The Pursuit of Knowledge …Part 2

The Pursuit of Knowledge …

On Wednesday morning I caught the eight thirty three from Brighton to Chichester to begin my little adventure. The day before I had a brief conversation on the subject with Carole who looked at me doubtfully while biting her lower lip: “You did go through it thoroughly with them, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” I lied.

During the brisk fifteen minute walk from the station inside the city walls and close to the Cathedral I saw many beautiful period houses that had been reclaimed from commerce. The character of the city had changed and a domestic hum was replacing the hush of office life and I enjoyed the early spring sunshine on my face as its rays slanted down over the rooftops and between the pilasters to reflect on the windows of parked cars. No wonder North Street received acclaim from Nikolaus Pevsner and Ian Nairn in the Sussex volume of The Buildings of England as ‘the perfect street for an English country town’. And somewhere inside this portentous Georgian façade would be the former school converted by Solaryde into their research facility.

Once buzzed in through one of the glass security pods I stepped into the reception hall with its high corniced ceiling and which still retained the elegant Adam oval staircase. It wasn’t hard to visualise what this place must have looked like when it had been a school with pupils heading in noisy crocodiles up and down those stairs: all excited chatter; sports bags and gossip. Stepping from behind the dais a girl in a white silk blouse and whose long black ponytail dangled down to the small of her back led me across the lobby toward a series of rooms converted into cellular offices. There seemed to be nobody else around and the building was eerily quiet apart from the whine of computer or other electrical equipment; the noises of the street shut off by the vacuum-sealed doors.

“You’re just in time; Doctor Barzani is expecting you. She’s just about to start the briefing” was her perfunctory greeting and as we walked along the corridor a surveillance camera high up near the veiling panned to follow our progress.

“Here you are.”

The girl ushered me into a barrel-vaulted room converted into an office. Five faces turned to look at me – these belonging to the other volunteers sitting in a semi-circle around a functional metal workstation desk. And there seated at some distance to the side of the desk was the elusive Doctor Barzani herself.

“Ah David! Welcome. Please take a seat. I’m just taking the group through the preliminaries and explaining the background to what are our phase II clinical trials …” The smile switched direction to the girl who had shown me in. “Thank you, Rachael. We’ll be done in about ninety minutes so you can buzz them out then, okay?”

“Okay Doctor.”

I was barely conscious of the others in the room as I took the vacant chair – so preoccupied was I in drinking in the beauty of the woman opposite. My God was she gorgeous! Jet-black hair, swept up into a simple and completely practical hairstyle, accentuated her high-cheek-bones and a straight, perfectly proportioned nose. Wide-set brown eyes with delicately painted lashes complimented a mouth in which the upper lip curled a little and the lower lip was a little fuller than the upper. She is beautiful, I thought. If you drew a line down the centre, both sides of her face would be almost exactly the same. Her cafe au lait skin was flawlessly smooth. And I’m pleased to say she even wore a white lab coat over her tight black minidress and those long shapely legs were hosed in black nylons that found their perfect accompaniment in spiky-heeled shoes. A name badge pinned to her lapel read SAHIRA BARZANI BSc. Expressions like ‘stunner’, ‘honey’ et cetera would seem ridiculously inappropriate when applied to such an amazing woman …

“You’ll be helping us here today with our work in developing and evaluating novel treatments through the first in the series of single and multi-centre trials …” There were half-a-dozen of us in Doctor Barzani’s office. We were all around the same age – early- to mid-twenties, students from various academic establishments. And her group now being complete, she launched into an exposition of the programme but it proved to be as opaque as Carole’s earlier explanation. To make matters worse (or better, depending upon your perspective) she had this habit of reclining right back in her swivel chair, legs crossed and one glossy high-heeled shoe dangling in a seductive manner from her foot so the ball in the fine-denier hose shone almost pinkly through the charcoal mesh … Stop perving at her legs! I told myself sternly, you’re here for the advancement of science – not to letch at good-looking women. I tried to distract myself by taking the occasional glance beyond the French windows at the stone flags that let out into the garden. But it proved difficult …

After the rather sinister hush of the remainder of the building it felt a relief to be back amongst people. Of the other five volunteers, one in particular caught my eye – tall and leggy girl with a sun-reddened face and a disarranged hairstyle of blonde locks and dark roots that I found quite appealing. She spoke in an Australian accent and asked the most questions of any of us but I was too lost daydreaming about the beauty of Doctor Barzani to hear barely a word of either these queries or the concomitant answers.

“ … Designed to optimise alternative mindpaths through appropriate stimuli to re-engineer neuro-linguistic programming into generating more societally acceptable responses …” To be honest I was so fixated on Doctor Barzani’s lovely face and that ruby lipped mouth I was away with the fairies. I took not one whit of notice of what she was actually saying … until ‒

 We have laid on some light refreshments for you so please enjoy these, get to know each other and then in half-an-hour we’ll start.” Naturally there was some form-filling and the doctor passed a clipboard amongst us that had attached the thick legal waiver to be signed and of course a slip for the nominated bank account for each person to receive their expenses and remuneration. We then filed out into a common area where tea and coffee urns stood on a trestle table alongside a respectable selection of biscuits, muffins and other pastries. I’d no sooner poured myself a cup of coffee (which proved to be surprisingly decent for this sort of thing) than I received dig in the ribs from somebody and I looked up to see an immensely tall and gangling youth who peered down at me through thick-lensed spectacles. “Hello mate,” he said in a suitably posh voice. “I saw you eyeing up the good doc. Quite a looker isn’t she?”

