Sissy Maid fantasy became a reality

Sissy Maid Fantasy. I had always fantasied of being controlled by a woman. Then one day by some strange twist of fate my once far distant fantasy became reality.

Oh to be a sissy maid. I have lost days if not weeks day dreaming about this very fantasy. My life had become a little mundane, if that’s the right word for it. I would get up, I would go to work yada yada yada. My wife would have a similar routine. Only she would get up, make breakfast and leave for work an hour before I did. I had recently semi retired and therefore found I had more time on my hands. This meant I could indulge my fantasy a little more.

Cross dressing has been an interest of mine for many many years. Until now I had managed to keep it secret from my wife. I’ve tried to stop, God knows I’ve tried, but I found I needed it in my life to keep me sane. Like the earth needs the sun. I so wanted to share my secret and after much deliberation sought out a Mistress with whom to share it with. After much searching and researching I discovered Mistress Jane, and for me sharing my secret which I had kept so close to my chest for so many years was a game changer. Mistress would instruct me on what to wear and when and give me chores to do. Once a month I would visit her for some much needed punishment and further training. My sissy maid fantasy was now partially reality. 

Since I was now semi retired my wife expected me to put a lot more effort in to my share of the house work. I had become quite a good cook and always had dinner prepared for her when she returned from work. On occasions my wife and I would have discussions as she thought that I ought to do a lot more work around the house that I already did, but these discussions often turned into arguments. If only she would take me over her knee and spank me instead, I’d probably take more notice.

Over the years I had accumulated quite a few pieces of ladies lingerie. The silky type. Girdles, panties, stockings and bra. As well as a pair of heels, blouse an apron and one pencil skirt. I used to steal a moment to myself here and there on the very rare occasion my wife was out. But now found I had whole days to myself, to dress, to play and to imagine what life as a sissy maid would be like. What a dream it would be if my wife would keep me dressed this way and have me take care of all the household chores whilst she went out to work. For her to come home and spank me over her knee for not completing her job list. But I dare not share my thoughts with her as she wouldn’t understand. When the hands of the clock steered towards 6pm I would make sure that all of my lingerie was hidden safely before my wife returned from work. I would have the tea on the go and be hoovering or carrying out some chore as she walked through the door oblivious to the fact that 15 minutes earlier I was prancing around the house dresses ‘en femme.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I had chosen to do some gardening. Under my male clothes I wore a white girdle, stockings, panties and a bra which I found quite uncomfortable as it dug into my chest as I leaned forward to tidy the boarders. As my mind began to wonder deep in to my little sissy maid fantasy I would imagine my wife lay back on the lounger sunning herself with me suitably dressed as her maid at her beck and call. Every so often threatening to spank me if I didn’t do a good enough job. If only!. 

Suddenly my mind snapped out of my day dream as I heard a car. Was it 6pm already? I panicked and stood up. It was my wife! she was home early!. By now she was getting out from her car. I gulped in horror as I realized all my lingerie was still laid out in the living room. I was frozen to the spot, ‘what should I do?.  I ran over to her but the look on my face gave me away and it made her question… “Is there something the matter dear? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”. I shook my head and pushed my way in front of her. I wanted to shut the lounge door before she noticed my lingerie but it was too late. She stood in the living room doorway staring at me as I frantically fumbled and tried to bungle all my lingerie back in to the case from where it came. 

“Can you explain this to me?” she demanded. She walked over toward the case and pulled it open bending and down she reached for a hand full of my lingerie. I stood back. I didn’t know what to say or where to look, I had never anticipated such an encounter and it left me speechless. “Well, have you an explanation or do you collect underwear from girlfriends or even clotheslines?” she barked. “No Darling….” I answered but she cut me short. “Don’t You Darling me!!” she snapped. “I just like the feel of ladies lingerie against my skin” I chirped, adding “They feel so much nicer than men’s clothes”. I though it best to stop right there.

Suddenly she turned away as if about to leave the room but stopped. “Are you wearing any lingerie now?” she asked. “Yes” I replied. “Remove your outer clothes and let me see” she asked. I did as I was told. There I stood in my girdle and stockings, panties and an ill fitting bra. “Very pretty” she mocked. I could see the cogs working as she stared at me. “Perhaps I could use this to my advantage…..hmmmm” she thought to herself. 

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Caught red handed!

My wife instructed me to open the case in order to she see ALL of its contents. She picked out a short skirt and some heels and told me to ‘Put them on!’. Unsure of what was going to happen I was a little apprehensive but I did as I was told. “What do you call yourself whilst dressed like a girl” she asked. “I’m not a girl” I replied abruptly, adding “I simply like to wear lingerie and ladies clothes and be called Davina”. At best she looked confused whilst raising an eyebrow. She then turned and then pulled over the desk chair. “Lean over my lap!” she spat. Not wasting any time I went straight over her lap with my little cockette wedged tightly between her stocking thighs. My skirt was lifted over my bottom and she began to spank me, hard!. For me, this was my sissy maid fantasy come true.

