Wiltshire Dominatrix and Pervaholic, Mistress Jane.

Wiltshire Dominatrix, Mistress Jane as you may gathered has recently relocated to the Chippenham area after dominating the Berkshire area for the past 11 years.

Sadly covid has kept my doors closed for most of 2020 and for all of 2021 so far. Looking on the bright side it has given me chance to recharge the batteries and rethink my plans for the future.

My new Wiltshire based chambers will be something very special indeed. Phase 1 and 2 are in the throws of renovation and phase 3 will begin in spring 22. With light finally at the end of the tunnel regarding covid, I hope to open my all new shiny Wiltshire chambers in June. I can hardly wait.

I placed my first order with https://enfettered.com/ and here’s a sneak preview of what will be gracing my new chambers…. https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-gynae-terminus-2/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-bondage-bed-inverter/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-bondage-gynae-bed/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-tilting-treatment-chair/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-gynae-slingboard/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-halothane-vaporiser-super-rigs/

Excited? Of course you are, and so am I. So, a little more about my new location. I am based North of the M4 at Chippenham. There is onsite parking for several vehicles. There are no neighbors, therefore outdoor play will be possible. I’m 15 mins off the M4 at Junction 16 and 17 depending from which direction you are coming from.

I plan to hold selected events and to produce film clips for purchase. Dungeon hire will also be an option as will overnight B&B dungeon hire. I plan to have a medical ward, dedicated male milking facility where by up to six males can be milked consecutively. Not to mention a 40 foot by 22 foot luxury dungeon with all the trimmings.

My site will get an overhaul and when I’m ready to launch my new chambers I’ll make a big song and dance about it so that you all know I’m ready to take bookings. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Wiltshire and west country Mistress Jane

Kinky kinkmas

KINKY KINKMAS will soon be upon us and I have teamed up with a couple of my fetish crew in order to add some spice to the festive season. So starting with the ever so popular TGirl Gigi, back by popular demand. Gigi will be joining me on Thursday 13th Dec for more naughty fun. Don’t think that because you aren’t a cross dresser this event wouldn’t be for you, because you’d be very wrong. This event is best suited to the bi curious, the tv admirer as well as the cross dressers. We tailor each session to each individuals experience and level. So if you are new to this, but are curious about that, then drop us a line. What goes on in the potting shed, stays in the potting shed! (Private joke that will mean something to quite a few).

kinky kinkmas

Now I have your attention I will go on to tell you about my next event which will be held on Monday 17th Dec and my partner in crime on this occasion will be the ravishing sub KittenXXX. So if the previous event wasn’t for you then this one may well be! The explosively sexy female in every way, submissive Kitten will be lavishing her attentions on You should I allow her that is. I will control you both as my subs and You will do as I ask. I may use you like puppets for my amusement or have you perform at my whim and for the really good boy, I may bestow you the honor of using my cockgag to please my sub Kitten if I feel she has earned it.

This day is suited to male subs who want to share their session with a pro female sub. A male who likes to please and satisfy the female form. Or a sub that enjoys CFNM or edging, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms or multiple orgasm and post orgasm torment. Kitten will blow your mind with her ultimate tie, tease and torment…can You handle it?

kinky kinkmas

Mechanical Milking

There are many ways to skin a cat but please don’t. I love these little furry animals and hate any kind of cruelty to animals. My point, there are many ways to milk a male too. In this article I am going to focus on mechanical milking or masturbation by machine. Hands free wanking at its best! Yes folks, believe it or not, there are specially adapted contraptions designed to milk your ‘old chap’ that are available on the market today and I have had them all.

My Dairy, also known as Mistress Jane’s Male Milking Facility- which is based in the Berkshire countryside in the UK-houses some of the most sophisticated machines available on today’s market. If it milks cock, I’ve either have one or have owned one at some point. We all know how you guys fantasize about having your balls milked dry. Well, it’s not quite so far fetched as you might have thought.

Who is suited for this type of play?