“She’s that all right,” I cackled, taking a liking to this eccentric character. “So what do you make of all this business? It’s a bit mysterious. I mean nobody’s told us what’s in store.”

“The chance to make a few quid – easy money that’s all.” Flicking back a lock of straight-combed blond hair he suddenly stuck his hand out. “Graham,” he said.

I shook it and replied, “David.”

The third boy in our group had by now drifted over to introduce himself: “Mazher.”

We exchanged handshakes and introductions complete began speculating on the nature of the experiment we would soon be participating in. “I’m not sure I want to be a lab rat,” Mazher confessed; face pensive. “But I need to get my car back on the road.”

“I’m sure it’ll be all right,” I replied although by now I did have a few butterflies in the stomach. Despite the tall arched windows in the room it seemed perceptibly darker outside and the third youth’s words brought back the feeling of unease I experienced earlier. Keeping a discreet distance the three girls also had their heads together discussing the situation. Only Graham seemed unaffected by the mood of apprehension. “Tell you what I’m going to do,” he winked conspiratorially, “once this is over I’m going to invite Doctor Barzani out for a coffee.”

“I mean they keep mentioning Newman,” Mazher persisted. “What’s all that about? Who is Newman and what are his theories? How come nobody’s given us a straight answer since we got here? Don’t you think we should be finding out more about this stuff? Because that’s probably what they’re going to be doing to us? I mean don’t you think we should know!”

“No idea,” Graham chortled, “all I care about is they’re paying us and I want to get my leg over with the doc and that’s all need to know!”

“And you reckon a coffee’ll do it, do you?” I guffawed. “I admire your confidence.”

“If she’ll have a coffee with me it’s a start, isn’t it?”

Mazher laughed and shook his head. “You guys are hopeless, aren’t you?”

“Okay ladies and gentlemen. We’re ready for you now.”

……………………to be continued

Bi Curious Berkshire Thurs 18th Jan

Aimed more towards Bi curious, introverted and shy nervous people who want to have a safe and fun experience without judgement or expectation. If you are more extroverted and confident then that is great, you will know what to expect with us. All boundaries are fully respected.

Please let me know when booking whether you would like a male or T-girl to join your session. If you have not visited me before then you must apply by email. Please include a brief synopsis of any experience you might have if any and what your limits are. If you have a particular fantasy in mind please include that also but keep it brief.

You might like a sensual massage, or maybe something a little more daring. We can make your experience as relaxing as possible should you so wish.