When she was finished she told me to stand up. “I’m in a quandary on what to do!” she said. “Well I mean, should i divorce you? Use you as a full time sissy maid? or, tell my friends all about you to see what they would do in this situation?”….she grinned. “Or I could keep you as a house maid and get myself a boyfriend?”….“After all, you little offering isn’t enough to please a real woman like me!” she added. I had to admit, she was right. I wasn’t enough to satisfy her, my little cockette belonged in panties.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Stay right there” she barked as she went to answer it. My heart was pounding hard, I wasn’t sure whether it was through excitement or fear or a mixture of the two. I heard the door close and she re entered the room holding a package addressed to me. “Catch” she said as she threw the package at me. Inside was a wig I had recently ordered. I was digging a deeper hole right before her eyes.

“Put the wig on Davina”  she said sarcastically. It was a short bob style blonde wig, rather girly which I liked. My wife sat back on the desk chair and instructed me to lift up my girdle and pull down my panties. She then instructed me back over her knee. Her spanks rained down on to my bare buttocks so hard that I didn’t think I’d be able to sit down for a week. Occasionally she paused to give her hand a break but then she would carry on and on and on until she finally came to a halt. I was told to stand and pull up my panties and pull down my girdle to look half decent. The heat of my glowing bottom was retained by the thick material from my girdle, and it felt strangely satisfying and liberating. 

From that day on things changed. My sissy maid fantasy had become a stark reality. Every morning I would dress appropriately according to my wife’s wishes for that particular day. Sometimes I was in full dress, panties, girdle, stockings, heels and maids dress. On other days I would wear my lingerie and just a pinny with no dress. If I was working outside I would wear my lingerie under my outer clothes which I also did if I went to the shops. When I arrived home I would immediately change in to my role as House maid and sissy. New sleeping arrangements were made and I was banished to the spare room. A daily list of chores was set out that would keep me busy from dawn to dusk. Part of that was to tend to my wife as her ‘lady’ in waiting. When she showered I would be there waiting with a towel to pat her dry. Earlier I will have laid out her clothes in her room ready to dress her. 

Our role’s had completely reversed, not that my wife used to wait on me hand and foot or wait for me after a shower and pat me dry, but in a different way. I had become a full time maid to my wife. In the morning I wold get up an hour before she did in order to prepare breakfast and serve her tea. She would often comment “I could get used to this” or “You look pretty this morning”. Sometimes she would slap my bottom as I walked past her and giggle at my expense. However, this didn’t make me feel ‘put down’ as I was enjoying my new role. If anything it excited me which my wife could tell. 

Another aspect of my home life was my wife’s new found sexual control of me. For instance, when dressing her she knew that rolling on her stockings made me hard. To counteract this she would threaten to lock my little cockette away in a chastity device never to be seen or touched again!. More often than not I would receive an over the knee spanking where my cockette would be clamped hard between her thighs. This again excited me as it brushed against her stockings and made me dribble which in turn annoyed her. Once my spanking was over she would order me to “Lick my slimy mess from her stockings!”. This in turn caused a constant cycle of excitement which gave her more excuses to spank or slipper my bottom. Sometimes when brushing her hair she would instruct me to bend forward and whack my bottom several times with her brush. “That should keep you in-check dear” she would say.

One particular day my wife had requested that I make ready her black tight pencil skirt, satin pussy bow blouse and her best lingerie. As I started to dress her I dared to ask why she was wearing her best clothes for work, was she meeting a special client or something?. I was taken aback by her reply and it was at that very moment that I realized my new role was here to stay. “Do you think I look sexy in my outfit?” she asked.“Of course I do”, I replied.“Do you think my Boss will find me sexy when I bend over his desk dressed like this?” she retorted.I swallowed hard and hesitated for a moment as I offered my reply “Yes, he will find you very attractive as I do”. She smiled with a confidence I had not witnessed from her before.”Do you think he’ll want to fuck me?” she said.This was very out of character for my wife so I had to think hard and answer carefully or suffer her wrath. “How could he resist” I replied. “Good answer” she said as she turned and walked out of the door shouting “Dinner at 6pm sharp dear!“.

That day her words rang over and over in my head “Do you think he’ll want to fuck me”……’I’d better try harder to please her’ I though to myself as I hurried along with my chores.Three weeks had passed since taking on my new role. My wife appeared much happier and I so was I. My new role was fulfilling and I enjoyed giving over control to the woman I loved. Recently though, she had gotten much more strict and had started using the cane on my bare bottom. If something wasn’t done to her exacting standard then out came the cane. “Six of the best for you this evening!” she would say.

sissy maid fantasy
Come and put on your dress.

