Cock milking clips

Cock milking clips….As a Mistress I get to meet lots of men and over the years Domination has changed or rather developed and gone a little more high tech, although there are still the guys that enjoy the ‘old school’ type of Domination. “Get down on your knees and lick my boots, slave!”.

I must say that I definitely have a leaning towards the tech side and if there is a machine on the market you can guarantee if I haven’t already got it, I soon will have.  That brings me to cocks, yes, that got your attention didn’t it! Your ‘old chap’. Machines, cocks, milking, some of you may now be wondering what the heck I’m talking about, and if you are, then take a look at the links below, and if they don’t get your juices flowing then take a look around my site as I’m sure there be something on here to tickle your fancy.

Manchester s Miss Torment with MJ on 22nd June

Back by popular demand, Manchester’s own, Miss Torment, Queen of Tease. In Berkshire with Mistress Jane on Thursday 22nd June.

Take a look at Miss T’s site  and get a feel for her style.

Bookings now being taken, contact Mistress Jane either by phone or by email to secure your place.

A bit about what you could be in for…..a treat no doubt!

We adore cock sluts and love to share our prey and invade their holes any which way. Role play is speciality whether you need to be brought down a peg or two by your female Boss OR thoroughly and invasively examined in my fully equipped medical white room, by two latex nurses, or old school cotton NHS. Enter Mistresses Male Milking clinic, what have you got for us, a full load, a half load….oooohhh, I’m sure we could squeeze a little more from you! We both love edging and denial, one of us can tease, while the other plays with you….sounds good doesn’t it! But they are just a few of our favourite things to do. There are a lot more avenues for you to explore with us…..I wonder what avenue you’ll choose to go down?

1 hour Double domination with us is £200


Edging Specialist~27 days later

Edging specialist MJ: After a long drive all the way from the Peak district he arrived spot on time. A lovely massage was just what the doctor ordered to relax him and loosen up his body after a long journey. He chatted nervously as my hands massaged the warm oil over his flesh and it was at this point he announced that he had not cum in 27 days. Even after the massage was over he was still shaking. I asked was he still nervous or cold, he replied “Neither, I’m just a little star struck”. I certainly wasn’t expecting a reply like that.

With driving such a long distance this handsome young man had wanted to make the journey worth while and had also requested an hours session of pure Edging and Denial and then an hour of mechanical milking mixed with prolonged post orgasm torment. Now in my experience this is a pretty tall order and most certainly not for the curious.

Before any Edging would commence I secured him tightly to my gynea chair, I also secured his head in an asylum type restraint and then I began. His cock was ready, and it was right to assume he was on a hare trigger so slowly and carefully was the name of the game. I was determined to deny him and prolong his torment. From the off I could tell it wouldn’t take much to tip him over the edge and with the knowledge he hadn’t cum for 27 days I needed to edge him very carefully and read every twitch, groan and signal from him.

Can you imaging holding back your cum for a whole 27 days? Then managing to hold back for a whole hour while Edging Specialist and Masturbatrix  MJ edges your cock….!

His knob throbbed constantly as my had manoeuvred up and down his shaft, doing all the moves. Every few seconds his whole body indicated he was about to Blow so I had to keep the stimulation at times to a minimum. A little refreshment was needed so I gulped back a mouth full of water and the second mouthful I fed directly into his mouth. I had now been edging him for an hour and I eventually granted him his orgasm to which, of course he accepted and released 27 days of pent up testosterone! A small amount of post orgasm torment ensued, but after a whole hour of having your cock continuously massaged a small amount of POT seems like a lot.

I allowed my little visitor some recovery time….ooohhh maybe 3 or 4 minutes before I began to coax his cock. I had a little play with the electrics and did some light teasing before I resumed in lubing up his weary manhood for round 2. As the cold lube dropped onto his shaft and my capable hands began to smother his cock ready for the serious kit receiver, suddenly ‘Hey Presto’ one hard woody, pointing up and ready for action. As the milker began to get up to speed it began to make that familiar clicking sound. Suction on! and it drew in his cock with one almighty suck. Suction off and pulsation on, and we were away. I left him for a moment to allow him to adjust to the new sensation before adding some electro stim to the receiver. I fed him more refreshment as before and watched as he winced as he tried his best to last. He fought back his urge to cum, the strain showing in his face but alas, the stimulation of the new sensation became to much and yes you guessed it…he blew his ectoplasmic load in to the receiver. He had reached his zen moment. But me being me, I wanted every last drop siphoned from him so proceeded to keep the milker running for a little while longer thus killing two birds with one stone. Meaning, he having every drop sucked from him and also treating him to a dose of Post Orgasm Torment.