bi curious bi curious bi curious


A saucy tale

A saucy tale…It was the night before Christmas, and she was in her room lying on the bed, wearing her finest black lingerie with the satin cupped bra, with her knees raised in that familiar pose, when the door opened and he quietly entered the room. The sight of this beautiful Lady pleased him immensely so, in fact she had a totally devastating effect upon him. An uncontrollable ache kicked him so hard in the groin that he winced, several times, as Mistress’s steely grip grabbed a very firm hold upon him as he became aroused.
They smiled so warmly and affectionately at each other as their eyes met, but there was an element of somewhat fraught desperation there….. a wanton feeling which was growing insatiably. He closed the door, and before approaching her he removed his clothing so as not to waste time later. As he became naked in the low lighting, she saw something shine as it caught the light from the bedside lamp. It was at the top of his legs and it was stainless steel in the shape of a cage…… she looked again…. it was a locked chastity device with the locking seal clearly visible where it lay on top of the device. Suddenly she had an unusual feeling come over her…. where was this going to go….. where was it going to end up? She had no need to worry, as all would be fine. She would gently and carefully be looked after, teased and pleased and anything else that this very special Lady required.
He moved forward towards where she lay on the bed waiting patiently, and moved in between her open legs. Their gaze met and he leaned forward over her to kiss her affectionately upon her soft lips, just a warm gentle kiss before he moved away, noticing how the fabric of her bra was disturbed by an erect nipple protruding into each cup. He teased each with his tongue before ever so gently biting upon each one through that silky soft fabric that hid her perfect breasts, and she moaned with a passion that gave him a very positive feeling. She had boobs and legs to die for, as well as being a most attractive Lady whose face was surrounded by beautifully coiffured hair.  As he moved down her body, he paused with his head above her panties, thought for a second or two before he lowered his face and gently planted a long lingering kiss directly upon where her pussy was beneath. He turned his head slightly and rested there, pressing against her and she pushed upwards against him for a few moments. There was that very special feeling of intimate closeness between them. He raised himself and put his hands upon the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her gorgeous legs, and as he began to do so, his gaze was met with the glorious sight of a smoothly shaven pussy….. how absolutely perfect. Just one lingering kiss he planted there, as his tongue swiftly parted her beautiful lips and he felt a very warm moistness which he felt was begging to be explored….. but later…..
He planted lots of kisses upon her legs as he worked his way down to her toes, where he stopped for quite a while to bathe them with his tongue and admire their delicateness which was magnified by the pink nail varnish she wore to complement her lingerie. She rolled over for him to return upwards again on the back of her legs to reach her most delectable derrière….. a place he needed to spend a long time worshipping. She had true Callipygian beauty he thought as he buried his face there, and all the time planting a thousand kisses upon her cheeks….. heaven he thought! He had a very naughty thought…… he wondered how it would be if she sat on his face and controlled his breathing whilst he attempted to pleasure her pussy with his tongue flicking around her lips and searching for her clit, as she pressed down on his face…… a momentary day dream no less!
Now was the moment to up the stakes, albeit that he was in considerable discomfort as his attempt at an erection was seriously curtailed by the steel chastity device. There was nothing he could do about this, but he had become used to the frustration over the course of time, and thankfully on some occasions his Mistress did allow him relief, but at this time it was very demanding upon him….. no matter though, his function was simply to pleasure this lovely Lady, and that was paramount.
This time he rolled her over again on to her back. He stepped up and looked in the chest of drawers where he found some stockings which were needed to secure both her arms and legs to the headboard and bottom of the bed. He looked in the bedside cabinet, where amongst other toys he found just what was needed to complement the other item he had brought along with him. It was a cordless vibrating wand that he needed with which to give her a little treat, as he wanted to move things up a gear or two.
He moved back on top of her, and got her into a spread eagled position before he secured her wrists and ankles with the nylons. Once secured, and just to refresh her, he moved to the bottom of the bed so his tongue could feast upon her pussy. It flicked in amongst her lips and explored the warm darkness within, as his hands made contact with her waist and they began to grip her tightly as his tongue probed deeper, and then withdrew to focus on her clit, where it circled repeatedly as she moaned more vociferously, clearly enjoying the attention. Enough…. He ceased and lowered her bra so her nipples were exposed and he gently kissed them before applying momentarily the wand to the very tip of each. Just a little touch and away each time. Then he directed the wand at her clitty, doing the same. By this point she was becoming uncontrollable, as he had anticipated and that was why she was restrained. The final touch was now imminent.
He got up and walked to where his things lay, and produced a penis gag. He was wisely prepared and had brought it with him. He slipped a condom on to its penis, and popped the stub end into his mouth and tightened up the strap behind his head. Ready for action….. almost….. just needed to slip a pillow or two under her bottom, so her pussy was elevated, a bit like an altar at which to worship, as now her pussy had become the place of worship, and it was Sunday after all. There was no need for any lube as she was already so wet with her own juices. He lowered his head and very gently probed her pussy lips with the tip of the gag. There was no resistance as once he found the correct angle, he was buried nose deep! His hands moved up her body to touch her perfect breasts, as he could feel her pushing herself upwards at him to get the maximum out of his facial thrusting. His fingers just flicked over her nipples, as her moaning became more intense. She began to buck and writhe as there’s never any escape from the ministrations of a penis gag…. it’s effective! More and more she became so rampant and rapidly losing control, until eventually she succumbed to a shattering climax, followed by so much sighing and panting as she began to come down from this high which had taken her away. He removed the gag, and licked the cock part that had just been inside her, to saviour her juices.
He undid her restraints, and returned everything to where it had come from. For a brief moment he lay along side her and they cuddled each other passionately, but suddenly he was gone….. off into the cold darkness of Christmas Eve itself. His mission was complete….. to give her the pleasure she so deserved for Christmas.
She lay there on the bed, though her knees were no longer raised, her eyes flickered, and then they fully opened. She felt good…. a sensation of warmth and immense satisfaction, with a feeling in her pussy that made her wonder about many things….. she didn’t really know quite what had made her like this, but she decided it was clearly something that was very special about Christmas 2017.
a saucy tale

Merry Kinkmas

Well its that time of year again, and the time where i can kick off my kinky boots and have a few days off celebrating with family and friends.

Its been a great year with lots going on. We have seen the arrival and departure of the lovely and ever so popular Sophie. Trixy, or Miss L’amour and Lunna Latex joined my team earlier this year and are enjoying themselves very much. Tormenting temptress, Manchester very own Miss Torment has made the long journey here to Reading on a couple of occasions to join forces for some Double Domination fun and frolics. T-Girl GiGi is still a regular feature as well as The Leather Master, both of who are available with prior notice. I have held four very successful CFNM events and will be hosting a couple more in the new year, Spring to be more precise. And more recently, the marvellous StrapOn Jane has been over to play…WOW…what more can I say! StrapOn Jane is available for Double domination sessions with me here at my premises in Reading with prior notice, so bare that in mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time, stay safe.

All the best

MJ x

Southeast Mistress Jane’s FAQ’s Reading Mistress

The most frequently asked questions to Southeast Mistress Jane are…..

“What is the most popular activity?” & “Do you enjoy what you do?” & “I bet you meet some right weirdo’s don’t ya!”.

I love what I do and don’t entertain anything that I would’t find enjoyable. It is also very important to me that You have fun and enjoy yourself no matter how serious the play. I get to meet some great people and some of you have become great friends. Some of you never cease to amaze me with your kindness and generosity and offers of help that I am still blown away each week by someone. So no, I don’t meet any weirdo’s, so in that respect I have been lucky. I think you get to know with experience whether someone is on the level or not. I also get to meet other interesting people related in some way to the adult industry, whether they come in the form of another Mistress, movie makers, web masters, suppliers or other like minded people who I have met over the years and who now and again help me during sessions.

