In the name of kink

I thought I’d have a little catch up with you, as I’ve not blogged about the on goings in my world of kink for some time. Last month saw another visit from the very popular T-Girl Gigi. T-girl Tessa also made a surprise appearance to the later part of the day which spiced things up some what. Gigi and Tessa will be working here with me on the 26th. All the places were filled up within two days of the advert going live. I wish I were that popular! (-;  That certainly promises to be a fun day. If you are one of the ones who weren’t so lucky to get a space this time, both Gigi and Tessa will be back in December for and Xmas banger! So feel free to express your interest by email. There is interest in this event already so keep a look out in my blog area and on my twitter feed. Click on link below…..


As the warm weather fades away in to a distant memory and the Autumn leaves being to fall as the cold weather creeps in, and so do the rubber enthusiasts. The hot summer held off a lot of rubber sessions for obvious reasons but they have returned now the cooler weather is here and Lunna Latex has been joining me more and more. Lunna loves her latex but don’t go thinking she is just in to rubber alone, as Lunna has may guises as will see in the recently taken photo’s below.


Miss L’amour has been sporting a new edgy hair style recently which suits her down to the ground. She too has been joining all manner of sessions.

Medical sessions seem to have been the flavor of the month and we know how all you boys love a nurse in uniform. Which brings me on to our visit up to Milton Keynes last week to session at The Practice with the amazing Domina Sara. I have admired this lady from a far for years and when we finally got to meet each other last year I was bowled over by her professionalism, her work ethics as well as being a lovely lady inside and out. She really is one in a million. Our patient, Slave Phoenix had a thoroughly fabulous time with us three very attentive nurses attending to his treatments, well who wouldn’t!

Afterwards we all went to the local pub for a slap up lunch, good food and great company. A good day all round, what more could one ask for.



Kinky KittenXXX

Kinky KittenXXX has caused a stir recently…..

with her raunchy exploits. My dear friend Kinky KittenXXX who hails  from Cornwall, just recently moved to the Reading area. She goes under the name of Kinky KittenXXX and is not a stranger to the adult industries. She has worked as a glam model and sub in her native Cornwall for some years. She is lots of fun and very open minded as you can imagine. Kitten loves all kinds of kinky capers, and dominating the two of you together can prove very interesting for all concerned.

Punishment for treats…

You need to earn your treats or should I say your pleasure. If you can’t take your punishment then you don’t get your treats!. I will secure you and punish you. If you take your punishment well you get a treat, sound fair? of course it does. An eye for an eye. ‘What is the treat?’ I hear you ask.

This is why I have kitten by my side. What ever I ask her to do she will do. Whilst you are secured tightly to a piece of equipment I might use my strapon on her while you listen on….oh yes I forgot to say, you might be blindfolded. But if I feel you’ve been a really good boi and earned it, I might just remove your blindfold so you can see us in action. With your hands restrained behind your back, all you’ll want to do it touch your cock while you watch the spectacle before you. And for boi’s who are very very good at taking punishment, Kitten might even allow You to use the cock gag on her until she purrs. Every body loves a kinky kittenXXX……

Kitten is available on Wednesdays from 4pm and some Saturdays.

kinky kittenxxx

Kitten is freelance she takes care of her own finances. I do not profit from her in any way shape of form. She is a fetish friend who likes to help out occasionally. Although she likes to push the boundaries of your sexuality she does not offer sex so please don’t ask.

Your Berkshire Mistress is Back to full duties….

Your Berkshire Mistress is back!! After nearly a month off I will be back to full duties as from tomorrow April 16th. I’ve had a nice break, got lots done, caught up with old friends and had my medical room re vamped. There will be some new additions added over the next few months so keep an eye out for that. There are just a couple of minor things that need finishing off then i will take lots of photos and post them for all to see.

Trixy will be working with Mistress tomorrow and is available to join in your session by request. Lunna Latex will be here later in the week as will a new face, all shall be revealed next week! Should you wish,  Lunna is also available to join you during your session by request.

MistressBerkshire Mistress

T-Girl Gigi spent a day working with me just before I went on my break. After advertising the event, aimed towards the bi curious we found ourselves inundated with enquiries and the day was soon fully subscribed. Needless to say the very naughty T-Girl Gigi will be back. You will find these special events advertised in my blog area.