My bottom began to bear the marks of my tardiness which would be a lasting reminder for me to try harder in order to please my wife. Some days, mainly Saturdays and Sundays when on her days off she would find any excuse to spank me. I would feel my bottom hot and glowing under my tight girdle as it gripped me. A feeling I loved and found very fulfilling if not a little uncomfortable at times. Relief was something that I earned. Although I wasn’t locked in chastity I no longer had free will to play with myself. That was a pleasure that only my wife would grant and not as often as I would like. Sometimes she would call me from work and tell me that her boss had been looking at her bottom when she was bending over his desk. she would tel me to relay to her what I thought her boss could see. Then she would ask if I had gotten hard. She would know the answer to this already and occasionally she would tell me to relieve myself whilst still on the phone to her. Upon ending the call she would say “I bet you’ve made a sticky mess in your panties. Six of the when I get through that front door tonight!”. This was my life now and I had gotten my wish. My Sissy Maid Fantasy was no longer dream, it was real. Its what I had longed for. Was I happy with my lot? Of course I was.

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Berkshire Domina ooop North…

Berkshire Domina Mistress Jane on her travels. April has been quite a hectic month with regards to getting out and about. You see, I’m a bit of a hermit on the side. Earlier in the year I planned a stay up in bonny Scotland at Mr & Mrs Feendish’s. A pair of pervaholics I have admired for many years. I met Grimly (Mr.Feendish) in person the previous year when he came to my dungeon in Reading. Combined with our visit to The Feendish’s a day of sessions with Lady Annisa was arranged.

Earlier in the month The Feendish’s hosted a party oop North which Trixy and moi attended. Here I met another kinkster I have admired from a far for many years JGLeather from Canada…! A week later we were both heading up to Edinburgh. My faithful Sub Phoenix booked to see myself and Lady Annisa at her beautifully appointed premises in the city. After the days session’s were done the three of us, Trixy, Annisa and I popped to one of the local hostelries for some well deserved food and refreshment.

From here Trixy and your Berkshire Domina Jane headed on to Glasgow to stay with Mr and Mrs Feendish. Grimly works leather. He can make almost anything and gave Trixy and I a four day intense leather crafting course which was superb I might add. Trixy made some bondage cuffs and a choker and I made a prisoner transfer belt. See pic.

Grimly is a very talented man. In his own words ‘A complex character, eccentric, devious, intelligent, mad, bad and dangerous to know’. Like me, he is a sensation junkie.

On our last night Trixy, Mrs Feendish and I dressed in our rubber and headed for the Feendish’s play room. As soon as we walked in we could tell someone had a serious gas-mask fetish. A leather clad Grimly was waiting there for us, nervously. Yes, three of us to one, you’d be nervous too! We had a great time. Such lovely, fun people.

berkshire domina Grim fun Reading Mistress

I had only been in Reading for a couple of days then it was up to Milton Keynes for a day of sessions with my lovely friend Domina Sara at The Practice. A kinky medical paradise. Phew I need a holiday to get over it all.

Berkshire Domina Mistress Jane

REVIEW 21/06/18

Hi Mistress

I like to thank You and your friends for a great CFNM session yesterday.
Good to see my abuse on twitter.
Sitting down in meeting today was good reminder of my hour with 5 lovely mistresses beating my ass.
Hope your friends enjoyed themselves as much as I did.
Please thank your friends for the wonderful hour I spent in their, and Your presence Mistress.
Sure to be a few more days of red ass to remind me of yesterday.

Your humble slave Mr.mars bar

The Pursuit of Knowledge …Part 2

The Pursuit of Knowledge …

On Wednesday morning I caught the eight thirty three from Brighton to Chichester to begin my little adventure. The day before I had a brief conversation on the subject with Carole who looked at me doubtfully while biting her lower lip: “You did go through it thoroughly with them, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” I lied.

During the brisk fifteen minute walk from the station inside the city walls and close to the Cathedral I saw many beautiful period houses that had been reclaimed from commerce. The character of the city had changed and a domestic hum was replacing the hush of office life and I enjoyed the early spring sunshine on my face as its rays slanted down over the rooftops and between the pilasters to reflect on the windows of parked cars. No wonder North Street received acclaim from Nikolaus Pevsner and Ian Nairn in the Sussex volume of The Buildings of England as ‘the perfect street for an English country town’. And somewhere inside this portentous Georgian façade would be the former school converted by Solaryde into their research facility.