The most popular activity…hmmmm that is a hard question as it can change from one month to the next but from strapon play to rubber and from rubber to cp and anything in between should answer that question. So all in all I have a great time, i get to meet wonderful people and play with them to. Its all good.

Southeast Mistress

The Whipping Boy Part 4

Tom could not help but gasp at the pain as he felt the hard edges of the wooden shoe bury themselves in his soft flesh. The crack seemed to resonate in the snug little room. Again that experienced arm swept down and this time the shoe smote his left buttock. He gave a grunt and immediately her arm returned to its position ready to strike. “Six with the sandal I think – on either side,” she said brightly. “I do prefer the wood to the velvet although I suppose you have cause to disagree with me?” Adopting a steady rhythm she alternated the blows from left to right and her wooden sandal imparted a curious combination of a thud and a burning sensation that young Tom tried to escape by struggling off her lap. His legs kicked and scissored and he energetically wriggled and writhed with every wringing whack.

“I do not shirk my duty in punishing you and you must not be deficient in persuading your playmate to pay greater attention during his Latin verbs,” the chatelaine explained. “I mean – attempting to form the future active indicative as if it belonged to the second conjugation! A thrashing is much merited.” To make matters worse, he felt her fingers in the waistband of his hose. “Come, young master, we must bare your bottom!” she said briskly as she tugged the clinging garment down to expose his buttocks, now a pleasing melange of pink, cream and very crimson flash. “Sadly for you, no felix culpa this!” The hotly suffering Tom felt her body shake slightly as she laughed at her own joke.

“You do squirm, my laddie, worse than an eel!” Mistress Gwendolyn chuckled. “We’ll soon have the remedy for that.” With a rather unladylike exclamation she hitched up her skirt, followed by the shift beneath it until a shapely leg in a blue silk stocking wrapped around his lower thighs and drew him in tight. In this position his bare buttocks – framed by the white lacy stocking-top – were perfectly cocked for the remorseless descent of the sandal. “Wriggle to your heart’s content, my little piglet!” she laughed. “You won’t get free. I can grip very firmly I am told!” Her captive thus secured she whipped the sandal left and right; he bucked and squirmed (at times hardly able to breathe) as the burning sensation spread. The sandal rose and fell, bouncing off alternate buttocks that flattened momentarily underneath each impact before springing back to their lean curvature.

Whack! Crack! Whack!

Ow! Ouch! Owww!

Finally Mistress Gwendolyn lifted her leg away and allowed him up. Tom, hurt and embarrassed and scarcely able to believe what was happening to him, rubbed his bottom.

“Rather more to the job than hunting and playing dice with the Prince isn’t there, Master Tom?” she laughed. That the woman found his discomfort amusing made matters even worse. Mutinously he reached behind him to pull up his hose until a vicious, searing agony – shocking in its suddenness – made him snatch his fingers away.

“I did not tell you to adjust your clothing!” The Lady of the Wardrobe regarded him sternly and she slowly lowered the bamboo rod with its crooked handle. Silently cursing her Tom blew on his swollen knuckles (which now competed with his blistered bottom), which felt as though they had been burned with a fire-iron. She replaced the rod and rattled round for another instrument of torment. His heart sank when he recognised it: the terror of every schoolboy – the ferula!

“Doubtless you received this in your school?” she asked.

Tom nodded glumly. It was a long wooden ruler that became flatter and wider at one end forming a circular shape like a paddle. He noticed how the blade was drilled through with a pattern of holes in much the same manner as the battledore paddle used in baking, laundry – and very probably on the bottoms of miscreants in household discipline! The village schoolmarm had been a little old woman; terrifying and the children often whispered behind her back that she must be a witch. And yet I would prefer her to this creature, he thought to himself, her beauty notwithstanding.

“When your teacher administered the ferula they did so upon your palms, I’ll be bound?” Mistress Gwendolyn said in that same conversational tone. Her face brightened and she seemed pleased again – happy at watching him squirm. “I on the other hand regard that as a waste of a good implement. I prefer to punish on the spot where boys learn their lesson best!” She pointed at the chair. “Bend over the back and place your hands upon the seat.” He moved stiffly to obey, still rubbing his aching bottom until the very last minute before taking his hands away to grip the smoothly polished wood. “That’s it, all the way over.” The auburn-haired beauty prodded him with the pommel. “Keep those legs straight!” She tugged at the hose strung about his muscular thighs to ensure they were sufficiently clear of the target area and drew the circular blade of the ferula back to her right shoulder, her keen eyes measuring the range. “Twelve you shall have – on each side.”

Tom kept his gaze fixed on the seat six inches from his nose, nerving himself for the blow that would surely come. The skin of his buttocks – already sorely abused by her sandal – seemed to prickle in expectation … Blatt! Because of the holes in its flat surface, when swung the ferula thus sang through the air with no cushioning effect caused by its passing to mitigate against the blow inflicted upon the recipient’s posterior. And Tom found the skin of his right buttock then be compressed by the blow up into little pockets of flesh to produce a ‘blister’ effect. He gave a half-strangled gasp of anguish and automatically whipped one hand back in a vain attempt to protect himself. Suddenly that awful old schoolmarm seemed like a sister of mercy compared to this hellion

“Hold still, young sir! Should I miss and catch you upon the lower back it would be so much the worse for you; not least because needs must I would have to start again!”