Now as an experienced Masturbatrix and Edging specialist, I say this many times….’Be-careful what you wish for’. The look on his face. Eyes screwed up, teeth gripped together…oh the torment!…..Prolonged edging?…….No I think we shall end it there and I turned off the machine, to a big sigh of relief. It had beaten him, he was worn out, exhausted.

After a sweet cuppa he sped off in to the sunset and back to the Peaks.

REVIEW 27/04/17

Fully Automated…

I knock at the door, I am told to enter. There stood before me dressed in a black pvc leotard is Mistress Jane. Her amazing long legs encased in fishnets and thigh high boots, her wavy dark hair cascades down her back. I am in ore. I present myself to my Mistress.

I stand with my head lowered, hands behind my back, not daring to look up. Mistress Pauses to observe her prey. Then issues her first instruction.

“Strip Bitch”.

I remove my clothes and place them neatly in the changing area. I turn around and wait my next instruction. There is a whipping bench in the middle of the room positioned directly in front of a mirror. Mistress taps the bench with her hand and I immediately assume position. Mistress waists no time in securing me to the bench. Wrists first, legs calves then waist, I watch her in the mirror. Her long dark hair falls onto my skin as she bends to secure my cuffs. The hairs on my skin stand on end as well as my cock.

Mistress prepared her utensils and sat behind me. I felt a cold blob of lube dribble between my butt cheeks. With her gloved fingers Mistress began to tease the lube outside my hole and gradually into it. Gliding her fingers in and out. Another pump of fresh lube. I breathed out and felt 2 fingers become 3 and with a little resistance 3 became 4.

The sensation of the gliding fingers and stretching felt amazing, then Mistress gripped my cock and amazing became fantastic.

“Well done” commented Mistress, “I’ve go so much more to go here”.

Mistress withdrew her fingers slowly. I then felt the cold lubed tip of a steel butt plug pressed in to me.Once over the widest ridge it sucked itself inside. Still watching Mistress in the mirror, she picked up a control unit and plugged in the wires. She switched the pulses to a rhythm that felt like i was being pegged, the pulses were increased until Mistress got a reaction. I could feel my muscles contracting with the pulses, it felt great.

Mistress turned away, when she turned around she was wielding her strapon which had a nice shaped cock standing to attention. I could see the cocks detail and it was now only inches from my nose. Mistress grabbed my hair and thrust my head back pushing her cock into my mouth. I had no choice but to take it.

“Open wide and suck!” Mistress instructed. I was eager to please and followed my instruction. Her hips thrusting, still holding my hair as I sucked.

Mistress then turns her attention to my pathetic cock. She feeds a chord around my cock and balls and separates everything. Then I feel her nails teasing my tightly arranged tackle. I produce a muffled moan of pleasure.

Mistress begins to unbuckle me then tells me to stand. Stood toe to toe, She informs me I am to be secured to the suspension sling where she will continue to stretch, fuck and use my hole. Before i move any further a gag is put in my mouth. She circles me as she does she teases me with her hands. Then stands behind me, her hands reach around and grab my hard cock, while it twitches in anticipation. Her hands then move up my body to my nipples and she tweaks them whilst whispering in to my ear “Are you ready to get fucked?”. I gulp and nod, “Correct answer” she replies “To the swing” her finger points and I obey.

I walk to the swing, turn and lay backwards onto the curved surface. Mistress takes my ankle and guides it to the stirrup then my other. My wrists are cuffed and attached to the chain hanging from the ceiling behind my head. I am vulnerable.

Mistress wiggles the butt plug to remove it. She lines the head of her cock up, then holding on to the dangling chains she swings me onto her waiting cock and in it slides. I’m engulfed in a rush of endorphin’s as her cock hits the spot. She swings me on and of as her cock plunges deep inside me. She then holds my twitching cock and strokes it in time with her thrusting hips, my head spins.

Mistress leaves me for a moment while she prepares the gynae table. She manoeuvres directly under a hoist. Then pushes the whipping bench to the end and places her fucking machine on top. I can see what she has in store for me next. She fits on what looks to me like an 8″ vac’u’lock cock and sets the f’machine to a retracted position. She turns and gives me a knowing smile.

