A Very Dishonorable Gentleman

When David Leadsom, A very Dishonorable Gentleman also known as the Secretary of State for Constitutional, Health and Local Governmental Responsibilities is called to an emergency meeting with the Chief Whip Doctor Jane at her Parliamentary office. He automatically assumes she’s going to congratulate him on his department’s house-building programme. However, Dr.Jane is furious because last night he brought the government into disrepute by his antics at the annual dinner of the senators club (“the most un-PC event of the year” as its MC boasted).

Dr. Jane, The chief whip has an even greater shock in store for Mr David Leadsom. Stepping into view in her office is Miss Gigi: one of the waitresses whom he had tried to maul at the dinner! Oh, is he in trouble now!. “Why do you think I’ve summoned you here today?” asked Dr.Jane. The room fell silent for a brief moment before Mr.Leadsom began to answer the question in his usual arrogant manner. 

“Well Dr.Jane, obviously because of my outstanding contribution to the party and my recent securing of 1 million net additions to the housing stock whilst our government are…”….”I’ll stop you there” interrupted Dr.Jane. “I didn’t summon you here for a pat on the back or a golden hand shake Mr.Leadsom. I Summoned you here because of your crude and unacceptable behavior towards this young lady” and pointed at a very embarrassed Gigi before finishing her sentence. ” Whilst representing our government at the Senators Club last night”. The room fell silent. “Who me, I can assure you M’am, I am a Gentleman of the highest order” answered Mr.Leadsom.

Dr.Jane was having none of it! And planned to teach all involved a lesson they would never forget. “I would say that you are a Very Dishonorable Gentleman” Dr.Jane said in reply.

If Mr.Leadson was going to behave like a naughty teenage boy he was going to get treated like one. First of all the two ladies order him to strip down to his tee shirt, socks and pants. Dr.Jane sat on a chair and ordered David to ‘get over her lap’ while Miss Gigi held his wrists to keep him in position. Dr Jane spanked his bottom – progressing to pants down. David protested but knew better than to challenge Dr.Jane who had the power to ruin his career for good.

As her hand rained down on his bottom he couldn’t help but yelp like a puppy. The two ladies chatted among themselves almost as if he were not there. They decided that the only way out of this for him, was if he were to donate a healthy sum of his own money to a charity furthest from his heart. A feminist charity fitted the bill perfectly. 

Before he knew it he found himself over Miss Gigi’s knee. She pulled his pants down and gave him a sound spanking. His bottom burned red and each spank stung his flesh deeply, causing him to wriggle. “Be still” barked Dr.Jane who held his wrists firmly.

After this thoroughly humiliating spanking Dr. Jane ordered David to bend over the back of a chair, palms placed on the seat. He was told to make a lengthy apology to Miss Gigi whilst Dr.Jane used her strap on his bare behind.

This wasn’t enough recompense, so the two ladies ordered Mr.Leadsom to kneel on the settee with one sat either side of him. Dr.Jane explains that he must make a donation to a feminist charity. While making up his mind as to the amount, they would help give him some encouragement by punishing him left-and-right. First Dr. Jane strikes his bare bum with a cane, then Miss Gigi whacks the other cheek with a paddle.

At first Mr.Leadsom struggles to see their way of thinking but as the two ladies begin to get in to the swing of things he soon see’s the error of his ways. After a few whacks from either side he pledges over £1000. This figure isn’t nearly enough to discourage the two ladies from enjoying themselves. So they continue to beat Mr.Leadsom’s rather sore bottom. Eventually Mr.Leadsom  pledges a appropriate and generous 25k, and all from his own pocket I might add.

This is not enough for his tormentors for they don’t trust him, he is a politician after all. So they devise to inflict the pièce de résistance. The two ladies tie him up, gag him (including a face mask) and bedeck him with Christmas lights. They take a few photos posing either side of their victim. So if a very Dishonorable Gentleman ever tries to renege on his promise, these little mementos may surface on the Internet – but in fact, they may just tweet them anyway …

a very dishonorable gentleman


Lunna Latex

Lunna Latex made such an impact with some of you that she will be available for joint appointments with moi for a minimum session time of 90 mins. She has landed herself a job so she is only available with prior notice of upto 4 days. I hope this news has cheered some of you up as announcing her departure caused quite a stir.

If Lunna isn’t available to join me in your session, you always have the option of Miss L’amour or Kittenxxx who are both as equally delightful.

lunna latex

Bi slave…Part 1

We’ve had some fun and very diverse sessions recently. A couple that spring to mind would be two double Bi slave sessions. Not only were there two slaves but my apprentice Trixy was there to join in the fun to.

Both slaves eager to please us and desperate to out do each other. They wanted us to use them for our entertainment and have fun at their expense. So what did we get them to do for entertainment we hear you ask. I made a rule that if either one of the slaves hesitated or blankly refused to carry out our wishes then which ever slave refused the other slave would take some punishment and vice versa.

bi slavebi slave sucking cock

With both slaves hooded to protect their identity, I secured them together standing face to face. I pointed out that their crotches were touching which made Trixy giggle.  You could tell it made them really uncomfortable, especially when I told them to kiss each other. Well they did say they wanted to entertain us! They both hesitated for a moment until I took a whip to slave A and Trixy took a whip to save J. Suddenly they gave each other a very uncomfortable peck, “More” we jeered and soon they were snogging.  We got the feeling they had gotten to know each other now and untied them. Meanwhile Trixy and I had gotten our strap-on cocks to the ready then had them kneel before us. Before we had them suck each other off we thought a bit of on the spot practice would come in handy so had them suck on our cocks. They both obliged which was encouraging, but would they feel the same faced with a real cock ?

….to be continued