The Leather Master will be making a re appearance in a couple of months. Again these sessions are aimed towards the bi sub, or the sub who likes to be dominated by a male and yours truly to of course. Again, you will find out when The Leather Master will be nest doubling up with your Berkshire Mistress by keeping an eye on my blog area for when the next date is set for him to return.

The very glamorous Strapon Jane came to play as you may know, and no doubt she will be back soon too! Strapon Jane is available to join me for sessions upon request with prior notice. This wonderful lady is the bees knees and has a wonderful way, and style of domination. Not to be missed!! PS Strapon Jane also specialises is stocking worship amongst other things. 

T-Girl Tessa will be making her debut soon. A stunning T-girl who is up for all sorts of kinky fun….keep your eye on my blog for more updates and photos!

And lastly, my up coming CFNM event. Within four hours of sending out the first tier of notifications, the event was fully subscribed. So congratulations to all who got a place, and commiserations to those who did not. However I have placed those who were not so lucky on my ‘stand by’ list in the event anyone, for what ever reason can not make it. There will be a couple of new faces joining your Berkshire Mistress this year. There will be myself of course, plus four other females to watch, look on, strip you, tease, join in, humiliate and giggle as you are paraded naked before them!


Latex Fetish, Kinky capers in BERKSHIRE

Latex Fetish. We have been having a great time with all the lovely slaves and subs who come and join me and my friends at MJ’s house of fun and kinky capers. We have seen an influx of new enquiries regarding all manner of session types, latex fetish and kinks. Some of you are still not aware that I hold rubber/latex fetish sessions. I have an array of latex catsuits, dresses, skirts, wrestling suits, leggings, hoods, gloves and corsets for You, the client to wear. Plus boots and accessories to make your latex experience that little more thrilling. For myself I have latex catsuits, jeans, corsets, dresses, uniforms and gloves, as well as boots and heels.

I know some of you out there would love to wear latex but are under the impression that wearing latex means hard and heavy play, which is putting you off. All you want is to wear the latex and have a soft session, tie and tease. Made to lick and worship your latex clad Mistress and play on the softer side. That’s great because I love having my latex clad body worshipped. Remember, sessions don’t have to be hard or heavy. I mould my sessions to fit in with your experience, interests and tastes, so don’t be afraid to say you are inexperienced but would like a latex session, I will be pleased to oblige. All you need to be aware of is that latex sessions have a minimum session time of 90 minutes. A shower is available afterwards.

If you would like either or maybe both Lunna Latex or Trixy to join in your rubbery session, they to have latex catsuits, dresses, hoods and gloves to wear. Please say when booking.

latex fetishkinky caperslatex fetish


UK Mistress Jane~Whats the goss?

UK Mistress Jane

Its been a great month, even more so now Xmas is behind us and the mornings and are slowly getting lighter. Feb will soon be upon us and the buds will be sprouting as we head towards the spring, I can hardly wait!

January saw another visit from the one and only Strapon Jane a very well known UK Mistress, not quite a house hold name, but a legend all the same! Not only have some of you had your life long fantasy fulfilled by finally getting to meet her, but so have I. She is someone I have wanted to session with since I first met her on the scene some 15 years back but never had the balls to ask. Somehow by sheer fate our paths have crossed and some of you have been very lucky to be part of our ‘Jane Sandwich’ wow. She is a true pro and a truly amazing Lady. Strapon Jane is available for sessions with me at my chambers with prior notice. I haven’t got round to publishing some of your reviews about your time spent with us, so sorry about that. I will address that issue soon.

uk mistress

The Launch of the stunning Lunna Latex got under way earlier this year, and she recently opened up her twitter account so you can see her thoughts and progress as she slowly immerses herself in to MJ’s world of kink. Lunna is available upon request on Mondays and Wednesdays with MJ. For other days please enquire to check her availability.  Follow

uk mistress

Ms L’Amour, also known as Trixy has been coming for almost a year after making her debut last April ’17. She also had the pleasure of joining myself and Strapon Jane for couple of sessions which involved all three of us wearing strapons for a couple of very greedy boys. Trixy is available upon request.


