Fully Equipped dungeon in Reading!

My Fully equipped Dungeon in Reading is both easy to get to, being a stone’s throw off the M4 at Junction 11 and discreet. There is off street free parking too!. A bus stop is close by for those who travel using public transport.

When I say ‘Fully Equipped Dungeon’ I mean exactly that. Let me enlighten you. you will find leather and rubber straitjackets and sleepsac’s. Vac beds and inflatables. Latex clothing for you to wear from catsuits to rubber doll transformations.

Fetish furniture to include a bondage bed with integrated slave cage. A spanking bench. 3 sex slings. Single point suspension. Pallet wrap bench and Spine board. Fetters bondage chair plus half and full leather body suspension harnesses. The list goes on, and on…..

Fully equipped dungeon in Reading

As well as my heavily armored dungeon i also have a medical clinic and a male milking facility with more masturbation and milking machines then anywhere else in the UK.I have 2 f*cking machines and 3 Venus 2000’s, 2 SeriousKit male milking machines, a Tremblr and a RoboJac. Plus Robotic masturbation arm and a suc-o-matic. Lots of penis pumping equipment too!.

Mistress Jane's fully equipped dungeon in reading

Now I know lots of you bad boys and gurls love cock and I have many at my disposal. From beginners small length and girth sizes to huge to satisfy the greediest bum whores of this world.

Reading Strap-on Mistress

As you can see, the list is endless, even I don’t realize how much kinky stock I carry until I get to write it down….eeekkk! Of course there is lots more bits and bobs that deserve a mention such as 5 Erostek boxes plus Electra stim and estim boxes. Then there’s loads of electrodes to suit all levels of experience.

My Fetish Medical room is stark white with accents of clinical green. Medical uniforms range from latex to NHS and beyond. Procedures and treatments can be performed by Nurse Jane and should you need a second nurse or perhaps a Doctor present, at your request, it can be arranged. From anal probing and stretching to infusions to your scrotum. A wide range of therapies are available. Please ask.

Male Milking Facility in Reading

So as you have read, Fully Equipped Dungeon means exactly that! http://www.mistress-jane.com/booking-reading-dominatrix-mistress-jane/


Rubber nurse medical kink clinic

The patient gazed around the stark white room. He was bonded to the spot. Lay back on a gynecological chair with his legs raised by stirrups. His modesty covered by a green medical rubber gown and face hooded with a latex mask which felt like a second skin. The distinct odor of latex was apparent.

In she walked. His rubber nurse. Covered head to toe in shiny red latex. A fantasy of his. To be masterfully controlled by a rubber clad nurse and to have his body subjected to high-tech overload of sensations. To immerse his whole being in an overload of submission and pervetry. If there were ever such a word, if not then there should be as from now!

He didn’t want to be shouted at or hurt, he wanted to feel a multitude of erotic sensations inflicted upon him by his rubber Goddess. He wanted to give up all control and submit to her torments and twisted fantasies. But not to be hurt, no, that wasn’t what he was here for.

She leaned forward and told him to ‘Open’…he assumed she meant his mouth as there weren’t any other orifices in that area that would open on command. As he opened she drooled her mouth juices in to his. ‘Swallow’ was all that she said as he ingested.

Tubes, pipes and shiny cylinders were moved and attached to various parts of his anatomy. His nipples, anus and balls began to tingle and pulsate. There was so much going on that it became harder and harder to decipher what was happening and where. He soon started to ‘zone out’ and just lay back and let it all happen.

His mind wondered to places that he didn’t know excited. Dreamy music filled the room and he looked up and smiled. She was ready with the anesthetic mask and re breather, he closed his eyes and inhaled as the mask covered his mouth. The air circulated and echoed within the mask. All adding to the erotic experience of submission to his rubber nurse.

She walked away. Her heels clattered on the tiled floor, she stopped and he could feel her hand. Exquisite torment and probing of his penis. Her hand would build him up and at the very last moment when he thought he could hold it no longer, she released her grip and his urge to cum subsided. She repeated this several times, each episode became shorter as he became more worked up.

Warm, tight rubber cocooned his body. As well as the music he could hear the distinct sound of the ticking of the seriouskit male milking machine. Heels clattering around him as his rubber nurse directed her theater with precision timing. Tingling sensations and uncontrolled spasms of all kinds pulsed, throbbed and rocked him to his inner core.

Suction on his nipples combined with a tantalizing pulse sent his heart racing. A deep throbbing beat penetrated him anally and then he felt the incredible tight grip of a suction device on his erection……he shivered, not with cold but with excitement. His mind was fully immersed in that place that he had wanted to go. Nothing else mattered. Mistress, rubber nurse, Goddess had everything in hand.

Building up deep within he could feel a warm sensation overcome his body. Like he was delirious. His breath echoing in the mask, the ticking of the machine, the smell of the rubber, the erotic sensations and his vulnerability and total submission to his rubber nurse. All was all coming to a head……..and he knew he would be free of his burden the moment his reached his orgasmic ecstasy.

Aaagggggggggagagaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh…………he let out a cry of relief as he orgasmed hard and long. His orgasm felt like he was releasing the devil after an exorcism…a nice pain, satisfying and exhausting at the same time. He slumped as he basked in the glory of his amazing orgasm!





TGirl Mistress Tessa visits Reading

TGirl Mistress Tessa will be joining yours truly on Wednesday 24th July ’19 here at my highly appointed chambers in Reading, Berkshire. There is limited availability so don’t think about it for to long. Bookings are now being taken, apply within.

This will be the fourth visit from Tgirl Mistress Tessa. Joined by TGirl Gigi on previous visits making it a trio. On this occasion it’ll just be the two of us for a day of Double Domination Delights.

Mistress Tessa is both strict and demanding. Her sultry looks will have you spellbound, but don’t let that fool you. She will have you fall to your knees. Will she have you begging for more? or mercy?. That is the question.

Who is suited to a Double Mistress session with TGirl Mistress Tessa and Mistress Jane. Whether you have experience or not, each session is tailored to each individuals session interests and level of experience you they have any. All limits are fully respected. So as long as you meet my minimum age requirement of 30 years you are welcome to inquire about a booking with us.

We welcome TGirl admirers, Cross-dressers, Naughty nephews, Bi curious, role play fans and strapon fanatics. The most important thing is we want You to come along and have fun with us. Play safe and sane and the possibilities can be endless.

TGirl Mistress Tessa