I am released from the sling, my gag is removed and I’m told to assume position on the gynae table. My legs raised and separated. Again she secures me tightly, the feel of her cascading hair against my skin makes me tingle and my cock twitches.

“You enjoyed getting fucked and I can see you want more” She tells me, “I’ve got a busy day ahead of me and I don’t wish to tire myself out fucking you so I’m going to have you fucked with my fucking machine. This thing never tires” she informs me. “I hope you don’t”.

My cock and balls are untied. Above me are tubes and pipes with a tube fixed onto the end. Mistress lubes my cock and hovers the tube over my cock. She turns a switch and the tube begins to suck, my cock gets sucked up the tube and begins to pump. I feel my cock expanding as the machine gives me a slow wank. With the machine in full control Mistress turns her attention to the fucking machine.

She lines up the 8″ cock with my hole. A final quantity of lube is applied as the head is inserted stretching me open. The machine is turned on and I’m impaled by the cock attached to the f’machine. She turns the machine off for a few seconds then on again and starts to increase the frequency.

Now everything was fully automated Mistress moved around the gyno table. She stood holding a cock in her hand and said “Open wide”. As I did so she shoved it into my mouth.

With my mouth full, arse pounded, and cock at the point, Mistress increased the speed of the fucking machine. I couldn’t hold on much longer and without any control the milking machine forced me to cum. I tried to moan but my mouth was still full of cock, so my moan was muffled. Mistress slowed switches off the f’machine but leaves the milking machine on. Mistress looks at me…

“I’m not finished with you yet, that is the beauty of these machines”. She then withdraws the cock and replaces it. “This is the Jeff Stryker attachment. 10″ long and thicker than the previous this is your next challenge”. I want to please Mistress therefore up for any challenge she gives me.

The cock is lubed up and inserted. The machine is switched back on but not to fast.but with relentless rhythm. Two minutes later the speed is increased and i begin to moan. Mistress pours on more lube then speeds up the milking attachment on my cock. Then she moves to my upper body and teases my nipples whilst telling me what a dirty slut I’ve been and all the things she’s going to do to me. With that my eyes roll back and I cum a second time.

I feel weak and lay with my eyes closed while Mistress switches off the machines. I feel exhilarated and unable to move for the moment. I need to come back down to earth but right at this moment my minds adrift. I can think of nothing…..


Urtication……Stinging Nettles…Sado Botany!

Stinging nettles (Urtica) are beginning to pop up everywhere. In fact only yesterday I used them in two sessions…(yes you did hear right).

Known as Urtication….the nettles can be used to stimulate the skin for spanking, cbt or other BDSM practises.

The nettle only stings the skin it comes into contact with and therefore doesn’t spread (Like a rash). The skin reddens and gets bumpy. The sting feels sharp and hot but eventually fades to a numb tingling which can last a day. I did manage to sting my finger yesterday and my finger is still tingling 26 hours beware!

If you’ve never used nettles before I suggest you do your research beforehand. Check you don’t have an allergic reaction (have some piriton handy).


I want to be Mistress Jane’s slut….

Nikki had come for her training lesson. Her fantasy was to be a useful addition to Mistress Jane’s stable of sluts and slaves. Stripped of her male attire and inspected thoroughly a vibrating plug was slipped inside her. She was then transformed in to a tarty but feminine toy for me to play with. I dressed her in black and red latex. She resembled Jessica Rabbit thinking about it.

A good slut is an eager one therefore easy to train and Nikki was no exception. She was eager all right! and very willing. She wanted to prove her devotion and therefore willing to under go anything asked of her. She stood in front of the mirror while fondling herself, I gave her a playful spank before closing in behind her wrapping my arms around to reach her nipples which she had exposed for me. I gently tweaked them. Her head fell back on to my shoulder as I gently caressed her. She was putty in my hands and I was going to mould her in to my lesbian bitch!

I had her kneel before me and suck my cock while I played with her nipples, pulling and stretching then in my finger tips. Her hands gripped my hips to cope with the thrusting motion. She greedily sucked me off with her juicy red lips as her lipstick stained the shaft of my cock. “Good Girl” I told her. The more words of encouragement I gave her the more she ‘put out’.