Basically this type of scenes, scenario, or session will suit any level of experience from a complete newbie to the most experienced kinkster. These machines do not hurt you unless used incorrectly. They merely offer an alternative way to pleasure. However, for guys with a really tight foreskin, machine milking might not be suitable since it could possibly force your foreskin back. Furthermore, these machines work better on a fully erect penis. The Serious Kit and The Robojac are the two machines I turn to when the penis is only semi erect.

I really enjoy mechanical milking scenes. Not only do they give me chance to stimulate my sub in different ways, but it also adds a certain distance, aspect of humiliation, and more loss of control for the receiver. It can add a different dimension to a scene as well.

I also really enjoy edging, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms and post orgasm torment. Although better done by hand, it is also possible to play these games by machine. Tie my sub down and off we go, edging, denying, more edging and so on until I eventually allow them the release they crave only to ruin it, and in some cases, not all, treat them to a spell of Post Orgasm Torment and watch them squirm. It really is pure bliss! One of my collared subs has aptly named my method of Post Orgasm Torment, ‘The Hand Of Evil’.

For me, the more bizarre the scene the better. When I say bizarre I am referring to the way in which I have my subject positioned and /or dressed. I enjoy dressing my subs as a bizarre rubber toy and suspending them in unusual positions whilst I milk them by machine. But that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Besides, some older gents aren’t fit enough to be tied and suspended. So, I tend to lay these men on my Gynae chair, which is in my specially adapted white room.

I often get asked “Can you milk me dry?” or “Can you milk me over and over?”. This is a hard one (if you will excuse the pun). Each individual’s capabilities differ so much from the next. I always ask any prospective clients to try a little homework before committing to a milking session, especially if they are unsure of the amount of times they can cum. I ask them to edge themselves for as long as they can without cuming. Then on a different day to masturbate and cum as many times as possible in the session duration time they have requested. This information helps a great deal as it gives me foresight in planning their edging or milking session.

Often in older men it’s just once, but there are occasions when they surprise me and themselves by cuming twice. Younger clients can manage 3, 4, 5 times. The record to date is seven times in three hours.

Have you ever heard that old saying ‘Don’t write checks your body can’t cash.’ Well, that is applicable when it comes to male milking or should I say multiple milkings. You need to set a target you are capable of achieving. Set it and I will push you to your limits and see if with the right stimuli we can’t squeeze another one out from you.

An introductory to the Machines.

In my specially adapted Berkshire Dairy Male Milking Facility you can expect to find a stark white room, not unlike a medical room at a doctor’s office or hospital, equipped with all the finest toys and machines to drain your balls dry! Let me start with the milking machine of all milking machines.

The Serious Kit system. Based around an iconic American Milking Machine, which has been modified to hold receivers known as STP’s, which are internally lined in a soft rubber and used to house your cock. The STP’s (Standard Pulsating Tube) are uniquely designed on a wet system to keep everything well lubricated and slippery. Once the machine is switched on the STP is sucked into place. The rubber inner liner sucks and pulsates, giving a very stimulating sensation. I wouldn’t say that this machine is designed for a quick fix cum; it’s designed to ‘hold you on the edge’ and therefore, is great for extended play and prolonged milking. It looks the business too and guys who love edging really enjoy this wonderful piece of engineering, which incidentally is made in the UK. http://seriouskit.com/site1/Milking_Machines.html

Moving on to the Venus 2000. A masturbation machine. Its stroke speed and stroke length can be controlled as it strokes your manhood. It works on a diaphragm, which pushes air in and sucks it out from within the inner rubber sleeve. I have a specially adapted v2 cradle that houses the Venus receiver, which sits on your groin while the v2 goes to work on you. As long as the operator can read the signs, they can have you balancing on the edge of an almighty orgasm in no time at all. https://venusformen.com/

The Tremblr works on the same principles as the Venus 2000. The receivers slightly differ from the v2 in that they are black and heavier and slightly more cumbersome. The inner sleeve is made of a thicker rubber, which is also ribbed, and can give you a

wonderful sensation as it slides up and down your lubricated cock. Hands free masturbation at it best! Also built in the UK. http://f-machine.com/index.php/tremblr-detail

The Robojac…..This works really well for guys with ED. It operates by creating an alternate air suction and pressure to move a smooth pliant receiver up and down the penis. The Robojac doesn’t have an inner sleeve like the other machines, so it makes it less fussy. http://www.funwaysmarketing.com/PRODUCTS/rjstandard.htm

All of these machines can be adjusted to pump faster and/or suck harder.

