Part I

‘Healthy young test subjects wanted’, the advertisement tacked to the college noticeboard read. Volunteers (who must have no known health issues) would receive expenses plus a small emolument for their trouble.

“You should apply for it; you’re always crying poverty!” a soft female voice chuckled to my side. I twisted round to see Carole, my tutor on the social sciences course (and young, blonde and lovely into the bargain) standing next to me.

“Maybe I should,” I replied, feeling a rather illogical need to impress her with my bravery. My eyes flickered back over the text, which – like most business writing these days – proved to be a masterpiece of saying everything while telling you nothing. “It’s not very clear, is it? Do you know anything about what it’s actually about? I mean they obviously want people to experiment on?”

“Well that’s one way of putting it!” Carole frowned and teased a lock of wavy blonde hair between thumb and forefinger as she tried to recall the recent conversation with the advertisers. “I remember the principal saying something when the company first came in to ask to advertise. Solaryde they called themselves. But it was more for the psychology department. Something about a new type of dynamic therapy, neurally reprogramming learned shortcuts to anti-social behaviour through disciplinary interventions, that kind of thing.”

“Discipline eh?” I cackled. “Ooh er missus! Kinky!”

Carole laughed softly and shook her head in mock sadness. “Don’t get your hopes up! I’m sure it’s nothing like that. I guess it’s similar to what they were trying back in the Sixties, I suppose.” She wrinkled the bridge of her nose in that characteristically cute manner I liked when she was deep in thought. “The lady that headed the team did say the research is designed to continue the theories of Newman and Benatar from the nineteen eighties and nineties.”

The only ‘Benatar’ I happened to be familiar with was the mini-skirted purveyor of American housewives’ rock but I felt no need to admit that.

Carole shrugged those slim shoulders in her floral summer dress. “Probably best if you ’phone up and ask them first before committing yourself to anything.”

“As long as it’s not the Ludovico Technique I don’t mind,” I joked, mind by now made up. “And the money will come in handy for the end of term ball. Oh, and by the way,” I attempted nonchalance, “will you be going —?”

I realised I was addressing thin air as the object of my desire had by this time disappeared.

There was half an hour until the start of my next lecture. While pacing the college grounds I decided that there would be no time like the present and tapped out the number for Solaryde on my mobile ’phone. After a gratifyingly short period (during which I was still daydreaming about Carole in her party dress) the clinic picked up. A female switchboard operator – clearly computer-generated – queried the nature of my enquiry and hardly had I uttered the words ‘test subject’ than she recited a legal disclaimer before putting me through to the lead clinician. I was impressed by the way they even managed to synthesise the tone of studied boredom before another voice cut in on the line. Again it was female but there the similarity ended. She sounded bright, enthusiastic and spoke in the most cut-glass of English accents. Being a typical young bloke I imagined she would look absolutely lovely and hoped I’d get the chance to actually meet her.

“Hi, Doctor Barzani speaking. How can I help?”

“Hi, Doctor,” I replied. “Actually I might be able to help you. I’m ’phoning about the advertisement you placed in my college for test subjects. Something about a revolutionary new therapy?”

“Oh yes!” she said excitedly. “Thank you so much for enquiring! We’ve had quite a few people ring and we need just one more person to complete the numbers for the first test group. Would you be interested and if so could you come over to our research facility in Chichester on Wednesday?”

“Count me in,” I heard myself reply.

Living proof that you can be intellectual without necessarily being clever.

By Roadman.