Once buzzed in through one of the glass security pods I stepped into the reception hall with its high corniced ceiling and which still retained the elegant Adam oval staircase. It wasn’t hard to visualise what this place must have looked like when it had been a school with pupils heading in noisy crocodiles up and down those stairs: all excited chatter; sports bags and gossip. Stepping from behind the dais a girl in a white silk blouse and whose long black ponytail dangled down to the small of her back led me across the lobby toward a series of rooms converted into cellular offices. There seemed to be nobody else around and the building was eerily quiet apart from the whine of computer or other electrical equipment; the noises of the street shut off by the vacuum-sealed doors.

“You’re just in time; Doctor Barzani is expecting you. She’s just about to start the briefing” was her perfunctory greeting and as we walked along the corridor a surveillance camera high up near the veiling panned to follow our progress.

“Here you are.”

The girl ushered me into a barrel-vaulted room converted into an office. Five faces turned to look at me – these belonging to the other volunteers sitting in a semi-circle around a functional metal workstation desk. And there seated at some distance to the side of the desk was the elusive Doctor Barzani herself.

“Ah David! Welcome. Please take a seat. I’m just taking the group through the preliminaries and explaining the background to what are our phase II clinical trials …” The smile switched direction to the girl who had shown me in. “Thank you, Rachael. We’ll be done in about ninety minutes so you can buzz them out then, okay?”

“Okay Doctor.”

I was barely conscious of the others in the room as I took the vacant chair – so preoccupied was I in drinking in the beauty of the woman opposite. My God was she gorgeous! Jet-black hair, swept up into a simple and completely practical hairstyle, accentuated her high-cheek-bones and a straight, perfectly proportioned nose. Wide-set brown eyes with delicately painted lashes complimented a mouth in which the upper lip curled a little and the lower lip was a little fuller than the upper. She is beautiful, I thought. If you drew a line down the centre, both sides of her face would be almost exactly the same. Her cafe au lait skin was flawlessly smooth. And I’m pleased to say she even wore a white lab coat over her tight black minidress and those long shapely legs were hosed in black nylons that found their perfect accompaniment in spiky-heeled shoes. A name badge pinned to her lapel read SAHIRA BARZANI BSc. Expressions like ‘stunner’, ‘honey’ et cetera would seem ridiculously inappropriate when applied to such an amazing woman …

“You’ll be helping us here today with our work in developing and evaluating novel treatments through the first in the series of single and multi-centre trials …” There were half-a-dozen of us in Doctor Barzani’s office. We were all around the same age – early- to mid-twenties, students from various academic establishments. And her group now being complete, she launched into an exposition of the programme but it proved to be as opaque as Carole’s earlier explanation. To make matters worse (or better, depending upon your perspective) she had this habit of reclining right back in her swivel chair, legs crossed and one glossy high-heeled shoe dangling in a seductive manner from her foot so the ball in the fine-denier hose shone almost pinkly through the charcoal mesh … Stop perving at her legs! I told myself sternly, you’re here for the advancement of science – not to letch at good-looking women. I tried to distract myself by taking the occasional glance beyond the French windows at the stone flags that let out into the garden. But it proved difficult …

After the rather sinister hush of the remainder of the building it felt a relief to be back amongst people. Of the other five volunteers, one in particular caught my eye – tall and leggy girl with a sun-reddened face and a disarranged hairstyle of blonde locks and dark roots that I found quite appealing. She spoke in an Australian accent and asked the most questions of any of us but I was too lost daydreaming about the beauty of Doctor Barzani to hear barely a word of either these queries or the concomitant answers.

“ … Designed to optimise alternative mindpaths through appropriate stimuli to re-engineer neuro-linguistic programming into generating more societally acceptable responses …” To be honest I was so fixated on Doctor Barzani’s lovely face and that ruby lipped mouth I was away with the fairies. I took not one whit of notice of what she was actually saying … until ‒

 We have laid on some light refreshments for you so please enjoy these, get to know each other and then in half-an-hour we’ll start.” Naturally there was some form-filling and the doctor passed a clipboard amongst us that had attached the thick legal waiver to be signed and of course a slip for the nominated bank account for each person to receive their expenses and remuneration. We then filed out into a common area where tea and coffee urns stood on a trestle table alongside a respectable selection of biscuits, muffins and other pastries. I’d no sooner poured myself a cup of coffee (which proved to be surprisingly decent for this sort of thing) than I received dig in the ribs from somebody and I looked up to see an immensely tall and gangling youth who peered down at me through thick-lensed spectacles. “Hello mate,” he said in a suitably posh voice. “I saw you eyeing up the good doc. Quite a looker isn’t she?”

“She’s that all right,” I cackled, taking a liking to this eccentric character. “So what do you make of all this business? It’s a bit mysterious. I mean nobody’s told us what’s in store.”