So, you find out you can only cum once, but want a two hour session? That is totally acceptable. I can prolong your milking for however long is needed. This is where edging and orgasm denial come into play; the longer it goes on, the more intense the orgasm.

Just milking? So while you are lying back, machine pulsating up and down your shaft, what else can you experience? Quite a lot actually. Depending on whether you like other forms of play, I can incorporate all sorts while you are being milked. A nice prostate massage is always a good way of stimulating willing men. Nipple play, lite stroking, or for the more demanding patient, nipple suction or clamps, maybe even estim. Some may like to feel the prickling sensation of the violet wand all over their anatomy. Others may like to be hooded or gagged or both or dressed head to toe in rubber. Just imagine! The possibilities are endless.

Please feel free to leave a comment about this article at the link below….



Lunna Latex

Lunna Latex made such an impact with some of you that she will be available for joint appointments with moi for a minimum session time of 90 mins. She has landed herself a job so she is only available with prior notice of upto 4 days. I hope this news has cheered some of you up as announcing her departure caused quite a stir.

If Lunna isn’t available to join me in your session, you always have the option of Miss L’amour or Kittenxxx who are both as equally delightful.

lunna latex

Your Berkshire Mistress is Back to full duties….

Your Berkshire Mistress is back!! After nearly a month off I will be back to full duties as from tomorrow April 16th. I’ve had a nice break, got lots done, caught up with old friends and had my medical room re vamped. There will be some new additions added over the next few months so keep an eye out for that. There are just a couple of minor things that need finishing off then i will take lots of photos and post them for all to see.

Trixy will be working with Mistress tomorrow and is available to join in your session by request. Lunna Latex will be here later in the week as will a new face, all shall be revealed next week! Should you wish,  Lunna is also available to join you during your session by request.

MistressBerkshire Mistress

T-Girl Gigi spent a day working with me just before I went on my break. After advertising the event, aimed towards the bi curious we found ourselves inundated with enquiries and the day was soon fully subscribed. Needless to say the very naughty T-Girl Gigi will be back. You will find these special events advertised in my blog area.

The Leather Master will be making a re appearance in a couple of months. Again these sessions are aimed towards the bi sub, or the sub who likes to be dominated by a male and yours truly to of course. Again, you will find out when The Leather Master will be nest doubling up with your Berkshire Mistress by keeping an eye on my blog area for when the next date is set for him to return.

The very glamorous Strapon Jane came to play as you may know, and no doubt she will be back soon too! Strapon Jane is available to join me for sessions upon request with prior notice. This wonderful lady is the bees knees and has a wonderful way, and style of domination. Not to be missed!! PS Strapon Jane also specialises is stocking worship amongst other things. 

T-Girl Tessa will be making her debut soon. A stunning T-girl who is up for all sorts of kinky fun….keep your eye on my blog for more updates and photos!

And lastly, my up coming CFNM event. Within four hours of sending out the first tier of notifications, the event was fully subscribed. So congratulations to all who got a place, and commiserations to those who did not. However I have placed those who were not so lucky on my ‘stand by’ list in the event anyone, for what ever reason can not make it. There will be a couple of new faces joining your Berkshire Mistress this year. There will be myself of course, plus four other females to watch, look on, strip you, tease, join in, humiliate and giggle as you are paraded naked before them!


The Pursuit of knowledge Part 3

“There is a march of Science; but who shall beat the drums for its retreat?”

The girl with the ponytail reappeared and held the door open for us while pointing down the corridor. As we filed past she gave an encouraging grin that for some reason only increased my anxiety. By now even Graham had gone quiet. “This is creeping me out!” I heard Mazher mutter behind me. Doctor Barzani strode ahead of us, those long, long legs swishing in the fine hosiery and ridiculously I wanted to drop behind her to see if she wore the kind with the seams up the backs. We entered a room that had obviously once been a gymnasium even to the extent of the thick green and orange rubber floor mats, the wooden climbing frames bolted to the walls and the long low forms arrayed beneath them upon which the class would have sat. For some reason the phrase from innumerable news broadcasts flashed through my mind – ‘The executions took place in a converted gymnasium’. I bet they did, I thought, wishing by now I’d never gotten into this business.