Chuckling at the morose expression on his face she tapped his left buttock with the flat of the blade. “A fine contrivance this; it can – as I’m sure you know – cover an entire arse cheek with each lick. It can redden up a lad’s bottom flesh like nothing else!” Tom shivered involuntarily: it seemed wrong for such a courtly woman to utter a crudity like that but he had little time to dwell upon the contradiction. The ferula returned to her shoulder … Splatt!Mistress Gwendolyn settled to her task, beating out a tattoo on those crimson, stippled buttocks balanced above the back of the chair. Tom stared intently at the seat, his entire body flinching with each swat, his bottom feeling like one huge burning blister. It throbbed in time with the spanking.

The mistress swung the ferula again and again and again.

Tom set himself to counting; trying to ignore the intense burning in his paddled bottom and willing the number of strokes up to the twenty four the woman had promised would be his last.

Splatt! Splatt!

Twenty one. Twenty two.


            Twenty three …


“Twenty four,” Tom cried out, the words catching at the back of his throat from his distress. “I beg of you, Mistress, twenty four!” he sobbed as if it were some magic phrase that he could invoke to stop the punishment.

To his intense joy those terrible sounds of wood striking bare flesh ceased and he felt nothing but the warm air upon his tortured nates. Hardly venturing to believe his ordeal might be over, Tom gingerly lifted his right hand away from the edge of the seat to fan his posterior. As he did so, till bending forward, he twisted round as far as he dared to see what she was doing. Once more he noted the clatter of wooden objects; she was at the table with her back to him and laying down that hated ferula. Thank God, he thought. Thank God, dropping his gaze quickly before she spotted him.

Then he smelled the rosewater and heard the click of those dainty shoes as the woman advanced upon him – and in her right hand she clutched the evil, knobby bamboo rod. His heart skipped a beat in horror. Surely not …! As smartly as any cavalry trooper on parade with his mortuary sword, Mistress Gwendolyn flicked the cane up to her right shoulder. Those onyx eyes and their extraordinary rises were shining now with something other than the satisfaction of a responsibility well-performed.

“Well now, young Tom, we do come to the final act of our little tableau – the cane!”

Male Milking with The Cock Doctor, Jane.

Male Milking was something that Cock Dr.Jane was very versed in and there were several machines and techniques used solely for this purpose. Each patient had different capabilities to the next and the clinic understood this, what worked for one wouldn’t necessarily work for the next. There were other factors that the medical team needed to take into consideration such as age, fitness and background-did the patient suffer with ED, was he diabetic, had his prostate been removed and so on. There were other factors like stimuli-what visual sights or talk or surroundings turned that particular patient on.

The Cock Clinic catered for all sorts of tastes and fantasies and although many were similar never two were the same. On this particular occasion our patient was in the twilight of his years and before his time was up he felt he needed to explore his deep seated fantasies which he had harboured and kept locked away in his mind since his early 20’s. The thought would not have crossed his mind were it not for the internet which he was recently introduced to by his Grandson. He bought himself a computer and began to browse, the rest is history.

Today he had taken that step in to the unknown, a place of fantasies. He was going to pay a visit to that little harboured fantasy he had kept secret for many years. His stomach churned from the first moment of contact to the very moment he lay back on the medical bed, but he had nothing to lose, it was now or never.

The medical team were dressed in NHS cotton uniforms albeit shorter than the norm. Their stocking clad legs mirrored the very image in his mind. An image from a ‘Carry On’ film that captured his imagination when he was a youngster. The two of them totted around him in their heels as they chatted and discussed the imminent procedure and the Male Milking procedure they were about to undertake. It all felt a bit surreal, as if he were an onlooker peering from behind a door watching and listening to the whole scene.

Nurse Trixy placed on some disposable gloves then positioned herself between his legs which had been separated and raised by the medical bed on which he lay. She put some lube on to her gloves then rubbed her hands together to spread it. Then lubed his limp shaft. Her touch was soft and gentle and for one moment he thought his cock was going to make a come back but alas no luck. This didn’t seem to bother the Nurse what so ever which made him feel a little better about it.

His manly erections had been very intermittent of late and although he could still produce cum he couldn’t always get an erection. Dr.Jane was mean while preparing a machine. She attached an orange cock shaped receiver to a transparent pipe and hung it from a hook which was screwed in to the ceiling directly above his groin. Next a clear cylinder was placed over his shaft and as Nurse Trixy pumped on the tigger his cock began to rise. If it were appropriate to shout ‘Hallelujah’ he would have done just that. As his cock rose he could feel the pressure in the clear cylinder build up, just as it was getting uncomfortable Nurse Trixy pressed the release button to allow air to get in to relieve the pressure, and as the air came in his cock died down with it. “We shall repeat this process several times to get the blood in to your penis” said his very glamorous Nurse. He smiled and watched as she pumped on the tigger. Her ruby red lips parted as she concentrated on the job in hand. Again his cock rose inside the cylinder, it felt good and the more she repeated the process the bigger his cock grew and the better it felt. Eventually Nurse Trixy was satisfied she had gotten him to the desired length. She gently slipped a tight band from the bottom of the cylinder on to the base of his shaft which held his erection. He looked on in amazement as it had been some time since he’d had such a feeling and seen such a sight. With cylinder removed the Nurse stroked his shaft and although he wasn’t as sensitive as he used to be in that area, it felt damned good.