It was high time I removed that vibrating plug from her pussy and replaced it with my cock. I now had her lay back on a bench with legs a part (As a good slut should). I pulled her panties to the side and removed the vibrator  then lubed her pussy for some thrusting action. Her clit was hard and wet with the juices of excitement. As my fingers slid inside her eager hole, she moaned loudly to show her willingness. Next thing I was thrusting my cock inside her………….that certainly made her moan!!

She thrust her hips in rhythm with mine…..she whispered ‘take me, I am yours Mistress’….I pulled her top down to reveal her hard nipples and played with them…Her over excited clit bounced to the action. “I want to be your slut” she said again and again……”I want to be your slut’………………………………….

Edging your pecker

Edging blog

I promised you I’d write a blog about edging, so here it is.

Edging also referred to as cock edging, tease and denial, orgasm control, peaking or surfing and I’m sure many other terms.

I get lots of email from guys asking me ‘Can you force me to cum lots of times?’. This is a tricky one to answer because it all depends on many factors. If your a seasoned wanker and occasionally edge yourself now and again then the probabilities are that your an excellent candidate.

Basically edging is holding yourself back from cuming and therefore building up the pressure or pleasure, or both and so increases the pleasure of your eventual climax. So the moment you feel like your about to climax you stop.

For guys who have some experience of edging, can be edged for a few hours but for someone new to this form of play then less is more.

So, lets edge

Firstly you need a good lubricant, lots of will power and some water as its thirsty work!

Lube up that baby and start to wank, thats right. Now as you feel that ‘wave’come over you, you know the one…. ‘Aaaah I’m about to shoot my load’ feeling…STOP! and rest for ten minutes or so. Yes I said STOP in ‘BIG CAPITAL LETTERS’. Leave your man thing alone, put it down and let the ‘deep urge to come’ feelings subside. Let your tackle rest a while, I know its hard (excuse the pun) trust me on this one.

Thats right, leave that bad boy alone. We need to concentrate on building up that stamina, and believe me its worth it. How would I know? I hear you ask, because I have edged soooo many cocks in my time and asked for feedback. I have several edging slaves who visit me for edging alone and they keep coming back for more so that is testament in its self.

Your build up feeling from earlier will have subsided by now so take your cock in hand again and slowly start to work it, but beware, because the need to cum will creep up on you quite quickly and when it does the pleasure can almost tip you over the edge. When you feel that ‘wave’ of pleasure creeping up again…STOP!……………………

and give your manhood a rest for five or ten minutes, until the climax feeling has all but gone away. Your going to repeat this process as many times as is humanely possible for yourself. If its your first time then try for as many stop starts as you can. Seasoned edgers can go for hours. You will notice that the stimulation will be decreased and the pleasure immense. The head of your cock will be super sensitive and even the slightest touch could cause you to explode. Also the longer you ‘hold off’ the more you can maximise your cum load.

By edging you can experience your most intense climax ever. Don’t confuse this with ‘Post orgasm torment’, that is something totally different. You can also have other stimuli whilst experiencing edging such as prostate massage or an anal toy. You can also experience dry orgasms where you have all the feeling of orgasm but don’t ejaculate.


Edging, Multiple milking & post-orgasm torment….

Edging, Multiple Milking & post-orgasm torment with Mistress Jane

I have been doing a little bit of ‘research’ on the idea of multiple milking coupled with post-orgasm torment.

It sounds innocuous, but I find it is incredible to see how quickly the pleasure of release turns to howls of anguish as the ‘hand of evil’ continues stroking with stimulation post-orgasm, and how the sensory overload quickly reduces the helpless victim to a point where he is writhing, moaning, and desperately pleading for the torment to end, far more earnestly that he was previously begging for the Mistress not to stop!

‘Be care full what you wish for’…”If you are going to do this, you had better be restrained, because no matter how much you wanted it, when the time comes, you will be sorry you asked for it”.

It is an intense experience, and no matter how much you beg and plead with utmost sincerity, possibly cry even? I will ignore your pleas and exploit my power and your helplessness to the full-it is only sensation overload after all, and it should be sun for you as well as me!

Now for the blog…………..Edging & post-orgasm torment

Rod knew immediately that his therapy session wasn’t going well.

He was naked, standing with his feet apart and hands on his head, and he knew he should be intently listening to Counsellor Jane admonishing him about his attitude to women and the need to show them greater respect.