At least the misery of uncertainty was about to disappear; for there ahead of us waited six sets of what I could only describe as ‘apparatus’. Each consisted of a pneumatic black shape that resembled a collapsible car seat and – incongruously enough – a virtual reality helmet of the sort favoured by hardcore gamers dangled from it by coiled tubes. Twin sets of parallel loops protruded from the seat at positions equivalent to the limb joints on the human body. The floor and its collection of mats was a network of crazily inscribed wires, Ethernet cables and extension boards. Doctor Barzani stopped and held out her arms to check our progress. “Right, ladies and gentlemen,” she spoke reassuringly. “Well need you to take up position over the equipment so you’re kneeling on the seat with your palms on the floor. Don’t worry, it’s semi-automatic so you will be guided into position.” She then walked briskly over to a raised area like a platform at the bottom end of the gymnasium and I craned my neck to follow her.

There stood another workstation upon which was a desktop computer connected to a portable television set; the type used by industry with the innards gaping and uncased as the domestic set would be. I also noticed an oscilloscope among the equipment maintaining its steady display of a single brief signal across the green screen. Even more ominously, someone had parked a trolley next to the workstation and its sole cargo consisted of a single black and grey cube. Thick plastic pipes snaked from brass terminals on the top of the cube across the rubberised floor to all six sets of apparatus.

I stopped and stood for a moment trying to make sense of it all before Doctor Barzani’s voice floated into my consciousness above the sound of her fingernails clacking on the computer’s keyboard. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you would take your places please?” The oscilloscope waveform continued its steady sinister beat.

By now my mounting sense of anxiety clouded my judgement; I should have turned and fled immediately but glancing nervously at my fellow test subjects and seeing them shuffle toward the chairs I involuntarily followed suit. Gingerly I approached the nearest set of equipment and gripping the back of the seat, lowered myself onto it, my knees sinking into the black Naugahyde. God it felt creepy – cold and clammy. Thee ponytailed girl had drifted over to stand behind me and I was conscious that in this position my rear end was sticking right up in the air. “Oh, you’re wearing jeans … ” she said before her voice trailed off.

Damn! I thought, remembering that I hadn’t read the joining instructions properly. I now remembered they said ‘wear leggings or yoga pants – no thick material.’

“Doctor?” The girls called out and then I heard the click and squeak of those high-heeled shoes and caught the scent of Chanel Number Five. I twisted round to see the doctor in her white coat leaning down over me. “I’m terribly sorry but your jeans are going to have to come off,” she said, her face set in a serious expression. “We need to get efficient conductivity you see.”

“Okay.” Blushing furiously I unbuckled my belt and in this most embarrassing of positions snaked the jeans down around my hips while she leaned forward to retrieve a bundle of wires that terminated in Velcro pads from the floor nearby. To my astonishment I then felt Doctor Barzani’s fingers actually touching my backside through the tight briefs whilst she attached the wires to my posterior. She then circled round to where my head lolled down as I rested my weight on my palms, the seat sinking queasily and knelt in front of me. In such close proximity were we that I had to drag my eyes away as the hem of her lab coat and minidress slid above her knees, exposing a shapely section of charcoal-meshed thigh as she attached more of the pads to my chest and neck. The sweet scent of her perfume filled my nostrils and that beautiful face swam but a few inches from mine but the smile twitching the corners of her flawless mouth had a distinctly vulpine quality to it … All too quickly she was done.

My discomfiture had not gone unnoticed amongst the other members of the group. “Hard cheese, old son!” Graham hooted. “You’ve got to do it in your pants!”

“Great budgie smugglers, mate!” the lanky blonde Aussie girl called derisively down the row to my left as she took her place. “Are they your pulling pair?”