A saucy tale

A saucy tale…It was the night before Christmas, and she was in her room lying on the bed, wearing her finest black lingerie with the satin cupped bra, with her knees raised in that familiar pose, when the door opened and he quietly entered the room. The sight of this beautiful Lady pleased him immensely so, in fact she had a totally devastating effect upon him. An uncontrollable ache kicked him so hard in the groin that he winced, several times, as Mistress’s steely grip grabbed a very firm hold upon him as he became aroused.
They smiled so warmly and affectionately at each other as their eyes met, but there was an element of somewhat fraught desperation there….. a wanton feeling which was growing insatiably. He closed the door, and before approaching her he removed his clothing so as not to waste time later. As he became naked in the low lighting, she saw something shine as it caught the light from the bedside lamp. It was at the top of his legs and it was stainless steel in the shape of a cage…… she looked again…. it was a locked chastity device with the locking seal clearly visible where it lay on top of the device. Suddenly she had an unusual feeling come over her…. where was this going to go….. where was it going to end up? She had no need to worry, as all would be fine. She would gently and carefully be looked after, teased and pleased and anything else that this very special Lady required.
He moved forward towards where she lay on the bed waiting patiently, and moved in between her open legs. Their gaze met and he leaned forward over her to kiss her affectionately upon her soft lips, just a warm gentle kiss before he moved away, noticing how the fabric of her bra was disturbed by an erect nipple protruding into each cup. He teased each with his tongue before ever so gently biting upon each one through that silky soft fabric that hid her perfect breasts, and she moaned with a passion that gave him a very positive feeling. She had boobs and legs to die for, as well as being a most attractive Lady whose face was surrounded by beautifully coiffured hair.  As he moved down her body, he paused with his head above her panties, thought for a second or two before he lowered his face and gently planted a long lingering kiss directly upon where her pussy was beneath. He turned his head slightly and rested there, pressing against her and she pushed upwards against him for a few moments. There was that very special feeling of intimate closeness between them. He raised himself and put his hands upon the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her gorgeous legs, and as he began to do so, his gaze was met with the glorious sight of a smoothly shaven pussy….. how absolutely perfect. Just one lingering kiss he planted there, as his tongue swiftly parted her beautiful lips and he felt a very warm moistness which he felt was begging to be explored….. but later…..
He planted lots of kisses upon her legs as he worked his way down to her toes, where he stopped for quite a while to bathe them with his tongue and admire their delicateness which was magnified by the pink nail varnish she wore to complement her lingerie. She rolled over for him to return upwards again on the back of her legs to reach her most delectable derrière….. a place he needed to spend a long time worshipping. She had true Callipygian beauty he thought as he buried his face there, and all the time planting a thousand kisses upon her cheeks….. heaven he thought! He had a very naughty thought…… he wondered how it would be if she sat on his face and controlled his breathing whilst he attempted to pleasure her pussy with his tongue flicking around her lips and searching for her clit, as she pressed down on his face…… a momentary day dream no less!
Now was the moment to up the stakes, albeit that he was in considerable discomfort as his attempt at an erection was seriously curtailed by the steel chastity device. There was nothing he could do about this, but he had become used to the frustration over the course of time, and thankfully on some occasions his Mistress did allow him relief, but at this time it was very demanding upon him….. no matter though, his function was simply to pleasure this lovely Lady, and that was paramount.
This time he rolled her over again on to her back. He stepped up and looked in the chest of drawers where he found some stockings which were needed to secure both her arms and legs to the headboard and bottom of the bed. He looked in the bedside cabinet, where amongst other toys he found just what was needed to complement the other item he had brought along with him. It was a cordless vibrating wand that he needed with which to give her a little treat, as he wanted to move things up a gear or two.
He moved back on top of her, and got her into a spread eagled position before he secured her wrists and ankles with the nylons. Once secured, and just to refresh her, he moved to the bottom of the bed so his tongue could feast upon her pussy. It flicked in amongst her lips and explored the warm darkness within, as his hands made contact with her waist and they began to grip her tightly as his tongue probed deeper, and then withdrew to focus on her clit, where it circled repeatedly as she moaned more vociferously, clearly enjoying the attention. Enough…. He ceased and lowered her bra so her nipples were exposed and he gently kissed them before applying momentarily the wand to the very tip of each. Just a little touch and away each time. Then he directed the wand at her clitty, doing the same. By this point she was becoming uncontrollable, as he had anticipated and that was why she was restrained. The final touch was now imminent.
He got up and walked to where his things lay, and produced a penis gag. He was wisely prepared and had brought it with him. He slipped a condom on to its penis, and popped the stub end into his mouth and tightened up the strap behind his head. Ready for action….. almost….. just needed to slip a pillow or two under her bottom, so her pussy was elevated, a bit like an altar at which to worship, as now her pussy had become the place of worship, and it was Sunday after all. There was no need for any lube as she was already so wet with her own juices. He lowered his head and very gently probed her pussy lips with the tip of the gag. There was no resistance as once he found the correct angle, he was buried nose deep! His hands moved up her body to touch her perfect breasts, as he could feel her pushing herself upwards at him to get the maximum out of his facial thrusting. His fingers just flicked over her nipples, as her moaning became more intense. She began to buck and writhe as there’s never any escape from the ministrations of a penis gag…. it’s effective! More and more she became so rampant and rapidly losing control, until eventually she succumbed to a shattering climax, followed by so much sighing and panting as she began to come down from this high which had taken her away. He removed the gag, and licked the cock part that had just been inside her, to saviour her juices.
He undid her restraints, and returned everything to where it had come from. For a brief moment he lay along side her and they cuddled each other passionately, but suddenly he was gone….. off into the cold darkness of Christmas Eve itself. His mission was complete….. to give her the pleasure she so deserved for Christmas.
She lay there on the bed, though her knees were no longer raised, her eyes flickered, and then they fully opened. She felt good…. a sensation of warmth and immense satisfaction, with a feeling in her pussy that made her wonder about many things….. she didn’t really know quite what had made her like this, but she decided it was clearly something that was very special about Christmas 2017.
a saucy tale