“The chance to make a few quid – easy money that’s all.” Flicking back a lock of straight-combed blond hair he suddenly stuck his hand out. “Graham,” he said.

I shook it and replied, “David.”

The third boy in our group had by now drifted over to introduce himself: “Mazher.”

We exchanged handshakes and introductions complete began speculating on the nature of the experiment we would soon be participating in. “I’m not sure I want to be a lab rat,” Mazher confessed; face pensive. “But I need to get my car back on the road.”

“I’m sure it’ll be all right,” I replied although by now I did have a few butterflies in the stomach. Despite the tall arched windows in the room it seemed perceptibly darker outside and the third youth’s words brought back the feeling of unease I experienced earlier. Keeping a discreet distance the three girls also had their heads together discussing the situation. Only Graham seemed unaffected by the mood of apprehension. “Tell you what I’m going to do,” he winked conspiratorially, “once this is over I’m going to invite Doctor Barzani out for a coffee.”

“I mean they keep mentioning Newman,” Mazher persisted. “What’s all that about? Who is Newman and what are his theories? How come nobody’s given us a straight answer since we got here? Don’t you think we should be finding out more about this stuff? Because that’s probably what they’re going to be doing to us? I mean don’t you think we should know!”

“No idea,” Graham chortled, “all I care about is they’re paying us and I want to get my leg over with the doc and that’s all need to know!”

“And you reckon a coffee’ll do it, do you?” I guffawed. “I admire your confidence.”

“If she’ll have a coffee with me it’s a start, isn’t it?”

Mazher laughed and shook his head. “You guys are hopeless, aren’t you?”

“Okay ladies and gentlemen. We’re ready for you now.”

……………………to be continued

T-Girl Gigi This Fri 1st with MJ

T-Girl Gigi will be here this Fri 1st to assist if needed. We have one slot available which would be at 9am for 90 mins or 9.30am for a 1 hour appointment. All other slots now booked. T-Girl Gigi joins me for sessions monthly so if you have missed your chance on this occasion to explore your curious side, you could always enquire to fine out when T-girl Gigi will be back to turn your darkest kinkiest fantasies into reality.

Mandy’s story…P 1

” Mandy’s meets Dick”

Detective Inspector Mandy of the Greater Manchester Police Force, spent her days chasing bad guys, and whilst there was always a good banter amongst the team, the day job was a serious business. On the odd occasion she could get away though, Mandy enjoyed a trip south to see her old friend Jane, and had taken part in a few of Jane’s CFNM parties.

Initially mainly a spectator, at the last event she had enjoyed a more active role, coaxing a stranger’s cock to orgasm… and the more she thought about it the more she fancied going that one step further and being a “domme for a day.” Never one to dwell idly on an idea, Mandy emailed Jane to see if she would help make it happen, and was pleased to receive a prompt and positive response, along with the comment that Jane knew just the right chap (good old Dick), for her first session. A quick email to Dick was followed by an almost immediate yes please from him, and a date and time was set.

Mandy arrived at Jane’s late the night before and over a bottle of Merlot, they discussed their ideas for the following day. Jane would be there throughout of course, but from the moment Dick entered the dungeon Mandy would “run the show.” Mandy admitted to being surprisingly nervous, and so they agreed to include something of an interrogation (which Mandy thought would place her on home ground) and which would allow her to get into the swing of things. Mandy also fancied giving Dick a good seeing to with a strap-on. And as a finale they agreed Mandy would sit on Dick’s face whilst Jane did her usual (and Dick’s favourite) combination of prostate massage and Hitachi vibrator.

But Mandy wasn’t a total ‘virgin’ when it came to Domination. She had gained some experience over the years albeit from casual hook ups. So she had a good idea of how to play and control a willing sub.

On the day, as Mandy “dressed” for the occasion she asked Jane what Dick was like. Mid forties, medium height, somewhere between stocky and fat depending on whether he was holding in his stomach, tanned, short grey hair… relaxed, with a sense of humour not unlike her own, and chatty. Jane also said Dick took neither the session, nor himself, too seriously and that all 3 of them should just have fun.

Prior to his arrival, Mandy and Jane chose a number of toys for the afternoon, laying them out on the bed, and agreeing which ones they thought would be best. When Dick’s text arrived confirming he was parked, both ladies were ready and Jane responded with the usual “enter”, and stepped outside to greet him, leaving Mandy sat on the edge of the bed.

Mandy’s heart was pounding, not out of fear (as there was of course nothing for her to fear as such), but she really didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front Jane, and also, in front of Dick, whom she knew full well was one of Jane’s regulars. But, as she had done in front of some of the hardest men in Manchester, Mandy put on her “game face” and slid into her role. Then in came Jane, and right behind must be Dick. “Show time” thought Mandy. And with that a cool calm settled over her.

