mocking chuckle, and clad in that magnificent rubber cat-suit, how could Dick possibly refuse… So with a nod from Dick Jane announced that next time She would make him beg no less than 6 times… and with a very determined stare from Jane, in his heart Dick had no doubt that She would… and he could hardly contain his excitement.


To be continued…………