The Whipping Boy Part 5

“Face your front!” Mistress Gwendolyn commanded briskly and as reluctant as he felt, Tom took up the required stance, clutching the edges of the chair’s seat for dear life It cannot be far off five of the clock, the young man pondered sullenly, when is she going to release me so that I may attend the Prince? And damn the Prince, he thought with sudden venom. If the little rascal had not made such a mess of his Latin verbs then I would not be suffering such torment … but that, of course, happened to be precisely the point.

Mistress Gwendolyn glided smoothly into position behind and to the left of him and her fine white teeth flashed as she lowered the cane to the horizontal. “It has a marvellous crooked form does it not, Master Tom? The raised bumps along its length make for some spectacular bruises and the sharp bite it do impart have a truly lasting effect upon the recipient – like a sharp sermon delivered on a frosty morning!” She chuckled once more at her own wit.

“Yes Mistress,” Tom agreed and his sulky mood made him careless. “It is a repandous as the King’s legs ‒ ” Horror-struck at what had just passed his lips he snatched a hand away to cover his mouth.

“Master Tom!” The Lady of the Wardrobe half-laughed and half-gasped in mock horror. It was the worst kept secret at court that the King suffered from rickets and nobody really believed the official story of how his guardian, Sir Robert Carey had cured him of the malady in childhood. “You ought to have your ears shorn off at the pillory for such disloyalty! I was going to give you a dozen – but now you shall receive another six.” She shook her head in supposed sadness, those ringlets falling about her slim shoulders. “You bad, bad boy! In truth I do not know who has been more likely stalled to the rogue: you or your playmate!” Then she set to the denouement of her work.

Tap tappity-tap. The tip of the cane played its little dance upon his mottled proffered buttocks as she measured her first stroke. The ferula was a brutal weapon – a veritable a broadsword or a war hammer in the disciplinarian’s armoury – but the cane, a relatively new import from India required skill and precision, in the manner of a rapier, to employ it properly. “Well, my boy,” she teased him; “you shall earn your firewood this day!” Having gauged the distance, while the poor suffering Tom waited, she gave a deft, lateral flick of the wrist


A half-strangled cry of pain was wrung from him before Tom almost quite realised it. And immediately came the tormenting, mocking tap-tap-tap as she calculated her second stroke. Again he heard the hollow whoosh of displaced air followed at a discernible interval by that hateful sensation which threatened to overwhelm his senses. His buttocks were erupting, a blistering pain searing through skin and flesh. Every subsequent stroke of the cane seemed to be lacerating them afresh. He desperately wanted to tear his hands away and evade that next blow but he checked himself. He had absolutely no doubt that she meant her threat of a flogging at the at the cart’s arse – a shaming punishment for prostitutes – in front of all those leering, cackling fishwives.

He gripped the chair until his knuckles turned white.

Mistress Gwendolyn paused for a moment to allow him to calm his breathing. Sumptuous and gilded though it undoubtedly was, the court of King Charles could be staid at times with much emphasis on decorum and reverence for the monarch. One had therefore to take one’s pleasures where one could find them. And seeing the young man’s muscular hindquarters positioned over the back of the chair, already crimson in their fury and now transected by mauve lines darkening at their edges, she delighted at the sight of her handiwork – especially when made so on such a fine-looking lad. He was no town-raised cokenay milksop softened by easy living but a village youth, rangy and strong-looking. He took his undeserved punishment stoically: his head of dark locks held low; back straight and legs slightly parted. Other ladies at court would have taken their pleasure with him in a different manner, she knew but this she found much more enjoyable. Oh yes, my laddie, she thought, we shall have this dance again …

Tap-tap- Thwatt! As her victim flinched visibly and as yet another parallel carmine stripe appeared, with its distinctive white line in the middle, she felt her nipples harden beneath her shift and a warm glow stole throughout her body from her loins. She almost lost herself in the sensation but even while drawing back the cane again for its next biting sting she knew she could not exceed the boundaries of the punishment. A solemn responsibility is after all conferred upon the disciplinarian and duty is duty after all. Even so, something about the young man’s dumb resilience, the way he kept his head bowed and suffered that lashing irritated Mistress Gwendolyn in an unfathomable way. He must be close to tears by now, she reasoned and how better to force the issue by a nice, hard low one delivered right across his previous marks — shwack!