As Dick came in, Mandy saw him glance over and smile, “no real sign if nerves” there thought Mandy, as she slowly uncrossed her legs, eased off the bed and sauntered over to Dick, conscious of his roving eye’s as they took in her high heels, her stocking clad legs, black knickers (“you just wait to I turn round” thought Mandy), her black corset, and her outstretched hand which he shook, and held perhaps a little too long… Then after her introduction (as Mandy) Dick fell for her first little trap, and asked “is it Miss Mandy or would you prefer Mistress” which (as she had imagined) allowed her to rejoin with “Oh, I don’t need titles to control little boys like you.” And with a sharp scratch down his nipple Mandy had (she was sure) made just the right first impression.

Spotting an approving nod from Jane she turned to play her trump card (and hammer home her advantage) as she sashayed across the room, certain now that Dick’s eyes were fixed on her (perfect?)

tanned and exposed buttocks sitting either side of the thong, nestled in between. And with instruction for Dick to strip she stood and waited for him to comply.

Dick was soon naked and amusingly standing to attention, as Mandy stepped in very close and slowly circled him making sure he was aware as she scanned every inch of him. Her experienced eye took in the details: shoulders, chest and arms pretty solid, too much weight around the middle (despite his efforts to hold it in), legs not quite in proportion to the top half (clearly Dick exercised for vanity not fitness). Cute arse (a slight nod to herself), and just the hint of a semi, from an acceptable (but by no means exceptional), circumcised cock.

Urging Dick across to the bed she bid him select the implements he liked, and once complete, she glanced down to see some improvement in his erection. Time to play the joker she thought, bending over the bed and instructing Dick to spank her. Amused first at his hesitation, and then by the six firm and brisk whacks he planted on her bare cheeks… lingering just a little at the end and squeezing softly.

Clearly worth the sting though, as there was nothing semi about little Richard now, and not wanting any chance of retreat, she asked Jane if she wouldn’t mind applying a cock ring and binding Dick’s balls as she had seen Jane do at the last CFNM party – a request Jane promptly granted. And finally, cuffing Dick’s wrists Mandy hoisted his arms aloft via the ceiling mounted pulley. Next, she picked up the fierce little tiger claw nipple clamps. She had tried these on herself earlier and was well aware of just how intense they were, particularly when pulled. Once attached and chained together Mandy gave them a little tug, all the while staring into Dick’s eyes to catch the reaction. As he winced, she followed up with a nettle leaf to the cock, and was rewarded by another wince and a combination of surprise, and perhaps just a little hint of fear.

Excellent thought Mandy, then stepping in really close to explain the rules of the game, in which she would quiz Dick, and torment his nipples (via the clamps) or his nethers (with the nettles) until he answered… And of course Jane would cane him if they didn’t like the answers. Mandy thought this combination would work well in her day job too, but alas it would never be allowed.

Mandy then went on to explain the five levels of caning… and as a reminder for Dick, level’s one two and three were promptly demonstrated by Jane. They had discussed this the night before and thought the scientist in Dick would welcome the chance to “calibrate” the intensity of his ordeal… and of course by only going up to level three… they retained that air of mystery, with regards just how much more levels four and five would hurt. Finally, Mandy couldn’t quite resist grabbing Dick’s cock and giving it a friendly squeeze as she warned him of the very serious penalty for lying.

Then with one last, exquisitely slow, stroke of the nettles down the full length of his cock (just to make sure she had his full attention) – the “interrogation” began.

The first six questions were benign enough… but still earned Dick plenty of nipple torment and nettling, plus caning at levels two, three and four on the scale… And each time the cane bit, or the nettle stroked Mandy stared into Dick’s eyes to savour the response… also stepping in really close to catch the smallest hint of a whimper or yelp.

Then the questions got a good deal more personal, and Mandy had anticipated these would take a lot longer to answer, and hopefully generate a few lies (just for the fun of punishing the infringement), but to her surprise Dicks responses were prompt, and in her considered opinion quite truthful. Clearly Dick felt very safe in MJ’s dungeon (yes he did!), and also quite clearly he had no qualms discussing his little sexual idiosyncracies with them (no he didn’t).

So it was a relief to Mandy when they finally got an answer worthy of punishment, and with Dick admitting to a wank in the fast lane of the M42 whilst driving… the police officer in Mandy felt obliged to announce this was recklessness in the extreme… and hence worthy of another level 4 from Jane’s Dragon cane. This was followed up shortly thereafter with what Jane deemed to be Dick’s only lie, after he suggested he had never had a threesome, despite the spit-roasting Jane and her friends had given Dick on more than one occasion. And a lie came with six of the best from the Dragon cane, and sent Dick through the roof, swinging and howling for quite a while. As Mandy watched, she marvelled at just how ruthlessly Jane had applied the cane and doubted she would have had the nerve to go that far. Dick however, seemed (despite his obvious distress) to be having the time of his life (yes he was!).