Instead, he was transfixed by the microscopically short skirt she was wearing and her gorgeous stocking clad legs.  And he was sporting an erection.

He was in a trance-like state where he could see the counsellors lips moving but could’t hear the words coming out. He had to force himself to think about something other than the Counsellors legs, slowly regaining reality to realise that he was being ordered across her knee in the hope an old fashioned spanking might teach him some humility.

He lay naked across her knee, his bottom bared like a naughty schoolboy in what should have been a thoroughly humiliating position, but all he was aware of was the warmth of her legs and the drifted scent of her perfume.   The Counsellor started spanking him briskly, but it was obvious that wasn’t working, because even as he felt his bottom start to redden, his involuntary “Ow, Ow, Ow’s” were mingled with far more voluntary sighs and oohs of pleasure as he writhed around on The Counsellors lap, with his stiff cock rubbing against her stockinged thighs.

Counsellor Jane soon reached the same conclusion and pronounced that Rod would need a more specialised treatment, and that she would need to ‘de-spunk’ him.

Rod soon found himself strapped down on a medical bench, 100% helpless, hooded and blindfolded.  His cock was presented for treatment, standing to attention, and twitching in anticipation as The Counsellor made her final preparations.

She began by applying a generous dollop of cool lube before starting to slowly tease his shaft, working him up, edging him closer, teasing and stopping, teasing and stopping.  The Counsellor knew the treatment was working because of the way his body was stiffening and he was generally getting more and more worked up she stroked his eager erection. Three times she brought him to the edge of orgasm and three times she stopped at the very last moment.

He was constantly squirming now, he tried to talk but the hood muffled his voice, either that or she was ignoring his pleas. Although The Counsellor surmised that he was probably begging her not to stop – a first sign of humility perhaps?   Thus, the fourth time she brought him to the very point of orgasm before releasing his cock just as it was about to explode, with the result that the release, instead of being volcanic was more of a dribble.

She left Rod be for a full minute before applying more lube and starting all over again, working his shaft relentlessly until he had hardened once more and was once again building to orgasm until finally, with much bucking and writhing, he went off like a firework.  She didn’t stop, but carried on stimulating his now very sensitive cock for at least a minute or more in a post-orgasm frenzy. He again tried to engage in muffled communication with her, although this time it was louder and much more urgent, probably begging again, but this time for her to stop.  “Men,” she thought to herself, “forever changing their minds!”.

As well as a lot of noise, Rod had also made quite a bit of mess, which the Counsellor kindly collected up for him using her little medical ‘spunk spoon’, before briefly unzipping the hood so she could feed it to him.

Rod was slower to recover this time, and wasn’t quite so lively as before even after The Counsellor had applied another generous blob of lube, so she produced the Magic Wand to help him.

Rod may have been tired, but the wand was tireless and completely irresistible and he soon produced a third time, albeit it more reluctantly and with a great deal of groaning and wriggling and in reduced quantity.

The Counsellor didn’t put the Magic Wand away though, as there was still plenty of time left in this appointment and she was minded to see if the two of them couldn’t set a record together . . . .

Horny guy!

A very Horny guy!

He stood naked before me, one hot and horny guy with his flag pole at full mast. I could tell he wanted to get straight ‘down to it’, strap-on that is. Without any further ado I told him to get on the sex sling. He was swift and athletic at climbing into it and assumed the precise position from the off. “hmmm, he’s done that a few times” I thought to myself.

I had already harnessed myself up with my strap-on cock, and at his request wore a fair sized one. He didn’t have any interest in sucking it, he just wanted to get fucked with it, and hard! He knew what he wanted and he was gagging for his hole to be filled, a very horny guy.

Lubed and ready I pushed the head against his hole and forcefully entered him. This is what he wanted, strap-on, pure and simple. The moment I was inside him he became possessed. Possessed by a cock hungry porn slut and making all the noises to go with it.

“Ooh yeah, fuck that ass”………”Harder harder, fuck me, oh yeah”…….”Give it to me”……

I banged him hard and fast then slowed down for a breather and suggest we change position. I now had him lay forward on the bench with legs bent up behind like a wheelbarrow. He yelled and moaned as he bucked like a bronco. His cock was huge, and as I fucked away we took turns in edging it. First he would wank it frantically then stop and take sharp intakes of breath then I would take over.