The effect proved immediate and dramatic. A piercing howl that most certainly frightened the life out of anyone within earshot in the palace reverberated in the scullery as Tom left to his feet, clutching his backside. Mistress Gwendolyn had to dig the tip of the cane into the floor and rest her palms upon it as she fought the urge to collapse with laughter as he hopped about, hobbled by the garments about his ankles and looking at her in hatred with eyes puffy, red and awash with tears.

“Adjust your hose, my boy and smarten yourself,” she giggled evilly, dabbing her eyes with a lace handkerchief. “It is five of the clock now and I’m sure you will not wish to be late. We spent a merry afternoon together; did we not?”

The glare from Tom’s handsome face slicked by tears told otherwise. He bent forward to pull up his leggings, gasping because the motion caused the skin of his buttocks to stretch. The Lady of the Wardrobe smirked in satisfaction when he winced as the fabric of the hose snapped on the lambasted flesh of his rear end. Taking a small cloth she began wiping her implements clean of the perspiration and other bodily oils before replacing them in the calico: until next time.

“Go to the Prince now and impress upon him how much you have suffered at his behest and of the necessity of his improvement. You are – as no doubt you truly see – the hostage of his good behaviour: the Whipping Boy!”


The Whipping Boy Part 4

Tom could not help but gasp at the pain as he felt the hard edges of the wooden shoe bury themselves in his soft flesh. The crack seemed to resonate in the snug little room. Again that experienced arm swept down and this time the shoe smote his left buttock. He gave a grunt and immediately her arm returned to its position ready to strike. “Six with the sandal I think – on either side,” she said brightly. “I do prefer the wood to the velvet although I suppose you have cause to disagree with me?” Adopting a steady rhythm she alternated the blows from left to right and her wooden sandal imparted a curious combination of a thud and a burning sensation that young Tom tried to escape by struggling off her lap. His legs kicked and scissored and he energetically wriggled and writhed with every wringing whack.

“I do not shirk my duty in punishing you and you must not be deficient in persuading your playmate to pay greater attention during his Latin verbs,” the chatelaine explained. “I mean – attempting to form the future active indicative as if it belonged to the second conjugation! A thrashing is much merited.” To make matters worse, he felt her fingers in the waistband of his hose. “Come, young master, we must bare your bottom!” she said briskly as she tugged the clinging garment down to expose his buttocks, now a pleasing melange of pink, cream and very crimson flash. “Sadly for you, no felix culpa this!” The hotly suffering Tom felt her body shake slightly as she laughed at her own joke.

“You do squirm, my laddie, worse than an eel!” Mistress Gwendolyn chuckled. “We’ll soon have the remedy for that.” With a rather unladylike exclamation she hitched up her skirt, followed by the shift beneath it until a shapely leg in a blue silk stocking wrapped around his lower thighs and drew him in tight. In this position his bare buttocks – framed by the white lacy stocking-top – were perfectly cocked for the remorseless descent of the sandal. “Wriggle to your heart’s content, my little piglet!” she laughed. “You won’t get free. I can grip very firmly I am told!” Her captive thus secured she whipped the sandal left and right; he bucked and squirmed (at times hardly able to breathe) as the burning sensation spread. The sandal rose and fell, bouncing off alternate buttocks that flattened momentarily underneath each impact before springing back to their lean curvature.

Whack! Crack! Whack!

Ow! Ouch! Owww!

Finally Mistress Gwendolyn lifted her leg away and allowed him up. Tom, hurt and embarrassed and scarcely able to believe what was happening to him, rubbed his bottom.

“Rather more to the job than hunting and playing dice with the Prince isn’t there, Master Tom?” she laughed. That the woman found his discomfort amusing made matters even worse. Mutinously he reached behind him to pull up his hose until a vicious, searing agony – shocking in its suddenness – made him snatch his fingers away.

“I did not tell you to adjust your clothing!” The Lady of the Wardrobe regarded him sternly and she slowly lowered the bamboo rod with its crooked handle. Silently cursing her Tom blew on his swollen knuckles (which now competed with his blistered bottom), which felt as though they had been burned with a fire-iron. She replaced the rod and rattled round for another instrument of torment. His heart sank when he recognised it: the terror of every schoolboy – the ferula!

“Doubtless you received this in your school?” she asked.