REVIEW 19/10/17

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut

This was my third visit to Mistress Jane. I was so excited, I locked myself in my CB 6000 , I sent Mistress a picture of the numbered padlock, so she could be sure It was the same lock. I would need to earn my release.

When I arrived at Mistress Jane’s, I was stripped naked then inspected. The padlock on my device was checked for any signs of tampering. Mistress could see I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress clad me head to toe in the most amazing multilayered rubber outfit then placed a ‘Slut’ collar around my neck. There was no mistaking who was in charge. I was a plugged, chastised, multi-layered Rubber Toy for Mistress.

I was ordered to my knees where I was given the privilege of worshipping Mistresses shoes, then legs then strap-on cock. I was further honoured being allowed to work my way and polish Mistress’s rubber covered bottom with my tongue. My chastised cock throbbed.

As reward for being a good cock sucker , Mistress released me from my chastity device then instructed me to lay face down in her sling , this would be my first time in suspension. A head-harness placed on me and before I was hoisted off the ground I was hogtied. It was an incredible experience, suspended in bondage. Mistress did all kinds of things to me whilst secured in various positions throughout my session. I loved the electrics and strap-on as I love to be Mistresses Slut.

After the first half of my session I was re dresses in black and red layered latex. The feel of the latex as it warmed to my skin felt amazing. A rubber breath hood was placed over my face and I was hoisted up on a sit position where Mistress continued to blow my mind with her torments.



This was an amazing feeling, words can’t describe, I was in rubber heaven. Mistress controlled my breathing, she had my total trust. Then came the Grand Finale which I will leave to your imagination. It was an awesome session as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut. Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too. I am smiling as I write this.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.



Post Orgasm Torture

Post Orgasm Torture by Electrics!

Following Dick’s ordeal in Nurse Jane’s medical facility, during which Her saline injections to his left nipple had sent him through the roof, an older, (much) wiser, and far more careful Dick, sat contemplating his next appointment. With no clear plan suggesting itself, he emailed Jane with the simple request – “tease me” – leaving the rest entirely up to Her. And at the allotted time, following the usual routine, Dick parked and strolled to Her premises, wondering just what She might have in store for him today, and hoping as always (despite last week’s little medical adventure) that She would not be too gentle.

They chatted as Dick stripped, and (as bidden) hopped on the sling in the corner, and with legs tied aloft and hands secured above his head, Dick was once again (wonderfully) at Her mercy. Little Richard, clearly unsure what to expect, was nestling pitifully in Dick’s pubes, but in short order Jane had applied lube, popped on the cock pump, and cranked little Richard up to (for Dick at least) a rather impressive hard-on, promptly secured for the duration by a deftly applied cock-ring at it’s base.

As Jane contemplated her next steps the conversation, as it sometimes did, focussed on Dick’s anatomy, and on the (now swollen and purple) head of Dick’s cock. And Dick, (always meticulously truthful) explained to Jane that when it came to sensitivity the tip of his cock (now facing Her) always delighted in Her touch, whereas the other side of his glans now hovering just above his naval, was almost always in permanent “post orgasm – please don’t touch me” mode. And, Dick explained – not that there was any chance of it happening today (or any other day with Jane) – this was why Dick abhorred the 69 position.

Whether or not Dick’s little confession swayed Jane’s course of action, we will never know, but within the hour Dick’s torments would be all the more intense, as Jane would certainly make him pay for his little admission (and of course Dick loved it). But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

First, Jane applied more conducting lube to little Richard and added an electric ring to the base of his cock, then She looped a second electrical device over the head of his cock. This second one fitted snuggly over his glans, with a perpendicular half-loop which travelled up over the head (across the little pee-hole) and down the other side – a bit like a perfectly fitting “glans-only” chastity device. Then with more conducting lube to his anus Jane massaged it in with first one then two then three fingers to prepare the way, before inserting a large conducting but plug.

Now, with wires attached She adjusted the current to get first a twitch then a squirm in response to the butt plug, then slowly ramped it up until Dick looked quite worried indeed – before noting the strength of the signal, then switching it off. She repeated this process with the wires circling his glans, until again She was sure She knew Dick’s limit – then again She switched it off. Finally, She repeated the process with the loop at the base of Dick’s cock.