“I’m a grower, not a shower!” I retorted. But I was pleased to say she had to expose her own ‘botty-huggers’ when Doctor Barzani turned back her denim miniskirt to attach the Velcro pads to the tautly curved seat of her pink panties.

At this juncture of course I should have been contemplating what these strange adhesive pads were for. Barely had I the time to register the Australian girl’s embarrassment (and derive some malicious pleasure from it) than Doctor Barzani walked back to my position. Just as I opened my mouth to ask the inevitable question she took the helmet and slipped it over my head. On being plunged into darkness two things happened. With a hiss of compressed air a gag like a car’s airbag punched inside my mouth to cut off any cries and squeals. Having something like that so suddenly inflate in my mouth felt invasive and I experienced a brief moment of panic in that I might choke – ‘the gagging reflex’ as it is (ironically) called. Simultaneously – and certainly quicker than I could react – the wrist and ankle cuffs, which had snaked about my joints, snapped into life, automatically adjusting for a perfect fit.

The machine cinched me tight and drew me down upon it, into something that must have resembled the missionary position so that my buttocks and haunches were positioned up on a higher angle than my head. I could only imagine the others in the same predicament, kneeling forward, trussed thus, displaying our rumps clad in tracksuit bottoms, the fashion of tight black leggings or briefs in the case of the Australian girl and I – ready for whatever came next.

Eerily a computerised voice spoke from a speaker from within the helmet. I immediately recognised it as a synthesis of Doctor Barzani’s except it sounded even huskier. “You are being restrained for your own safety and well-being,” the voice intoned seductively. “Continue to breathe normally: your vital signs are being monitored.” My mind swirled in confusion I could sympathise with a luckless animal caught in a snare. What the hell were these weirdoes going to do to us —?

— Then the voice began to speak again.

Bi Curious Berkshire Thurs 18th Jan

Aimed more towards Bi curious, introverted and shy nervous people who want to have a safe and fun experience without judgement or expectation. If you are more extroverted and confident then that is great, you will know what to expect with us. All boundaries are fully respected.

Please let me know when booking whether you would like a male or T-girl to join your session. If you have not visited me before then you must apply by email. Please include a brief synopsis of any experience you might have if any and what your limits are. If you have a particular fantasy in mind please include that also but keep it brief.

You might like a sensual massage, or maybe something a little more daring. We can make your experience as relaxing as possible should you so wish.