Tom nodded glumly. It was a long wooden ruler that became flatter and wider at one end forming a circular shape like a paddle. He noticed how the blade was drilled through with a pattern of holes in much the same manner as the battledore paddle used in baking, laundry – and very probably on the bottoms of miscreants in household discipline! The village schoolmarm had been a little old woman; terrifying and the children often whispered behind her back that she must be a witch. And yet I would prefer her to this creature, he thought to himself, her beauty notwithstanding.

“When your teacher administered the ferula they did so upon your palms, I’ll be bound?” Mistress Gwendolyn said in that same conversational tone. Her face brightened and she seemed pleased again – happy at watching him squirm. “I on the other hand regard that as a waste of a good implement. I prefer to punish on the spot where boys learn their lesson best!” She pointed at the chair. “Bend over the back and place your hands upon the seat.” He moved stiffly to obey, still rubbing his aching bottom until the very last minute before taking his hands away to grip the smoothly polished wood. “That’s it, all the way over.” The auburn-haired beauty prodded him with the pommel. “Keep those legs straight!” She tugged at the hose strung about his muscular thighs to ensure they were sufficiently clear of the target area and drew the circular blade of the ferula back to her right shoulder, her keen eyes measuring the range. “Twelve you shall have – on each side.”

Tom kept his gaze fixed on the seat six inches from his nose, nerving himself for the blow that would surely come. The skin of his buttocks – already sorely abused by her sandal – seemed to prickle in expectation … Blatt! Because of the holes in its flat surface, when swung the ferula thus sang through the air with no cushioning effect caused by its passing to mitigate against the blow inflicted upon the recipient’s posterior. And Tom found the skin of his right buttock then be compressed by the blow up into little pockets of flesh to produce a ‘blister’ effect. He gave a half-strangled gasp of anguish and automatically whipped one hand back in a vain attempt to protect himself. Suddenly that awful old schoolmarm seemed like a sister of mercy compared to this hellion

“Hold still, young sir! Should I miss and catch you upon the lower back it would be so much the worse for you; not least because needs must I would have to start again!”

Chuckling at the morose expression on his face she tapped his left buttock with the flat of the blade. “A fine contrivance this; it can – as I’m sure you know – cover an entire arse cheek with each lick. It can redden up a lad’s bottom flesh like nothing else!” Tom shivered involuntarily: it seemed wrong for such a courtly woman to utter a crudity like that but he had little time to dwell upon the contradiction. The ferula returned to her shoulder … Splatt!Mistress Gwendolyn settled to her task, beating out a tattoo on those crimson, stippled buttocks balanced above the back of the chair. Tom stared intently at the seat, his entire body flinching with each swat, his bottom feeling like one huge burning blister. It throbbed in time with the spanking.

The mistress swung the ferula again and again and again.

Tom set himself to counting; trying to ignore the intense burning in his paddled bottom and willing the number of strokes up to the twenty four the woman had promised would be his last.

Splatt! Splatt!

Twenty one. Twenty two.


            Twenty three …


“Twenty four,” Tom cried out, the words catching at the back of his throat from his distress. “I beg of you, Mistress, twenty four!” he sobbed as if it were some magic phrase that he could invoke to stop the punishment.

To his intense joy those terrible sounds of wood striking bare flesh ceased and he felt nothing but the warm air upon his tortured nates. Hardly venturing to believe his ordeal might be over, Tom gingerly lifted his right hand away from the edge of the seat to fan his posterior. As he did so, till bending forward, he twisted round as far as he dared to see what she was doing. Once more he noted the clatter of wooden objects; she was at the table with her back to him and laying down that hated ferula. Thank God, he thought. Thank God, dropping his gaze quickly before she spotted him.

Then he smelled the rosewater and heard the click of those dainty shoes as the woman advanced upon him – and in her right hand she clutched the evil, knobby bamboo rod. His heart skipped a beat in horror. Surely not …! As smartly as any cavalry trooper on parade with his mortuary sword, Mistress Gwendolyn flicked the cane up to her right shoulder. Those onyx eyes and their extraordinary rises were shining now with something other than the satisfaction of a responsibility well-performed.

“Well now, young Tom, we do come to the final act of our little tableau – the cane!”

Anal Play, prostate massage or bum fun.

If you were to ask me what the most requested activity is, without a doubt I would reply, Anal play, Prostate massage, strap-on, fisting, anything anal. Done carefully and correctly this activity ranks high and some guys just can’t get enough. So don’t think you are alone, there are thousands of you out there that just love it.