“Well Dick”, said Jane stepping back to admire his predicament “I know how much you hate it when I am too gentle, so we will be starting each round today as close to your limits as I can get you.” Dick’s heart was already beating faster… “and” continued Jane, with that mocking smile “in each round there will be at least two torments… but… only one mercy. So, you will have to decide which hurts the most.” Dick’s heart was pounding now – but secretly he could hardly wait.

Round one started with both cock rings, and at the flick of the switches the sensations surged at both base and the tip of his cock, and Dick almost levitated out of the sling, eyes closed tight, teeth clenched and with a high-pitched whine escaping his lips. “Silence” commanded Jane, or I will increase the setting. Dick was silent… but very clearly in distress. “Top, or bottom… top, or bottom?” Repeated Jane, and Dick managed a to groan out “top”… seconds later the current to his glans was switched off, but the base still pulsed… Dick looked up not sure what was next, and with a smile Jane stepped to the controls. Had he anticipated relief, Dick was not to get off so lightly, as with a turn of the dial She increased the current, until again Dick levitated. “Now, Dick please count down from 10 to zero, nice and slow – and perhaps I will switch off the current.” Dick obeyed, and after 10 long seconds round one ceased.

Round two proceeded in a similar fashion – this time a glans and butt plug combination… and again Jane tweaked the current until Dick strained against his restraints, lifting himself high off the sling. And again Dick squealed… only to receive the “silence” command for a second time, plus a little more juice to his glans for his troubles. Then again Jane asked “top or bottom… top or bottom” and again Dick opted for top, as the head of his cock was now so very sensitive. And with half a reprieve (and a little more juice to the butt plug) Dick was again invited count down from 10 before round 2 was complete.

As a little break for Dick, Jane now toyed with the tip of his cock, bring the head of her Hitachi wand first against the front of his glans, where Dick claimed to like it (and despite everything, he did). Then She moved the wand to the back his glans, and Dick’s reaction was immediate – and clearly he was struggling a great deal. With this knowledge in the bank, Jane repeated the process twice more, just to be sure, and twice more Dick responded in kind.

Then we were on to round three – and this time all three electrical devices were switched on… and again She increased the current testing Dick to the full. “Now” said Jane “we will call the glans position one, the base of your cock two, and the butt plug three… so which hurts the most… one two or three?” Dick wasted no time, and through clenched teeth screamed “one, one… one.”

“I thought so” said Jane, making no sign of moving to switch it off… but ramping up the juice just a little to the other two sites… “Still one” asked Jane… and Dick nodded, not quite able to speak… and wondering just how he was supposed to cause this to stop. Jane, helped a little saying “out of two or three which hurts the most” – and this time it was three… but again Jane made no move to switch anything off, and again She upped the current to position two. And now Dick was starting to sweat, and pant.

“Now Dick,: said Jane with another mischievous grin, “supposing I also add some vibration – just here where you don’t like it – how does that feel. This was now too much for Dick and he squealed out a “mercy please.” “oh dear Dick” said Jane “I would love to grant you mercy but I don’t know which one you want me to turn off.” And as She expected Dick again went for “one, one… one…please.” But Jane was not yet ready to grant that much mercy so She switched off the current to the base… then with a chuckle and after about another 10 seconds She switched off the current to the butt plug.

Still Dick was clearly in some distress (but hadn’t asked for mercy again – yet) so again She applied vibration – just where he didn’t like it – and again Dick squealed for mercy… and this time, with another count down from 10, Jane complied.

At this point, and as Dick lay panting and sweating, Jane removed all the electrics save for the one over his glans… and already Dick guessed what was to come (no pun intended). And as Jane eased in a few digits-of-delight to tease his prostate, and applied the Hitachi wand to the “nice” part of his glans, Dick settled in for the ride. And, with such expert pressure applied to his prostate in that perfect slow circular motion he liked… and with the wand vibrating so sweetly against the ever-so-sensitive tip of Dick’s cock… Dick slowly and inevitably climbed the mountain until he erupted in orgasm… which Jane very graciously teased and coaxed to maximum benefit… And then, just as he had guessed She would, Jane switched on the current to his glans again, and now Dick howled, climbing up out of the sling a swinging from ankles and wrists.