“We shall shortly begin the male milking process we first need to carry out a few small tests” Dr.Jane carried on “We need to check your sensitivity and for that we will be using electro pulses”. Nurse Trixy gave him a re assuring smile before wrapping black rubber loops around his shaft. Dr.Jane attached wires to the loops and the pulses began. Soon they were surging rhythmically up and down his shaft, as if a steely grip had hold. He gave a satisfying sigh and closed his eyes, such an intense sensation, a feeling he had never experienced before and a feeling, although unusual felt very pleasurable. The intensity of the pulses grew as the dial was turned higher. Eventually the loops were removed and also the elastic ring that was placed around his shaft early on. “We don’t wish to de sensitise you” said the Doctor.

A steel tray was brought over. On it were four long stainless steel rods. Nurse Trixy stood between his legs and began to wipe his cock which by now had lost its rigidity, but somehow it no longer mattered to him as he could see it didn’t bother the medical team either way. “I am just going to swab you ready for urethral sounding” said Nurse Trixy as she wiped the head of his cock. Lubricant was dropped on the end of his cock and the tray containing the rods was brought closer. Dr.Jane not stood at the helm holding one of the rods in her right hand and his cock in the other. He gazed at the procedure with great trepidation as the sound entered his urethra and under its own weight slid down his tract. Nurse Trixy moved in close and held his hand to re assure him, but surprisingly he felt nothing to shout about. In fact he could barley feel a thing. Dr.Jane then spoke. “We need to check your tract is clear before we proceed with the male milking process”. The patient nodded and joined in with the banter with a “Of course Doctor”.

Dr.Jane then attached a clip with a wire to the sound, suddenly he could feel a tingling deep within his cock. Nurse Trixy still stood at his side was asked to hold the sound steady while Dr.Jane lubed up her gloved hand slowly pushed a finger in to his rectum. He winced slightly but in for a penny and all that. She then began to carefully rotate her finger and press it ever so slightly. “Hmmmmmmmm” was his initial thought, then “Ahhhhhhhhhh” was his second. It felt rather pleasant in a weird kind of way. The last time anyone had a finger up there was about five years previous when he had a routine medical from the Doctor. He recalled that wasn’t quite as pleasant as on this occasion though.

He had but forgotten about his flaccid cock as it no longer mattered, he was enjoying himself and that is what mattered. The medical team also appeared to be enjoying themselves to, which made all the difference. What more could a man ask for? he had two stunning stocking clad nurses tending to him and he was at the centre of all the attention.

The sounding was completed and his cock was lubed up and placed in the orange cock shaped receiver that Dr.Jane had gotten ready earlier. This time there wasn’t a trigger for the Nurse to pump on, this was a mechanical device. The dial was turned and the machine began to suck his cock in to the receiver. The vacuum was strong and as it sucked and blew, an erection appeared from nowhere. It had been a while since he had had that hard feeling, although admittedly nothing like in his younger years but this was better that nothing. The sensation of the receiver gliding up and down his shaft felt wonderful. He closed his eyes and summoned up a scene from the dark recesses of his mind. The time he met an older woman back in his late twenties. She taught him a thing or two and this was the first woman to ride him on top. Suddenly he could feel her warm wet pussy sliding on his shaft. His breathing deepened, and very soon picked up the pace. He began to gyrate his hips and he thrust in to her, he wanted to keep it going bit a warm feeling took over him and he felt his cock begin to pump as he squirted in to the receiver. The room fell silent and he opened his eyes, smiling and very happy to revisit another fantasy one day soon.



Cock Doctor Jane~Berkshire Fetish Cock Clinic

Cock Doctor Jane entered the room. Her patient had been prepared and made ready for inspection by Nurse Trixy. He was stood bent over wearing a green rubber medical gown which parted neatly at the back. Nurse Trixy was perched behind the patient at the time Dr.Jane walked in when she had fingers inserted in to his anus. “The patient is lubed and ready for you Dr.Jane” said Nurse T as she withdrew her fingers whilst standing. Dr’Jane reached for a disposable glove and pulled it on to her hand. “I will just check to see if he has been dilated enough” she said as she squeezed a blob of lube onto her fingers from a tube handed to her by Nurse Trixy. The patient grunted slightly as Dr.Jane’s fingers slid into him. As Dr.Jane did this Nurse Trixy’s hand slipped around his front to his groin area. His cock was erect and his balls tight, she then voiced her observation to Cock Doctor Jane.

“His cock is bulging and erect Dr.Jane, and with every movement of your fingers it throbs and twitches”. Said Nurse Trixy. “This is to be expected Nurse, as most patients find the sensation of a few fingers inserted in to their anus very stimulating”. Answered Dr.Jane, adding “Is his cock seeping pre cum?”.