Why? Well there are a few reasons why you like it. Firstly your prostate gland is in there and when rubbed against with a dildo or finger, a finger being more exact, but a vibrating toy being more intense, can feel a little weird and may make you feel like you want a pee, but take a few deep breaths, relax and sit it out. The continual nudging of a finger or toy can feel very erotic and pleasurable and when you cum you will find it a much more intense feeling that a penile orgasm. Some guys loose their erection during any anal play, its more a state of mind but the resulting pleasure is pretty much the same.

There are thought to be health benefits to a prostate massage. A prostate massage is thought to help clear the prostatic duct. Massaging may produce a secretion of fluid which may help clear the duct which runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive and urinary system.

Strap-on: There she stood with her huge cock strapped to her harness ready to dominate him.

We read things like this all the time. It looks and sounds great, but that cock she is wearing sure sounds big and however much you like to watch someone being f*cked with a giant strap-on cock, in-reality it would scare you sh*tless. That is unless you are well practised and love to take a biggy! The image of a woman wearing a strap-on is a very powerful one and very sexy one, and combined with a domineering attitude ‘This Bitch is going to f*ck you’, it becomes very sexually arousing. The image and thought of a woman taking control, a complete Role Reversal in practical terms and this is another reason why guys like it.

Some just enjoy having things shoved up their bum, pure and simple. They like the feeling of being full or stretched, some like the feel of the thrusting action but the visual effect of that woman doing them long and hard with her strap-on cock wins every time.

I own around 30 cocks/dildos of all shapes and sizes. From a Small 2 inches to an eye watering 12 inches. I have even named some of them. I use a quality water based lube and crisco for deeper exploration. All toys are covered with a condom and cleaned with a medical sanitiser before and after use. Disposable gloves are worn at all times and changed at frequent intervals.

Frequently asked questions regarding anal play

You will need a pack of disposable gloves some water based lube and/or a more greasy lube just in case we decide to do some stretching.

*Before any anal play commences it is always a good idea to have a quick clean up. By that I mean an enema, or a douche. Its quite easy and it makes everything a bit more pleasant as you can imagine. I will paste a link below so you can read up on ‘How To’….

*Will it hurt? It shouldn’t hurt you unless you are so tight only a dog can hear you fart! Firstly you need to be relaxed and in a position that suits you. Doggy is quite popular, once you get a little more brave then lay on your back so you can watch, and they can watch you which is more to the point. There should be plenty of lube to hand and it should be done carefully and slowly for your first time. The finger should not be thrust in but carefully teased in, the more pleasurable it feels for the recipient, the more they will relax and the further you can go.

*Can it be dangerous? Only if you have severe piles or a problem down there but the person doing it will spot this if you haven’t mentioned it already. Also if something to big is forced in but by the time they have attempted to push in your back door you have told them to Stop! before they cause you a mischief. Again use plenty of lube to avoid friction.

So don’t be afraid, bite the bullet and go and enjoy some bum fun!

Anal Play with Mistress Jane


Berkshire Mistress Jane….The latest

The weather is fantastic, although a bit hot at times. There have been moments when we have melted in our kinky attire, but in the name of BDSM..We must play on!

The ever demanding appetite for BDSM just seems to grow and having Trixy here to help out has been a God send. Although she is on ‘L’ plates at the moment she adds another dimension to your session, and I’m sure that not to far in the future she will be hosting her own sessions.

I have been in Wales since Fri evening and will return on Tue. Whilst here I have had some photos taken and will be adding them to my galleries soon.

I will also be shooting a short spoof clip for a well know sex machine company in the coming weeks.

Miss Torment visited me last month. We played with some old friends and played some new ones. A good time was had by all, and who knows, she may well come back down south for some more fun and frolics with you guys.

My next CFNM event looms and we have two fun filled day for ALL involved. If you wish to register your interest for any future CFNM events, send an email with your particular scenario/fantasy and I will notify you via email of the next one, as I do not openly advertise these events.

There have been some recent additions to my dungeon. A fetters full body leather suspension harness which can hoist you off the ground whilst being tightly and helplessly strapped in. Two rubber inflatable hoods and I have recently taken receipt of a latex vac bed. I have also acquired the newly released ‘Tremblr’, a hands free masturbation machine by the makers of the F-machine. Also a ladder back bondage chair to add to my ever growing collection of toys and fetish BDSM furniture.









Review….The Tremblr by the makers of F-machine Pro

The New Tremblr male masturbation device.

A few weeks back I took receipt of the new ‘Tremblr’. A hands free male masturbation machine by the makers of the f-machine pro. A well engineered piece of kit that comes in a neat carry case. Having read the instructions I then phoned my friend and asked for the use of his body. Well one part of it in particular, yes you guessed it, his cock.