“How does that feel now Dick” asked Jane, with a wink… and Dick couldn’t stop a little hysterical laugh, before responding with “fantastic” – which Jane took to be sarcasm, so She upped the current a little, and then re-applied the wand – right where Dick now most definitely did not like it – and She marvelled at just how much distress She now had Dick in. Dick was squirming, mumbling, and still intermittently giggling then laughing, as if he didn’t know quite how to process the overload to his senses.

“Mercy” asked Jane – “yes, yes mercy please” said Dick… “well this time you can count down from 50” said Jane… with a chuckle… and this coaxed a little more hysterical laughter from Dick, before he gathered himself and started the count… As he reached 40 Jane upped the current and the speed of vibration, pressing the wand down a little harder too. This caused Dick to pause in his count down, until again he gathered himself, and resumed (hoping he wouldn’t be made to start again). At 20, Jane removed the wand and ring around his glans, and gave him the final 20 seconds with the hand of evil pumping furiously up and down, playing very close attention to the tip… until at last, at zero, she relented.

Untying Dick, and stepping back to allow him to recover, Jane went about tidying up Her equipment. Dick lay there panting, and sweating… not quite able to move, with arms and shoulders aching from his exertions… but with a twinkle in his eye, and a very satisfied smile slowly emerging.

Five minutes later, dressed and relaxed, brew in hand and stood in Jane’s kitchen Dick settled in for a chat… and regaled Jane with a story (which for the moment we will keep private) but which included a club, a basket, and (for Dick) a twenty-five-year itch… An itch as it turned out Jane thought She knew a way to scratch…

… With the hint of a solution dangled before him, and an hour of diligent searching on the web later that evening… Dick found said device, and promptly emailed Jane the link… which earned him a prompt reply suggesting such a device might be acquired by the Berkshire kink academy soon, if Dick would care to take it for a spin… and just as it had 25 years earlier (when Dick heard it first) his eyes rolled back in his head, little Richard lept to attention, and Dick was grinning from ear to ear… in very eager anticipation.

…..To be continued

REVIEW 29/08/17


Just a quick note to thank you very much for the session yesterday afternoon. You have excellent and very private premises. Thank you for listening to me during our initial chat and for following through with my interests / requests during the session itself. It was a lovely experience which I hope to repeat in the not too distant future.
Best wishes

Dicks exploits…Torments continue Part 1

Dicks Torments continue– Part 1

It had been quite some time since Dick’s last blog entry, but Dick had remained a regular visitor to Mistress Jane, and had thoroughly enjoyed each-and-every visit, but he had already documented most of the treats and torments he’d experienced at the hands of MJ, there seemed little need to report it.

Dick and Jane had (in Dick’s view at least) become good friends, and although they had only ever met in Her dungeon, or occasionally in Her kitchen for a brew afterwards, there topics of discussion had ranged far and wide, and Dick felt they had got to know one another rather well, all things considered.

And so, it was perhaps no surprise that Dick found himself in receipt of an email from Jane asking if he would like to meet Her friend Mandy – whom it turned out had attended several of Jane’s CFNM parties (way too daunting for Dick), but really wanted to go one step further and be the “domme” herself for once. Jane confirmed She would be there too of course, but Mandy would be “running the show.” Dick thought that sounded splendid, and agreed at once.

On the day and at the time agreed, Dick parked, texted, had been summoned, and now walked up the path to find Jane just outside her premises to greet him, with a “Hello Dick, thank you for agreeing to this – just to confirm, once we step inside Mandy is running the show, and I am Her assistant.” Dick thought that sounded fun, but was (secretly) re-assured that Jane would be there too.

Jane entered first and stepped aside to the left, Dick followed and glancing to the right gained his first glimpse of Mandy, as She sat provocatively on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, flexing (what Dick now recognised as) a school cane. Mandy was perhaps not conventionally attractive, but certainly had something about Her – Her dark hair was cut very short indeed (about a number two Dick thought), with high cheek bones, an angular face and dark red full lips which now parted in a smile.

In no hurry, She uncrossed Her stocking clad legs and eased Herself slowly off the bed approaching Dick with an out stretched hand for him to shake. “Hello Dick, I’m Mandy – Jane has told me so much about you, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The handshake was firm, and lingering, and the eye contact was quite intense. “Hello Mandy” said Dick, “is it Miss Mandy or would you prefer Mistress” offered Dick thinking he was helping. But with a grin, Mandy replied “Oh, I don’t need titles to control little boys like you.” And with that She ran a finger nail very firmly, and slowly over Dick’s nipple.