We changed positions another couple of times and I now had him impaled on my knee facing the mirror. He was bobbing up and down as he rode my strap-on length. I reached round and gripped his raging horn and let it slide in my palm. He watched himself in the mirror in front as he bounced on my cock. I allowed his shaft to continually slide in my grip. I could tell he was getting close, his breathing had changed and his verbal dialogue had become hard core filth, come to think of it so had mine.

He was seconds away from a mass orgasmic explosion. His hands gripped my thighs, he leaned back and pow! he let out a loud moan of orgasmic delight as his cock spurted.

Male Milking Facility

Male Milking Facility….round 1

Encased in rubber and strapped securely to the medical chair my assistant Amy began to prepared him in the Male Milking Facility. Before she unzipped the crotch to catsuit he was wearing in order to gain access to the necessary area, for his scheduled Milking she stroked her hands delicately over his latex clad body, smooth, slippery and slowly working her way down to his crotch where there was a very apparent bulge. She pressed his bulging cock with her hand and watched it rise instantly once she removed the pressure. I joined in at this point and teasingly stroked the rubber bulge. After our little play Amy carefully unzipped his crotch and out fell his cock, hard, wet and ready. Amy held a tube of lube ready to grease him up.

I held out my hand as Amy distributed a sizeable blob of lube into my palm. I scooped some of it up with my other hand and smeared it between his buttocks to make ready for a probing finger to enter his hole. My other hand smeared the lube over his aching cock, from the tip and down his shaft and everywhere in between, as if it were not wet enough already with its own juices.

His hole was probed open as I pushed my gloved fingers deep to reach his prostate, I paused and then gently massaged the area. His breathing deepened. He began to whisper “yes right there”, indicating to me that I had hit he ‘spot’, I knew this the moment he began to gyrate his groin. My other hand still gliding up and down his shaft, teasing, slowly, holding him. He tightens up inside as I stimulate his prostate, gripping my fingers…………His breathing speeds up as I gently speed the strokes to his shaft, I slow down again and so does his breathing…working in unison.

An electro plug is slipped into his prepared hole. Several other electrodes are placed on his lower body. He wriggles like a fish caught in a net, wanting to give us the impression he’s trying to escape. Truth is, if we undid his restraints he’d wouldn’t go anywhere, why would he?. The unit was switched on and the games began…electro pulses began to gently stimulated him internally.

With his cock oiled up and stood to attention I prepare the first machine ‘The Robojac’. I offer up his waiting horn to the Robo sheath and it sucked it up in seconds. It must have felt good because our patient let out a moan of exquisite delight. This is when Amy decided to silence his moans by climbing up on the medical bench and sitting on his face, effectively gagging him.

With the control in my hand I could choose the stroke length, the suction strength and of course the speed. Now the speed is a very integral part of milking a horny cock, go to fast and its all over in a flash. What I want to do is give him maximum pleasure but not enough to tip him over the edge, so to speak. So nice slow long strokes that hold him on the edge, lots of pleasure but not enough to make him shoot his load.

Amy rose up every few seconds to give him air, it was like turning a radio on and off, then on and off again…moan…..quiet…moan…quiet….She eventually knelt behind him and lent forward to smother his face in her bountiful bosom….’Oh to be a sub!’.

After several minutes of intense cock stimulation I took off the Robo and used my hand adding another generous blob of lube. The electro stim pulse was changed to a different program, we don’t want him getting used to the same beat now do we! I chose a slightly more intense program just to keep him on his toes!

I wanted to get his first cum out of the way so we could delve deeper in to male milking and sub space and of course have him experience all of the machinery which was his ultimate fantasy.

Amy had unzipped the chest zip to his catsuit and had her hand inside twiggling with his nipples. She rose up and asked him “Are you thirsty?”. “Yes” he replied. She took a drink out of a fresh bottle of water and fed him water directly from her mouth. “More” he begged…….

His cock was bursting with eager anticipation, twitching and dribbling pre cum. He was in our total control, all consuming.

I lubed his hot cock once again and offered it up to the ‘Raging Bull’, the ultimate ‘jerk off’ machine.

Amy squished her bosom back in his face and moments later we heard a muffled cry of ecstasy.

His sample was extracted from the waste area of the machine and stored in the ‘Cum cup’.

Male Milking Facility….round 2

We cleaned him up and gave him water, he was going to need it! Its thirsty work is this male milking malarkey, especially encased in rubber.