Ask anyone who knows me will tell you, I love gadgets like this, I have them all. While your hands are tied I can masturbate you, or rather the Tremblr can. While it works your shaft I can be tending to other parts of your anatomy and therefore allowing you to experience more sensations.

After lubing my friends ‘stunt’ cock I flick the switch and pressed the remote. The receiver starts to slide up and down and  immediately he began to moan. The machine works on suction and you can adjust the dilation and speed at the flick of a switch. I started slowly and gradually increased the speed. It took a little bit of playing around to begin with just to get used to the controls but once we worked that out it was plane sailing and its every guys Dream!

Stunt cock said it felt like a really good blow job and then some. He then begged to take it home.

If you take a look at the link below you will see ‘stunt cock’ being fucked by the F-machine Pro 2 while being masturbated by the Tremblr….over 21’s only please!

Dicks mid term exam

As MJ placed the leather hood over his head, shutting out all light, and then the headphones over his ears, isolating him from any sound, Dick contemplated his current predicament. He was naked, and securely bound to a chair with support for each buttock, but a large gap in between (allowing Her free access). He was tethered at the chest, the waste, the thighs and ankles, and his hands were cuffed and secured to the rear legs of the chair – all of which gave him very little room to manoeuvre.

A large conducting butt plug was comfortably in place, having been eased in to his carefully stretched and lubed anus just moment ago. A cock ring at the base of his penis ensured “little Richard” could not hide. Conducting lube covered the length of his erection (though curiously not the tip), and conducting loops circled his shaft from base to just below the glans. The clamps that gripped his nipples were wired to cone shaped steel scaffolds strapped onto him like a bra, and as MJ twisted the screws at the top, the tension built in the clamps.

With a twitch, Dick realised the wires to his butt plug and cock rings had been attached and he squirmed slightly as the current was slowly turned up. He imagined Jane chuckling as his squirming grew more animated in line with the increasing sensations. Next he felt fingers on his scrotum, pulling down gently and attaching more clamps – seconds later he felts weights hanging off the clamps and swinging a little.

Then Jane left him there to stew a little…

After a brief pause, Dick felt the tension in the nipple clamps increase, until it was almost unbearable, (almost – but not quite… and actually… quite exquisite). Seconds later the current was increased to both his cock and the butt plug, again… almost… to the point at which it was unbearable… but again it was… perfect. Now more weights were attached to the clamps on his scrotum, and they were set swinging again, and again She had judged it to perfection.

And again She left him to stew a little more…

Dick took a moment to reflect on the email exchange that had led to this. Having agreed at his last visit to leave the arrangements for this appointment entirely up to Mistress Jane, but unable to resist a hint or two Dick had emailed Jane with a request that She push him to his limits, and signed it “your eager student”. This generated a prompt reply from Jane announcing his “mid-term exam” would commence at two the following afternoon and that failure was not an option. Which sent a suitable shiver down Dick’s spine.

On arrival Dick had met with invigilator Jane, who explained the test would be in two parts. If mercy was requested during part one the test would cease immediately, Dick would fail, and be sent home. If Dick made it through to part 2 then Dick could request mercy at any time, but there would be a count of 20 before any such mercy would be granted. Jane also hinted that exceptional performance, may – at the invigilator’s discretion – be rewarded with a treat. Shortly thereafter, naked, tethered and hooded Dick started the test. And was slowly coming to terms with his predicament.

Then a searing pain in his scrotum snapped him out of his musings and back to the present, as Jane (having noticed Dick relaxing slightly) very gently stroked his balls with a nettle. “You are doing very well” purred Jane – through the speaker in his headphones – “part one is almost complete. But you know what is coming before we finish don’t you” She teased. Dick wasn’t sure that he did, but doubted he would have to wait long – and he wasn’t disappointed.

At this point, and to finish part one in style, Jane upped the electrics, added a twist or two to the screws on each nipple clamp, and then finished with a long, exquisitely slow stroke of the nettle on

the head of Dick’s penis. By now Dick was squealing inside his hood, and thrashing against his restraints… and ever so close to screaming for mercy. But to his credit, and with Mistress Jane’s approval he did not succumb. And after a few more seconds, he was most relieved to hear that part one was over.