Jane looked on approvingly, and though Dick couldn’t see had given Mandy a confirming nod for making such a good first impression. Dick now took in the rest of Mandy’s attire, which comprised a black corset (pushing up small perky breasts), high cut black knickers (later to be revealed as almost a thong), plus hold up stockings and very high heeled patent leather shoes. With five inches of tanned thighs on show above the stockings, and (as Mandy turned to lead Dick into the room), two magnificent and very inviting, tanned, and bare, buttocks. Mandy was clearly well-aware of Her rear view, as She sashayed slowly across the room.

“Right Dick, kit off and then stand there under the light so we can inspect you.” Dick was swift to comply and once naked, found himself almost standing to attention. Mandy didn’t say a word, but slowly walked around Dick, tracing a line over his body with the school cane as She took it all in. Jane was amused to see Dick sucking in his gut just a little more than usual, and perhaps puffing out his chest just a little too much too, and She gave him a wink. Little Richard was still just south of a semi, though that was hardly surprising as Dick (now mid-forties) never went anywhere with a stiffy these days, and Jane wondered what Mandy would do about this.

On completion of Her inspection Mandy stepped across to the bed giving Dick another flash of her bum (of which he suspected She was rather proud). There on the bed were an array of cocks, nipple clamps, straps and canes. “Please select at the ones you like from each of these Dick, and I will then decide if we keep the ones you have selected or put them back on the self, and use the others.” That kept Dick honest, and so he chose the ones he really did want… two handsome and large cocks (for later he assumed), the vicious though tiny tiger claw nipple clamps, a thicker cane (he hoped wasn’t the Dragon) and MJ’s lovely heavy lochgelly tawse. Mandy clearly approved of Dick’s selection and put the others away.

This had little Richard, now, slightly north of a semi – which Jane and Mandy noticed, so to press her advantage Mandy bent over the bed, legs parted, with Her bum in the air and instructed Dick to give Her three sharp spanks to each buttock. Dick had honestly never spanked anyone in his life, and MJ had certainly never presented him with such a dilemma, so he looked over at Jane for guidance, but She just shrugged saying “She’s in charge, you heard Her.” So Dick stepped forward and not wishing to disappoint, planted three very firm and brisk slaps to each buttock, leaving his hand there at the end, for a gentle caress and a light squeeze. And no surprise little Richard was ready to join the party.

Not willing to allow any retreat Jane quickly applied a cock ring, and tied Dick’s balls with rope so that they were better presented for the torments to come, which she did with Her usual deft efficiency. Then on with wrist cuffs and Dick’s arms were hoisted up by the pulley in the roof. Next came the fierce little nipple clamps, which Mandy then chained together and gave a little tug for good measure, and out of nowhere Mandy produced a sprig of nettles, giving little Richard a quick stroke.

With Dick secured at Her mercy and suitably attentive with nipples and cock both aware that the games had begun, Mandy stepped up close to explain the game. “Right Dick, we’re going to play a little game of truth, so I can get to know you a little better. I will ask the questions, you will answer promptly and truthfully. I will pull on the nipple clamps to make sure you don’t take too long thinking, and if I think you’re hesitating too much, it’s nettles on the cock. Are we clear so far.” Dick nodded. “In addition, Jane will be standing behind you, and if we don’t like an answer, She will cane you.”

There will be 5 levels of caning, level one is ‘yes that really stings but I can cope’.” And with a nod to Jane, Jane gave Dick a level one… which caught him by surprise, and really did sting… but… yes it was ok, and he could cope. “Level two, is harder”, another nod, another whack, and level two really was quite intense. “Level 3 is about as far as you can go, without struggling.” Another nod, and Dick braced for and then received another whack, and this time yelped and swung up on the hoist… very much worrying that there were two levels still to go.

“Now Dick, you get the idea… all of those stokes were with the school cane. Level four and five are with the Dragon cane (yes he’d picked the wrong one). You will have to wait to see how much more fun it is at level four and five – for Jane and I anyway. There are other rules, which I won’t explain, but if you breach them it’s an immediate three or even four, depending.” Mandy now stepped in very close to Dick and looked intensely into his eyes, grabbing hold of little Richard and giving it a playful squeeze. “One last thing Dick, in real life I am a police woman, so I will know if you’re lying, and lies carry a very serious penalty indeed, so don’t even think about lying.”

