Slut Training

Slut Training~He walked in and removed his coat. “At least its warm in here” he said as he reached into the wardrobe for a hanger. The temperature had dropped recently and we had just entered a cold snap. “Take a seat” I told him as I pointed towards a chair which was by the wall. He reached into his satchel bag and handed me a note. “Instructions from the wife” he mumbled, “Tribute is also in the envelope Mistress”.

“Thank you” I replied. I opened up the envelope and began to read the note.

Dear MJ 

Thanks again for agreeing to continue the training of my husband. I am still keeping him in chastity, however I have changed the device, and for his visit to you, I’ve fitted a plastic lock numbered 001100. If the device is locked with a lock  with a different number, it probably means my husband has released himself, had a wank and fitted a new lock. I’m sure your have ways of finding out.I’ll leave it to your judgement how you deal with that possibility. 

As previously, feel free to do with him as you please. However, I have one general and two specific requests. Anything you can do to improve his obedience / subservience would be good, although i’m sure three hours with you will make a difference. On the specifics, I have a sneaking suspicion that he has a fantasy of being a slut. I wonder if you could test that out. I regard my next request a bit like routine servicing. Namely, de-spunk him. Since his last visit to you, I have allowed him to cum once. It was his Christmas present! So a reasonable amount of spunk should have built up. I’ll leave it to you to find out.

Thanks again


After reading the letter I stood up and snapping my fingers I ordered him to remove his male attire ‘pronto’. The first thing I did was to check the serial number on his chastity device corresponded with the number his wife had written in her letter, fortunately for him, it did.

I was going to test him today as well as train him. But firstly, I was going to transform him into a rubber slut. I had a rubber maids dress ready, which had matching latex suspenders, stockings, heels and a little back maids hat which was trimmed with white frills. I decided to call ‘her’ Samantha, once fully made up. As I prepared Samantha for her training I told her the purpose and rules and how I intended to train and test her.

1/  I am to be referred to as Mistress at all times.

2/ You are to be Tested, De-spunked and trained in obedience as requested by your wife.

3/ You  are to be trained so that not only I can use you but so that you can be used by others at my request. I may also call upon you when I have parties or events, where you will be expected to meet and greet my guests and in some cases accommodate them in any way I see fit.

4/ How I decide to train you will depend on the results of the ‘slut test’. The ‘Slut test’ will include cock sucking, as well as deep throat and particularly learning to avoid the gag reflex.  Strap-on training and willingness to consume your own mess, and to see how keen you are to ‘offer’ yourself to others as a slut.

5/ You will be Edged as part of your obedience and training, you can only cum when given permission. You will be de-spunked and emptied thoroughly before you little cock is locked back in its device for the foreseeable.

6/ Failure is not an option. Poor performance however will be dealt with in a severe manner by use of the cane.

Samantha was ready to commence her ‘slut training’ and as I began to fasten on my strapon harness she immediately fell to her knees in order to help me fasten the strap. She stayed on her knees and held her hands behind her back. As I turned to face her she opened her mouth wide. “Oh look” I said as I slipped my cock down her throat “A cock hole”. Samantha began to suck greedily as my hard dick slid in and out of her mouth. This was a good opportunity to thrust my dick deep into the back of her throat, and if she gagged, I would use my crop to beat her. No sooner said than done, Samantha gagged, her eyes began to water as she gasped for air. “Try again but without the commotion” I barked. Again I slid my cock to the deepest depths of her throat and again she began to gag. “All fours NOW!”. Sam crept forward on to her hands. With my crop held high I brought it down, swishing it through the air and landing it on her backside. She yelped. “Try harder” I snarled.”Yes Mistress” Sam replied. This time Sams efforts were far more satisfying. Its surprising what a little tap of the crop will do. It was quite apparent to me that my little rubber slut Samantha appeared to be enjoying sucking my cock. So much so that Her little locked up cock was dripping with so much pre cum that a little puddle had developed beneath her, which of course I had her lick up immediately.

Unbeknown to Samantha, I would be putting her to the test today. I had my own pet slut Gigi coming soon and I would expect Samantha to accommodate my guest in any way that pleased me. I had a sneaking suspicion that Samantha had a deep seated fantasy to be used as a slut and this was the ideal opportunity for her to exercise that desire.

I told Samantha that I would be soon expecting a guest. I not say whom it would be, I just told Samantha that I expected her full cooperation and obedience towards my guest. There was a knock at the door. That will be them, “Go and greet my guest and welcome them in”. Samantha tottered to the door but no sooner had she reached it Gigi walked in. Samantha looked shocked. “Welcome Miss Gigi, I am Mistresses obedient slut Samantha”.