With that, Jane switched off the electrics and removed the loops around Dick’s cock, but left the butt plug in place, and changed the programme on Her box of tricks to a steady rhythm which caused Dick to involuntarily clench his cheeks in time to the rhythm… and which in turn gave his prostate a nudge with each clench. Jane then applied a high-speed, though quite delicate, vibration to the head of his penis, and watched, as – despite the continued sting from the gift that goes on giving – Dick’s erection grew to full height. Upping the game a little from both butt plug and vibrator brought Dick closer and closer, and then with a cry from Dick “little Richard” gave a brief squirt, squirt, squirt… before the moment passed.

Efficiently Jane wiped away the sticky mess, and with fresh dry gloves settled in for part two of the test.

With her left hand Jane gripped the length of Dick’s, still largely erect cock (given the speed of Her actions and the cock ring at it’s base), then with Her right hand She set about tormenting the head.

Now, Dick (he had been told) had been circumcised around his first birthday (for medical not religious reasons) and so the glans lacked the normal lubricating smegma secreted under a foreskin, added to this the recent nettling, the vibrator that had concentrated solely on the glans to bring Dick to orgasm, and the unlubricated rubber glove covering MJ’s hands, and the resulting sensory overload took Dick promptly off the scale. Around and around She rubbed… and all the while Dick squealed and squirmed, eyes shut, and teeth clenched… and within no time at all Dick cried “Mercy”. To which of course Jane replied “would you like me to start the count now Dick?”

“Yes, yes, yes” squealed Dick, squirming away.

And with that, though still rubbing away firmly at the head of his cock, Jane started the slow count, one, two, three… and Dick settled in to endure… still struggling in vain against his tethers… ten, eleven, twelve… and Jane increased both the speed and pressure on his glans as She tormented away… seventeen, eighteen, nineteen… and Dick thought he’d made it… until he heard nineteen-point-one, nineteen-point-two… and the hand of evil, if anything, moved even faster… and on and on it went… until eventually, with Dick now screaming Jane reached Twenty – and relented.

Jane stepped away leaving Dick panting and hanging limp. Slowly, and gently Jane eased out the butt plug, removed all the wires and set about unbuckling him. When She had finished Dick sat quietly on his chair. “Well, Dick” said Jane – back in invigilator mode – “I am delighted to say you passed your mid-term exam, in fact with flying colours, so would you care to claim your reward?”

Dick wasn’t sure he was up to it, neither was Jane, but She loved a challenge. As She stood at the head of the bed, immaculately clad in such delightfully revealing fetish-ware, and with the invincible Hitachi wand to hand… little Richard started to stir… and with that Dick stepped forward, determined to give it his best. Moments later, on all fours on the bed, Dick was ready.

MJ placed an attachment onto the Hitachi wand that would supply vibration to Dick’s cock through a sheath. She then strapped the wand to Dick’s belly with the business end close to his cock. A quick application of lube was applied then the sheath was placed over Dick’s penis. Now with the wand strapped in place and switched on, Jane had both hands free.

Dick realised that by clenching his stomach muscles (think belly dancer) he could manipulate the sheath on his cock to optimum effect… and so he did.

Then Jane slid first one, then two, carefully lubed digits-of-delight into Dick’s already stretched and lubricated anus, and slowly began to massage his prostate. With the skill of a safe cracker, Jane had determined the precise combination (of massage and vibration) necessary to milk Dick’s prostate, and with both now in place, She knew it was just a matter of time. Dick knew that too, and so did little Richard… and so with all three relaxed, and Dick in control of the vibrator (by virtue of a little belly dancing on his part) they moved closer and closer. And Jane watched very carefully, to ensure She was ready to “fine-tune” proceedings when the time came.

The first sign was a slight swelling to Dick’s prostate – “here we go” thought Jane – then the first bead of pre-cum appeared. Jane slowed the massage to elongate this as much as possible, and Dick held his breath. Then as the flow of semen started Dick started to count in his head… one and two and three… and still it flowed… by ten Dick was into uncharted territory… at fifteen the more traditional squirt, squirt, squirt started… and continued… on and on… to twenty two. Then with a massive sigh, Dick collapsed on to the bed… easing himself off MJ’s fingers.

Jane left him there to recover, smiling to herself.

Some time later – Dick had no idea how long – he lifted himself up off the bed to allow Jane to clean up his mess. And with a sheepish grin all over his face he turned to face Mistress Jane. “You do realise” said Dick, still grinning “that that was beyond gold medal… and into lifetime achievement territory don’t you.” Jane shrugged (as if it happened every day) but inside She was quite pleased with Her afternoon’s work – and quietly confident that She could (when She deemed he had earned it) pull off another (no pun intended).

“Same time again next week?” asked Dick eagerly, and with a nod from Jane he dressed with a smile still on his face…. “whatever will She do next time thought Dick”…

…. To be continued.