Nurse Trixy lifted the gown to observe the end of his cock which had been pressed against the slippery rubber medical gown whilst leant forward. “Oh dear, he has made such a sticky mess of his patient gown Dr.Jane and his pre cum has dribbled on to the floor!”. Dr.Jane withdrew her fingers and disposed of the gloves. Both the medical team stood to each side of him. His erect cock pushing the gown outward from within. They each took a corner of his patient gown at the front and slowly lifted it up. He felt slightly embarrassed as the gown was raised above his waist and held up in front of his face while the medical team prodded, poked and squeezed his shaft, but it didn’t deter his erection what so ever.

The two medical staff made comments about the sticky secretion and the size of his appendage. The two also noticed that if they used certain words such as ‘Moist’ ‘shaft’ ‘Throb’ his cock began to twitch, thus giving the two medical team ideas. They grinned at each other when they said a ‘buzz’ word which made his cock twitch and began to giggle at his reaction. They now added words such as ‘panties ‘pussy’ ‘Cock’, and each time his member twitched frantically. The patient who’s face was still shielded from the spectacle below, began to enjoy all the attention especially the groping of his appendage.

Soon after he found himself lay back on the medical bed with his legs pulled apart and hands secured to his sides. A latex hood was placed on his head and he was told that in no certain terms, that if the medical team thought that he was getting to excited by their procedures they would take his air away by squeezing a small hole on the hood which was the only means of air getting inside for him to breathe. A slight wave of panic engulfed him as he had no control over the behaviour of his cock which was about to get him in to bother. As he exhaled the hood ballooned and when he inhaled the hood deflated, sticking to his face.

Now secured tightly with no wriggle room, Cock Doctor Jane lifted the latex gown he was wearing. A perspex vacuum cylinder was placed over his shaft which slid down pulling his foreskin back. A steel plug with wires attached was inserted in to his anus, and within a few seconds he could feel his internal muscles contacting in time with the electric pulses that the steel plug provided. His balls retracted tightly as the vacuum began to slowly work its way up his stiff shaft. Nurse Trixy stood beaming at him as she held the control unit in her hand. As she turned the dial the cylinder began to speed up, he grimaced as held on tight to prevent himself from cuming. Cock Doctor Jane leant forward and whispered to him. “I notice you are finding it a little difficult to hold on” then added “Let me deter you”. Dr.Jane pinched the tiny hole on his hood preventing any fresh air from coming in. Suddenly all his senses were heightened. His breathing loud and deep, slowed, and as the air began to deplete and the hood stick to his face he could feel that familiar dizzy wave of orgasmic explosion engulf him. At that moment Dr.Jane removed her fingers from the hole as fresh cool air rushed in with every gasp, he had cum and his body tingled all over.

cock doctor jane


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Safeword Mercy game for Dicks challenge

Safeword Mercy ….Mistress Jane Wins Again!!

Following his little email exchange in which Dick had invited Mistress Jane to “make him use the Safeword mercy” in as many different and varied ways as She liked, and with the appointment booked, confirmed and – now – just moments away, Dick could hardly contain himself as he strode towards Her premises. With a knock on the door he entered to find Her delightfully attired – as always – and with that mocking chuckle.

As something of a regular now Dick chatted away as he stripped, and in no time, a naked Dick was guided into MJ’s new harness – much like that attached to a parachute, which passed under his legs over his shoulders and was fastened around the chest. With hands and feet also tethered Dick was raised up on the hoist. Here he found himself physically very comfortable, but with nipples, cock, balls, buttocks, and (with cheeks spread wide) anus, all very exposed and entirely at Her mercy, psychologically, he was anything but.

As She prowled slowly around him making sure all the restraints were tight enough, Jane ran again through the order of the day – “so, I can do absolutely anything to you, just so long as it hurts enough for you to request mercy, is that right.” Dick nodded, with a nervous laugh. “But, your email never said anything about whether or not I should grant mercy upon request… did it, so what happens then?”

Dick thought this was a particularly unhelpful time to bring this up, but hoped the question was rhetorical, and said nothing, as Jane reached down to stretch his scrotum, apply rope around behind his balls and then giving it a good tug, before also applying a ball clamp which She tightened up behind his balls and then left hanging.

Moving up to his nipples Jane gave them a good twist before applying clamps here too, just to get them started. The weight of the clamps on both balls and nipples pulled down gently, until one by one Jane added weight after weight to all three clamps until there was a good 10 lbs plus swinging away on his balls and another pound or two hanging from each nipple. And thus, the games began.

At this point I guess we need to establish the rules (if we are to keep score) as by Dick’s reckoning he was doing ok – and so with the weight limit to his balls (arguably) reached without any mention of the word mercy Dick figured he was one nil up (not that he said that out loud at the time of course). Then as the nipple clamps were removed to be replaced first by MJ’s finger tips and then by Her finger nails She raised the stakes (almost) to Dick’s breaking point… Yet despite a determined series of pinches and twists Dick (in his view) gained the second point, by again not yielding.

Jane now sensing the first hint of a challenge, calmly walked again to the wall this time returning with two surgical clamps, which when applied one to each nipple and clamped shut, showed Dick that there was much more in Her locker. And with more weights added and a brief pause here, to capture the moment on camera (or more likely to just let Dick stew), Dick was a worried man, and just managing to hold on. Until Jane, no doubt sensing victory, started a slow and still gentle twist of the clamp… and that was it, I yelped the safeword “Mercy Please” and was very grateful for (if a little surprised by) a prompt release. (2:1 to Dick).