“Oh how lovely, and what a nice surprise” said Gigi. I clicked my fingers and told Samantha to drop to her knees. Samantha obeyed, but not only that she placed her hands behind her back and opened her mouth.  “You’ve got her well trained” said Gigi. “Yes, but proof is in the pudding” I answered. “Ah” replied Gigi. “So you would like me to try her to see if she is of any use?” Gigi paused “It would be an honour Mistress”.

Gigi stood facing Samantha, she slowly hitched up her skirt to reveal her eight strap suspenders and seamed stockings, then as she lifted her skirt above her hips she revealed a bulge behind a pair of lacy panties. Samantha still on her knees watched intently for Gigi’s next move. But Gigi just stood there.

“Samantha” I called, “Gigi would like relief”. “Yes Mistress” answered a nervous Samantha. She slowly lifted her arms in order to pull down Gigi’s panties. She paused as she slipped her fingers into the waist band, then began to pull them down. Gigi’s cock fell out almost hitting Samantha in the face. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes and in it went. It wasn’t long before Samantha was putting in the same effort as she was with my cock earlier.

Upon looking down to watch on Samantha’s progress Gigi noticed a puddle of pre cum collecting just beneath Sam’s cock. Gigi looked at Sam, “You must be enjoying sucking my cock otherwise your cock wouldn’t be sooooo wet and horny, locked away in its little cage there”.

We now had Samantha on all fours with my cock fucking her ass and Gigi’s cock deep down the back of her throat, we fucked here senseless. She certainly passed her slut training.

slut training

Bi Curious Berkshire Thurs 18th Jan

Aimed more towards Bi curious, introverted and shy nervous people who want to have a safe and fun experience without judgement or expectation. If you are more extroverted and confident then that is great, you will know what to expect with us. All boundaries are fully respected.

Please let me know when booking whether you would like a male or T-girl to join your session. If you have not visited me before then you must apply by email. Please include a brief synopsis of any experience you might have if any and what your limits are. If you have a particular fantasy in mind please include that also but keep it brief.

You might like a sensual massage, or maybe something a little more daring. We can make your experience as relaxing as possible should you so wish.

bi curious bi curious bi curious


Merry Kinkmas

Well its that time of year again, and the time where i can kick off my kinky boots and have a few days off celebrating with family and friends.

Its been a great year with lots going on. We have seen the arrival and departure of the lovely and ever so popular Sophie. Trixy, or Miss L’amour and Lunna Latex joined my team earlier this year and are enjoying themselves very much. Tormenting temptress, Manchester very own Miss Torment has made the long journey here to Reading on a couple of occasions to join forces for some Double Domination fun and frolics. T-Girl GiGi is still a regular feature as well as The Leather Master, both of who are available with prior notice. I have held four very successful CFNM events and will be hosting a couple more in the new year, Spring to be more precise. And more recently, the marvellous StrapOn Jane has been over to play…WOW…what more can I say! StrapOn Jane is available for Double domination sessions with me here at my premises in Reading with prior notice, so bare that in mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time, stay safe.

All the best

MJ x

Southeast Mistress Jane’s FAQ’s Reading Mistress

The most frequently asked questions to Southeast Mistress Jane are…..

“What is the most popular activity?” & “Do you enjoy what you do?” & “I bet you meet some right weirdo’s don’t ya!”.

I love what I do and don’t entertain anything that I would’t find enjoyable. It is also very important to me that You have fun and enjoy yourself no matter how serious the play. I get to meet some great people and some of you have become great friends. Some of you never cease to amaze me with your kindness and generosity and offers of help that I am still blown away each week by someone. So no, I don’t meet any weirdo’s, so in that respect I have been lucky. I think you get to know with experience whether someone is on the level or not. I also get to meet other interesting people related in some way to the adult industry, whether they come in the form of another Mistress, movie makers, web masters, suppliers or other like minded people who I have met over the years and who now and again help me during sessions.

The most popular activity…hmmmm that is a hard question as it can change from one month to the next but from strapon play to rubber and from rubber to cp and anything in between should answer that question. So all in all I have a great time, i get to meet wonderful people and play with them to. Its all good.

Southeast Mistress

The Whipping Boy Part 4

Tom could not help but gasp at the pain as he felt the hard edges of the wooden shoe bury themselves in his soft flesh. The crack seemed to resonate in the snug little room. Again that experienced arm swept down and this time the shoe smote his left buttock. He gave a grunt and immediately her arm returned to its position ready to strike. “Six with the sandal I think – on either side,” she said brightly. “I do prefer the wood to the velvet although I suppose you have cause to disagree with me?” Adopting a steady rhythm she alternated the blows from left to right and her wooden sandal imparted a curious combination of a thud and a burning sensation that young Tom tried to escape by struggling off her lap. His legs kicked and scissored and he energetically wriggled and writhed with every wringing whack.

