bdsm Fix for December..NoT!

bdsm fix…Well December is here and after a month of November lock-down we thought we could finally think about topping-up or getting our BDSM fix for December. Or until they lock us down again. Low and behold no sooner did it get going a new variant appeared and Tier 4 was introduced. No mixing with other households which means I had to shut down my business again until restrictions are lifted.

I am moving toward the end of Jan to Wiltshire. I will still be trading if Gov guidelines permit. Luna and I have gone our separate ways since I will be moving and I wish her all the luck for the future. Its been a blast!. She will be joining me every so often at my new chambers on selected dates so keep a look out for that.

I usually buy lots of new gadgets and latex to keep you boys amused. But because of my impending move I’ve held back. It would just mean more stuff to pack up and store while the work is being done on the new location. Once I have a moving date I plan to place a big order with Check them out.

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bdsm fix
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