Changing her tack now Jane sidled around behind Dick and let loose with a flurry of rapid spanks to his bottom… but Dick, now in his third year was unmoved by this, and soon (no mercy requested) She relented (3:1 to Dick). And Dick risked a chuckle, until he saw Jane reach for the bath brush… which for those unfamiliar has a very heavy wooden head, a long handle, and in the hands of Mistress Jane, and particularly when applied rapidly, stings like hell!!

So, with little pause, Jane resumed her rapid spanking this time with the brush, and again Dick felt the sting build… and build… ten strokes to each cheek than 10 more… and still the sting continued to build. Dick was sweating and breathing heavily, and trying so hard to resist… but as Jane went in for round three and upped both the intensity and the pace Dick broke and again cried “Mercy.” At which point Jane too breathed a sigh of relief as Her arm was starting to get tired… a point She made to Dick with a chuckle, and if he hadn’t been so thoroughly restrained Dick would have kicked himself for not lasting just that bit longer (one for next time though!!) and, of course now just (3:2 to Dick).

It was at this point that Dick made his first acquaintance with a little leather device known as a “scrotal parachute.” In the dim light (and with Dicks dodgy eyesight) it looked harmless enough as Jane wrapped it around his balls… Dick figured this was a sure fire 4:2 lead, right until, as She stood very close and gazing into his eyes, Jane gave a little squeeze. At which point Dick realised the business side of the item now wrapped firmly around his balls was covered in very small, very sharp spikes, perhaps just a millimetre in length. Too small to do any real damage, but as Jane squeezed and twisted, way sharp enough to take Dick’s pain promptly off the charts and produce another rather surprised “Mercy.” To bring the match to a draw.

With this one in the bag Jane lowered Dick back to the ground, helped him out of the harness and led him over to the medical table, on which he was promptly (and comfortably secured), for the next stage in the game….

With little fuss, and perhaps conscious of the 3:3 score line (though still, neither party had discussed it) Jane applied conducting lube, and slipped two coils over little Richard… and already Dick new the match was lost. As the current started, and slowly increased Dick was determined to last as long as possible… but with little pause Jane steadily increased the current with a slow steady twist of the dial, and in pitifully little time Dick was again the loser using the safeword Mercy 4:3.

Of course, the 4:3 score was all in Dick’s head, and he had no doubt that Mistress Jane would have considered it yet another 4:0 victory, having after all, obtained a mercy from each of his nipples, buttocks, balls and cock… but at least this time Jane had needed to bring out the big guns to achieve Her goal.

With victory secured, Jane now suggested it was time for Dick’s treat, and thoroughly satisfied with this week’s little dose of pain, Dick heartily agreed.

Strapped to Her medical table, with little Richard lounging unimpressively after his ordeal, Dick was relaxed and content. On with the lube, and then with the flask of one of MJ’s lovely milking machines – Dick could never remember the names – and anyway he liked them all. Within seconds a steady slurp, slurp, slurp could be heard as his cock was slowly (and exquisitely) sucked up into the receptacle.

With new gloves on and more lube, MJ then set about Dick’s prostate… and once again Dick started the slow climb on the staircase to heaven. And with a steady, and perfectly waited stroke of his prostate, and with the rhythmic suck, suck, suck on his cock Dick was soon teetering on the brink. And for while Dick resisted the urge to take the final plunge. And the stroking continued… and the sucking continued… and still Dick teetered on the brink… until, enough was enough and Dick gave himself to the final wave…

But… try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now keenly awaited) hurdle.

Jane, sensing Dick’s dilemma, paused to gather re-enforcement’s… and in no time had resumed her ministrations, though this time with the Hitachi wand applying vibration via the sheath attachment, over the top of the milking machine’s receptacle. And so, round two commenced with a steady stroke, stroke, stroke on his prostate… and a suck, suck, suck on his cock… and all the while the vibrations pounded on all sides of the shaft… And in no time at all Dick was again teetering on the brink…

But… still, try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now very keenly awaited) hurdle, and did rather wonder if today it may just be a bridge too far.

Not yet ready to concede defeat though… our magnificent Mistress Jane, again paused to re-group… removing the milking machine to allow the sheath of the Hitachi wand to slip directly over Dick’s aching and eager cock… and with this turned up to full power, She resumed her attack on Dick’s prostate… and this time within seconds Dick was again teetering on the brink, and now desperate to cum.

And… still, despite everything, Dick couldn’t quite get there… And yet still neither would admit defeat…

Until finally, slowly… so very slowly… with Dick racking his brains for every sexual fantasy he had ever considered, and MJ now pounding away on his prostate and twisting and sliding the Hitachi wand up and down the length of his shaft… they both dragged Dick towards the most explosive orgasm of his life… and with a squirt powerful enough to take your eye out Dick finally came… and came… and with one final sigh (from them both!!)… came again.

The only thing missing then was a twenty-piece gospel choir singing Halleluiah!… and waving their hands… and had there been one, Dick rather suspected he and Jane would have joined in too.

As the panting subsided, Dick couldn’t let the moment pass without thanking Jane profusely for Her tenacity and ingenuity and the supreme skill with which She had both held him on the brink for so long, and still delivered a truly magnificent finale.

Is there any doubt why Dick would of course be back for more…

safeword mercy