Mandy’s final question really was quite personal, but again she was surprised by the prompt – and judging by the nod from Jane – clearly truthful answer.

With the interrogation over, and Dick lowered and placed over the whipping bench, Mandy picked up Jane’s beautiful heavy lochgelly tawse and offered Dick two dozen, to fill in the blanks. No sooner had Dick nodded than she gave him twenty four real beauties, as hard and (almost) as fast as she could. Almost, as she didn’t want to sacrifice intensity for speed, so erred on the side of slower and harder. Something she was sure Dick would appreciate. She enjoyed the feel of the heavy tawse in her hand, and the way it cracked into Dick’s upturned buttocks, setting them wobbling. She also enjoyed the evident distress Dick displayed, though as he was not restrained she was impressed he “stayed down.”

Once over, it was time for the next stage of their little game, and something Mandy had been looking forward to immensely. Indeed, it was why she had decided to contact Jane in the first place, and truth be told she was rather excited at the prospect.


to be continued….

Dicks mid term exam

As MJ placed the leather hood over his head, shutting out all light, and then the headphones over his ears, isolating him from any sound, Dick contemplated his current predicament. He was naked, and securely bound to a chair with support for each buttock, but a large gap in between (allowing Her free access). He was tethered at the chest, the waste, the thighs and ankles, and his hands were cuffed and secured to the rear legs of the chair – all of which gave him very little room to manoeuvre.

A large conducting butt plug was comfortably in place, having been eased in to his carefully stretched and lubed anus just moment ago. A cock ring at the base of his penis ensured “little Richard” could not hide. Conducting lube covered the length of his erection (though curiously not the tip), and conducting loops circled his shaft from base to just below the glans. The clamps that gripped his nipples were wired to cone shaped steel scaffolds strapped onto him like a bra, and as MJ twisted the screws at the top, the tension built in the clamps.

With a twitch, Dick realised the wires to his butt plug and cock rings had been attached and he squirmed slightly as the current was slowly turned up. He imagined Jane chuckling as his squirming grew more animated in line with the increasing sensations. Next he felt fingers on his scrotum, pulling down gently and attaching more clamps – seconds later he felts weights hanging off the clamps and swinging a little.

Then Jane left him there to stew a little…

After a brief pause, Dick felt the tension in the nipple clamps increase, until it was almost unbearable, (almost – but not quite… and actually… quite exquisite). Seconds later the current was increased to both his cock and the butt plug, again… almost… to the point at which it was unbearable… but again it was… perfect. Now more weights were attached to the clamps on his scrotum, and they were set swinging again, and again She had judged it to perfection.

And again She left him to stew a little more…

Dick took a moment to reflect on the email exchange that had led to this. Having agreed at his last visit to leave the arrangements for this appointment entirely up to Mistress Jane, but unable to resist a hint or two Dick had emailed Jane with a request that She push him to his limits, and signed it “your eager student”. This generated a prompt reply from Jane announcing his “mid-term exam” would commence at two the following afternoon and that failure was not an option. Which sent a suitable shiver down Dick’s spine.

On arrival Dick had met with invigilator Jane, who explained the test would be in two parts. If mercy was requested during part one the test would cease immediately, Dick would fail, and be sent home. If Dick made it through to part 2 then Dick could request mercy at any time, but there would be a count of 20 before any such mercy would be granted. Jane also hinted that exceptional performance, may – at the invigilator’s discretion – be rewarded with a treat. Shortly thereafter, naked, tethered and hooded Dick started the test. And was slowly coming to terms with his predicament.

Then a searing pain in his scrotum snapped him out of his musings and back to the present, as Jane (having noticed Dick relaxing slightly) very gently stroked his balls with a nettle. “You are doing very well” purred Jane – through the speaker in his headphones – “part one is almost complete. But you know what is coming before we finish don’t you” She teased. Dick wasn’t sure that he did, but doubted he would have to wait long – and he wasn’t disappointed.

At this point, and to finish part one in style, Jane upped the electrics, added a twist or two to the screws on each nipple clamp, and then finished with a long, exquisitely slow stroke of the nettle on

the head of Dick’s penis. By now Dick was squealing inside his hood, and thrashing against his restraints… and ever so close to screaming for mercy. But to his credit, and with Mistress Jane’s approval he did not succumb. And after a few more seconds, he was most relieved to hear that part one was over.