“I do not shirk my duty in punishing you and you must not be deficient in persuading your playmate to pay greater attention during his Latin verbs,” the chatelaine explained. “I mean – attempting to form the future active indicative as if it belonged to the second conjugation! A thrashing is much merited.” To make matters worse, he felt her fingers in the waistband of his hose. “Come, young master, we must bare your bottom!” she said briskly as she tugged the clinging garment down to expose his buttocks, now a pleasing melange of pink, cream and very crimson flash. “Sadly for you, no felix culpa this!” The hotly suffering Tom felt her body shake slightly as she laughed at her own joke.

“You do squirm, my laddie, worse than an eel!” Mistress Gwendolyn chuckled. “We’ll soon have the remedy for that.” With a rather unladylike exclamation she hitched up her skirt, followed by the shift beneath it until a shapely leg in a blue silk stocking wrapped around his lower thighs and drew him in tight. In this position his bare buttocks – framed by the white lacy stocking-top – were perfectly cocked for the remorseless descent of the sandal. “Wriggle to your heart’s content, my little piglet!” she laughed. “You won’t get free. I can grip very firmly I am told!” Her captive thus secured she whipped the sandal left and right; he bucked and squirmed (at times hardly able to breathe) as the burning sensation spread. The sandal rose and fell, bouncing off alternate buttocks that flattened momentarily underneath each impact before springing back to their lean curvature.

Whack! Crack! Whack!

Ow! Ouch! Owww!

Finally Mistress Gwendolyn lifted her leg away and allowed him up. Tom, hurt and embarrassed and scarcely able to believe what was happening to him, rubbed his bottom.

“Rather more to the job than hunting and playing dice with the Prince isn’t there, Master Tom?” she laughed. That the woman found his discomfort amusing made matters even worse. Mutinously he reached behind him to pull up his hose until a vicious, searing agony – shocking in its suddenness – made him snatch his fingers away.

“I did not tell you to adjust your clothing!” The Lady of the Wardrobe regarded him sternly and she slowly lowered the bamboo rod with its crooked handle. Silently cursing her Tom blew on his swollen knuckles (which now competed with his blistered bottom), which felt as though they had been burned with a fire-iron. She replaced the rod and rattled round for another instrument of torment. His heart sank when he recognised it: the terror of every schoolboy – the ferula!

“Doubtless you received this in your school?” she asked.

Tom nodded glumly. It was a long wooden ruler that became flatter and wider at one end forming a circular shape like a paddle. He noticed how the blade was drilled through with a pattern of holes in much the same manner as the battledore paddle used in baking, laundry – and very probably on the bottoms of miscreants in household discipline! The village schoolmarm had been a little old woman; terrifying and the children often whispered behind her back that she must be a witch. And yet I would prefer her to this creature, he thought to himself, her beauty notwithstanding.

“When your teacher administered the ferula they did so upon your palms, I’ll be bound?” Mistress Gwendolyn said in that same conversational tone. Her face brightened and she seemed pleased again – happy at watching him squirm. “I on the other hand regard that as a waste of a good implement. I prefer to punish on the spot where boys learn their lesson best!” She pointed at the chair. “Bend over the back and place your hands upon the seat.” He moved stiffly to obey, still rubbing his aching bottom until the very last minute before taking his hands away to grip the smoothly polished wood. “That’s it, all the way over.” The auburn-haired beauty prodded him with the pommel. “Keep those legs straight!” She tugged at the hose strung about his muscular thighs to ensure they were sufficiently clear of the target area and drew the circular blade of the ferula back to her right shoulder, her keen eyes measuring the range. “Twelve you shall have – on each side.”

Tom kept his gaze fixed on the seat six inches from his nose, nerving himself for the blow that would surely come. The skin of his buttocks – already sorely abused by her sandal – seemed to prickle in expectation … Blatt! Because of the holes in its flat surface, when swung the ferula thus sang through the air with no cushioning effect caused by its passing to mitigate against the blow inflicted upon the recipient’s posterior. And Tom found the skin of his right buttock then be compressed by the blow up into little pockets of flesh to produce a ‘blister’ effect. He gave a half-strangled gasp of anguish and automatically whipped one hand back in a vain attempt to protect himself. Suddenly that awful old schoolmarm seemed like a sister of mercy compared to this hellion

“Hold still, young sir! Should I miss and catch you upon the lower back it would be so much the worse for you; not least because needs must I would have to start again!”

Chuckling at the morose expression on his face she tapped his left buttock with the flat of the blade. “A fine contrivance this; it can – as I’m sure you know – cover an entire arse cheek with each lick. It can redden up a lad’s bottom flesh like nothing else!” Tom shivered involuntarily: it seemed wrong for such a courtly woman to utter a crudity like that but he had little time to dwell upon the contradiction. The ferula returned to her shoulder … Splatt!Mistress Gwendolyn settled to her task, beating out a tattoo on those crimson, stippled buttocks balanced above the back of the chair. Tom stared intently at the seat, his entire body flinching with each swat, his bottom feeling like one huge burning blister. It throbbed in time with the spanking.