As Dick awaited the first question, hanging – with nipples (from the clamps), cock (from the nettling) and buttocks (from the caning) all stinging like hell, he wracked his brains to remember all the things he had confessed to Mistress Jane, some of which had been quite intimate. Sensing he wasn’t paying full attention Mandy gave Dick’s cock another stroke with the nettles, which had Dick right back in the moment. “Are we ready” asked Mandy, and with a nod from Dick and Jane, She made a start:

1. Blonds or brunets? – In a room with two raven haired beauties that would be brunets, thank you.

2. Short hair or long? – Dick assumed She meant on women (and, not pubic!), and now he had a dilemma, which earned him a tug on the nipple clamps whilst he thought, and when he offered “both” he got a level two caning for his troubles. But he was getting the gist of the game, and realised quick answers were a good idea, as was picking one of the two answers on offer.

3. Then Mandy asked what Dick thought was Her best feature… and given their very recent history, Dick suggested Her bum, which earned him a smile and a wink… and a level three caning for being too predictable (one of those hidden rules) – ouch!!

4. When Mandy asked what he thought was Jane’s best feature… he could have listed half a dozen, but his answer was swift, and perhaps surprising as he opted for Her smile. Strangely this had the ring of truth about it, and earned him no punishment.

5. When asked what he thought was his best feature – Dick answered his brain, which got him a level four (Dragon cane!) for being a smart arse (another hidden rule), and had Dick howling and swinging off the ceiling.

6. Mandy then asked “in general if you fancy someone, what attracts you first” – anticipating the usual, tits, legs, or bum… but Dick came back without hesitation and said “lips” and went on to explain “because I always try to imagine that first lingering kiss.”

Then the questions got a little more personal, and for some Dick had to think a little longer, bringing the nipple clamps and the nettles more into play.

7. How old was Dick when he first had a wank… that was easy, and twelve… and something he had already told MJ…

8. Of whom was his first sexual fantasy… this took Dick back a long way, but it was something he had discussed with others over the years, so he went with Jacqueline Pearce… which drew blank with Mandy… so he elaborated – Servalan from Blake’s Seven… still a blank from Mandy, but Jane gave a nod – only then spotting that Mandy and Servalan looked pretty similar.

9. Where was the most unusual place Dick had masturbated… that took a little longer to recollect, clamps were pulled (hard), and nettles were applied (firmly and slowly) to his balls this time, before Dick admitted “in the outside lane on the M42 whilst driving.” That was accepted as true, but again earned him a level four for recklessness, and again Dick was swinging from the ceiling.

10. Had he ever had sex in public, if so where… that took a while too (more nettles and tugging on clamps) until he offered … “yes, in the sea on a busy beach.” Accepted as true, so no cane.

11. Had he ever had a threesome – that was a prompt “no.” Which Jane decided was untrue as She and several of Her friends had given Dick a joint seeing to with strap-ons… and that, Dick found was level 5… and 6 of the best, hard and fast with the Dragon cane, which had Dick swinging and howling for quite a while after it had finished.

12. Had he ever sucked a real cock – this was really quite an intimate question, but Dick had confessed once to MJ of his (infrequent, but not isolated) visits to transsexual escorts, so with that in mind he chose to admit that again… and with a nod from Jane that too earned him a cane free passage.

Deciding that had gone far enough, Jane gestured for Mandy to wrap this up, and with that Dick was taken down and led over to the whipping bench. Aware of Dick’s aversion to a striped bottom, and as his various offences had occasioned quite a few strokes during the game, Mandy now offered to tawse Dick, “to fill in the blanks”… and how could he refuse. So, without bothering to strap him in Mandy gave Dick two dozen, very firm whacks with the heavy tawse, and was rather impressed that Dick stayed stoically on the bench throughout – without any restraints. Jane looked on, rather proudly.

With the torments over, it was now time for Dick’s treat, and he wondered just what Mandy had in mind, and rather hoped those two exposed, buxom and tanned buttocks would come into play.