With that, Jane switched off the electrics and removed the loops around Dick’s cock, but left the butt plug in place, and changed the programme on Her box of tricks to a steady rhythm which caused Dick to involuntarily clench his cheeks in time to the rhythm… and which in turn gave his prostate a nudge with each clench. Jane then applied a high-speed, though quite delicate, vibration to the head of his penis, and watched, as – despite the continued sting from the gift that goes on giving – Dick’s erection grew to full height. Upping the game a little from both butt plug and vibrator brought Dick closer and closer, and then with a cry from Dick “little Richard” gave a brief squirt, squirt, squirt… before the moment passed.

Efficiently Jane wiped away the sticky mess, and with fresh dry gloves settled in for part two of the test.

With her left hand Jane gripped the length of Dick’s, still largely erect cock (given the speed of Her actions and the cock ring at it’s base), then with Her right hand She set about tormenting the head.

Now, Dick (he had been told) had been circumcised around his first birthday (for medical not religious reasons) and so the glans lacked the normal lubricating smegma secreted under a foreskin, added to this the recent nettling, the vibrator that had concentrated solely on the glans to bring Dick to orgasm, and the unlubricated rubber glove covering MJ’s hands, and the resulting sensory overload took Dick promptly off the scale. Around and around She rubbed… and all the while Dick squealed and squirmed, eyes shut, and teeth clenched… and within no time at all Dick cried “Mercy”. To which of course Jane replied “would you like me to start the count now Dick?”

“Yes, yes, yes” squealed Dick, squirming away.

And with that, though still rubbing away firmly at the head of his cock, Jane started the slow count, one, two, three… and Dick settled in to endure… still struggling in vain against his tethers… ten, eleven, twelve… and Jane increased both the speed and pressure on his glans as She tormented away… seventeen, eighteen, nineteen… and Dick thought he’d made it… until he heard nineteen-point-one, nineteen-point-two… and the hand of evil, if anything, moved even faster… and on and on it went… until eventually, with Dick now screaming Jane reached Twenty – and relented.

Jane stepped away leaving Dick panting and hanging limp. Slowly, and gently Jane eased out the butt plug, removed all the wires and set about unbuckling him. When She had finished Dick sat quietly on his chair. “Well, Dick” said Jane – back in invigilator mode – “I am delighted to say you passed your mid-term exam, in fact with flying colours, so would you care to claim your reward?”

Dick wasn’t sure he was up to it, neither was Jane, but She loved a challenge. As She stood at the head of the bed, immaculately clad in such delightfully revealing fetish-ware, and with the invincible Hitachi wand to hand… little Richard started to stir… and with that Dick stepped forward, determined to give it his best. Moments later, on all fours on the bed, Dick was ready.

MJ placed an attachment onto the Hitachi wand that would supply vibration to Dick’s cock through a sheath. She then strapped the wand to Dick’s belly with the business end close to his cock. A quick application of lube was applied then the sheath was placed over Dick’s penis. Now with the wand strapped in place and switched on, Jane had both hands free.

Dick realised that by clenching his stomach muscles (think belly dancer) he could manipulate the sheath on his cock to optimum effect… and so he did.

Then Jane slid first one, then two, carefully lubed digits-of-delight into Dick’s already stretched and lubricated anus, and slowly began to massage his prostate. With the skill of a safe cracker, Jane had determined the precise combination (of massage and vibration) necessary to milk Dick’s prostate, and with both now in place, She knew it was just a matter of time. Dick knew that too, and so did little Richard… and so with all three relaxed, and Dick in control of the vibrator (by virtue of a little belly dancing on his part) they moved closer and closer. And Jane watched very carefully, to ensure She was ready to “fine-tune” proceedings when the time came.

The first sign was a slight swelling to Dick’s prostate – “here we go” thought Jane – then the first bead of pre-cum appeared. Jane slowed the massage to elongate this as much as possible, and Dick held his breath. Then as the flow of semen started Dick started to count in his head… one and two and three… and still it flowed… by ten Dick was into uncharted territory… at fifteen the more traditional squirt, squirt, squirt started… and continued… on and on… to twenty two. Then with a massive sigh, Dick collapsed on to the bed… easing himself off MJ’s fingers.

Jane left him there to recover, smiling to herself.

Some time later – Dick had no idea how long – he lifted himself up off the bed to allow Jane to clean up his mess. And with a sheepish grin all over his face he turned to face Mistress Jane. “You do realise” said Dick, still grinning “that that was beyond gold medal… and into lifetime achievement territory don’t you.” Jane shrugged (as if it happened every day) but inside She was quite pleased with Her afternoon’s work – and quietly confident that She could (when She deemed he had earned it) pull off another (no pun intended).

“Same time again next week?” asked Dick eagerly, and with a nod from Jane he dressed with a smile still on his face…. “whatever will She do next time thought Dick”…

…. To be continued.