The mistress swung the ferula again and again and again.

Tom set himself to counting; trying to ignore the intense burning in his paddled bottom and willing the number of strokes up to the twenty four the woman had promised would be his last.

Splatt! Splatt!

Twenty one. Twenty two.


            Twenty three …


“Twenty four,” Tom cried out, the words catching at the back of his throat from his distress. “I beg of you, Mistress, twenty four!” he sobbed as if it were some magic phrase that he could invoke to stop the punishment.

To his intense joy those terrible sounds of wood striking bare flesh ceased and he felt nothing but the warm air upon his tortured nates. Hardly venturing to believe his ordeal might be over, Tom gingerly lifted his right hand away from the edge of the seat to fan his posterior. As he did so, till bending forward, he twisted round as far as he dared to see what she was doing. Once more he noted the clatter of wooden objects; she was at the table with her back to him and laying down that hated ferula. Thank God, he thought. Thank God, dropping his gaze quickly before she spotted him.

Then he smelled the rosewater and heard the click of those dainty shoes as the woman advanced upon him – and in her right hand she clutched the evil, knobby bamboo rod. His heart skipped a beat in horror. Surely not …! As smartly as any cavalry trooper on parade with his mortuary sword, Mistress Gwendolyn flicked the cane up to her right shoulder. Those onyx eyes and their extraordinary rises were shining now with something other than the satisfaction of a responsibility well-performed.

“Well now, young Tom, we do come to the final act of our little tableau – the cane!”

Fantasy fulfilment, Free your Mind, Body & Soul

Fantasy fulfilment

Do you relish the thought not having to make any decisions at all? To relinquish all control of your mind, your body, and your soul? For your body to be played with, your mind to be immersed in a intense haven of euphoria and your soul to regain its sense of self.

BDSM: Bondage Discipline (BD) Domination and Submission (DS) Sadism and Masochism (SM) in layman’s terms, sounds quite scary to some, especially the ‘Sado’ part. But basically all it means is giving over control and getting down to some kink and fulfilling your fetish fantasy however tame or extreme that may be. At the end of the day it is You the client (He who holds the purse strings) that approaches Me The Mistress with your ideas, your fantasy, your wildest dreams, your fetish, your means of escape. And it is I, The Mistress that translates your fantasy in to a real time experience…….reality.

fantasy fulfilment rubber play

For a brief time you want to be detached from yourself, from your normal role, while your whole being is immersed  in a fantasy land. It helps to refresh your outlook and gives you time to escape, after all, this is all about escapism. To some, a hobby and a mere ‘dip your toe’ exercise, and to others a source of invisible delight, but necessary. A distraction from the norm. Embrace it and I will enhance your experience as best I can.

How ever hard or heavy a scene looks, don’t be fooled by a photo. As the scene may look ‘full on’, in reality the sub maybe experiencing lite sensual and erotic sensations although covered in head to toe rubber, which to some gives the impression extreme forces are at hand. Its not all about pain, whips and chains….its all about trust and handing over control of Your fantasy. Relax and enjoy the ride.


REVIEW 19/10/17

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut

This was my third visit to Mistress Jane. I was so excited, I locked myself in my CB 6000 , I sent Mistress a picture of the numbered padlock, so she could be sure It was the same lock. I would need to earn my release.

When I arrived at Mistress Jane’s, I was stripped naked then inspected. The padlock on my device was checked for any signs of tampering. Mistress could see I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress clad me head to toe in the most amazing multilayered rubber outfit then placed a ‘Slut’ collar around my neck. There was no mistaking who was in charge. I was a plugged, chastised, multi-layered Rubber Toy for Mistress.

I was ordered to my knees where I was given the privilege of worshipping Mistresses shoes, then legs then strap-on cock. I was further honoured being allowed to work my way and polish Mistress’s rubber covered bottom with my tongue. My chastised cock throbbed.

As reward for being a good cock sucker , Mistress released me from my chastity device then instructed me to lay face down in her sling , this would be my first time in suspension. A head-harness placed on me and before I was hoisted off the ground I was hogtied. It was an incredible experience, suspended in bondage. Mistress did all kinds of things to me whilst secured in various positions throughout my session. I loved the electrics and strap-on as I love to be Mistresses Slut.

After the first half of my session I was re dresses in black and red layered latex. The feel of the latex as it warmed to my skin felt amazing. A rubber breath hood was placed over my face and I was hoisted up on a sit position where Mistress continued to blow my mind with her torments.



This was an amazing feeling, words can’t describe, I was in rubber heaven. Mistress controlled my breathing, she had my total trust. Then came the Grand Finale which I will leave to your imagination. It was an awesome session as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut. Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too. I am smiling as I write this.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.