His cock lay semi lifeless but that was about to change. I can still milk a flaccid cock you know! there’s no escape. I see a flaccid cock as a challenge, not a hindrance. This guy was in his thirties so I’d expect him to go round the block a few times before his cock gives up completely. I smothered it in wet sticky lube again and began to massage his shaft, like a snake charmer coaxing a snake out of a basket, eventually it would show its face, and low and behold, up pops a woody!

This time I decided to use the Venus 2000, again, slow controlled movement on his shaft. The Venus had been running long enough to make is quite sensitive now. As you guys know, after your first cum the head gets more and more sensitive to friction. Every minute or so I take off the Venus and use my hand and then the Robo, interchanging them. Using my hand I could add pressure or take it away, I can alter my strokes and gauge his reaction to how sensitive or how ‘close to the edge’ he is, and he was pretty close. I enjoy holding back your orgasm by the way, like on ‘Take me out’ , the ‘Power is in my hands!’.

Edging a cock….

Teasing a cock to the point of orgasm is no mean feet. Its all about building up the pressure! and the bigger the build up of pressure the bigger the explosion…….I’ll tell you what, I’ll do a blog on it some time soon. I digress…

Back to the job in hand….(no pun intended).

His deeper moaning expressed his physical suffering. His cock was becoming sensitive and he was building up for a big one. Slow careful suction to gently build up the pressure for another orgasm. His body grew ridged and all signs pointed to another climax. All systems go, Amy teased and stroked his nipples whilst whispering words of encouragement, while I controlled the strokes. I slowed the Venus down to an almost stop and then slowly increased the speed. We eventually allowed him to release. His deep moans soon burst into shrieks as his throbbing cock exploded exuding its hot cum.

His second sample was dripped into the ‘Cum cup’.

Male Milking Facility….round 3…..brave boy!

One very super sensitive cock and a little worse for wear. Flaccid and sleepy like it had been on an all nighter. Like I said a little earlier, a flaccid cock is a challenge and I have ways and means! cocks beware!!!!

After some gently manipulation he managed a semi. Thats all right by me. I now removed the electro plug, donned a strap-on ready for insertion. I held a vibrating want on the head of his sensitive cock…oooh thats gotta hurt! He was all most at ‘begging me to stop stage’, but a brave boy he was, he was soldering on. It was going to get tough.

I rigged up the Serious Kit male milking machine, good for flaccid cocks. I offered up his exhausted boyhood to the sheath. I had decided to use the electro sheath to give him that extra boost, that extra bit of stimuli to help with his torment, you see we have gone from male milking, in the first, pleasant and stimulating to post orgasm torment, intense but rewarding especially if you can conjure up another woody. To forced milking with post orgasm torment….very intense to excruciating. If you can cum a third time your lucky as it is a tall order, but what the hell, we’re here anyway so we’re going to go for it….Yay, a hat trick hopefully.

Hmmm, where was I, ah yes….I’d offered his cock up to the electro stp sheath on the SK and left the machine running. Amy stroked his rubbery body and pressed her ample bosom in his face getting him even hotter under the collar. That cock was being worked hard today. The distinct clicking sound of the Serious Kit filled the room, sucking and pumping his tired cock, was there any life left in it?. I had on my strap-on and he was about to feel the sharp end of it. That extra bit of kink, that extra bit of stimulation that would hopefully give him that push. I slipped my finger inside of him and massaged his prostate delicately. Everything was looking good and I’m sure I could see the profile of an engorged cock. I gave my accomplice a wink to indicate everything as ‘up and running’. I slipped out my fingers and refilled the empty space with my cock. Amy knelt behind him on the bench and propped his head up on her knees so he could watch what was happening to him.

He watched intently as his cock was milked and as I thrust and filed his hole with my strap-on. Amy dribbled into his mouth like a mother bird feeding her chick. He kept opening his mouth and looking up to her begging for more. I turned up the speed dial on the SK and upped the electrics then turned on the vibrating wand which I held on the area between his balls and hole. He was now in never never land, away with the fairies and this is where we wanted him to be, relaxed. Those endorphin’s making him all light headed and dreamy. He was going to blow, any minute, then suddenly without warning he went off like a fire cracker. His body ridged as his eyes rolled back in his head, we’d reached our goal…its a hat trick!!!

Time to measure his offerings in the ‘Cum cup’.