bi curious bi curious bi curious


A saucy tale

A saucy tale…It was the night before Christmas, and she was in her room lying on the bed, wearing her finest black lingerie with the satin cupped bra, with her knees raised in that familiar pose, when the door opened and he quietly entered the room. The sight of this beautiful Lady pleased him immensely so, in fact she had a totally devastating effect upon him. An uncontrollable ache kicked him so hard in the groin that he winced, several times, as Mistress’s steely grip grabbed a very firm hold upon him as he became aroused.
They smiled so warmly and affectionately at each other as their eyes met, but there was an element of somewhat fraught desperation there….. a wanton feeling which was growing insatiably. He closed the door, and before approaching her he removed his clothing so as not to waste time later. As he became naked in the low lighting, she saw something shine as it caught the light from the bedside lamp. It was at the top of his legs and it was stainless steel in the shape of a cage…… she looked again…. it was a locked chastity device with the locking seal clearly visible where it lay on top of the device. Suddenly she had an unusual feeling come over her…. where was this going to go….. where was it going to end up? She had no need to worry, as all would be fine. She would gently and carefully be looked after, teased and pleased and anything else that this very special Lady required.
He moved forward towards where she lay on the bed waiting patiently, and moved in between her open legs. Their gaze met and he leaned forward over her to kiss her affectionately upon her soft lips, just a warm gentle kiss before he moved away, noticing how the fabric of her bra was disturbed by an erect nipple protruding into each cup. He teased each with his tongue before ever so gently biting upon each one through that silky soft fabric that hid her perfect breasts, and she moaned with a passion that gave him a very positive feeling. She had boobs and legs to die for, as well as being a most attractive Lady whose face was surrounded by beautifully coiffured hair.  As he moved down her body, he paused with his head above her panties, thought for a second or two before he lowered his face and gently planted a long lingering kiss directly upon where her pussy was beneath. He turned his head slightly and rested there, pressing against her and she pushed upwards against him for a few moments. There was that very special feeling of intimate closeness between them. He raised himself and put his hands upon the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her gorgeous legs, and as he began to do so, his gaze was met with the glorious sight of a smoothly shaven pussy….. how absolutely perfect. Just one lingering kiss he planted there, as his tongue swiftly parted her beautiful lips and he felt a very warm moistness which he felt was begging to be explored….. but later…..
He planted lots of kisses upon her legs as he worked his way down to her toes, where he stopped for quite a while to bathe them with his tongue and admire their delicateness which was magnified by the pink nail varnish she wore to complement her lingerie. She rolled over for him to return upwards again on the back of her legs to reach her most delectable derrière….. a place he needed to spend a long time worshipping. She had true Callipygian beauty he thought as he buried his face there, and all the time planting a thousand kisses upon her cheeks….. heaven he thought! He had a very naughty thought…… he wondered how it would be if she sat on his face and controlled his breathing whilst he attempted to pleasure her pussy with his tongue flicking around her lips and searching for her clit, as she pressed down on his face…… a momentary day dream no less!
Now was the moment to up the stakes, albeit that he was in considerable discomfort as his attempt at an erection was seriously curtailed by the steel chastity device. There was nothing he could do about this, but he had become used to the frustration over the course of time, and thankfully on some occasions his Mistress did allow him relief, but at this time it was very demanding upon him….. no matter though, his function was simply to pleasure this lovely Lady, and that was paramount.
This time he rolled her over again on to her back. He stepped up and looked in the chest of drawers where he found some stockings which were needed to secure both her arms and legs to the headboard and bottom of the bed. He looked in the bedside cabinet, where amongst other toys he found just what was needed to complement the other item he had brought along with him. It was a cordless vibrating wand that he needed with which to give her a little treat, as he wanted to move things up a gear or two.
He moved back on top of her, and got her into a spread eagled position before he secured her wrists and ankles with the nylons. Once secured, and just to refresh her, he moved to the bottom of the bed so his tongue could feast upon her pussy. It flicked in amongst her lips and explored the warm darkness within, as his hands made contact with her waist and they began to grip her tightly as his tongue probed deeper, and then withdrew to focus on her clit, where it circled repeatedly as she moaned more vociferously, clearly enjoying the attention. Enough…. He ceased and lowered her bra so her nipples were exposed and he gently kissed them before applying momentarily the wand to the very tip of each. Just a little touch and away each time. Then he directed the wand at her clitty, doing the same. By this point she was becoming uncontrollable, as he had anticipated and that was why she was restrained. The final touch was now imminent.
He got up and walked to where his things lay, and produced a penis gag. He was wisely prepared and had brought it with him. He slipped a condom on to its penis, and popped the stub end into his mouth and tightened up the strap behind his head. Ready for action….. almost….. just needed to slip a pillow or two under her bottom, so her pussy was elevated, a bit like an altar at which to worship, as now her pussy had become the place of worship, and it was Sunday after all. There was no need for any lube as she was already so wet with her own juices. He lowered his head and very gently probed her pussy lips with the tip of the gag. There was no resistance as once he found the correct angle, he was buried nose deep! His hands moved up her body to touch her perfect breasts, as he could feel her pushing herself upwards at him to get the maximum out of his facial thrusting. His fingers just flicked over her nipples, as her moaning became more intense. She began to buck and writhe as there’s never any escape from the ministrations of a penis gag…. it’s effective! More and more she became so rampant and rapidly losing control, until eventually she succumbed to a shattering climax, followed by so much sighing and panting as she began to come down from this high which had taken her away. He removed the gag, and licked the cock part that had just been inside her, to saviour her juices.
He undid her restraints, and returned everything to where it had come from. For a brief moment he lay along side her and they cuddled each other passionately, but suddenly he was gone….. off into the cold darkness of Christmas Eve itself. His mission was complete….. to give her the pleasure she so deserved for Christmas.
She lay there on the bed, though her knees were no longer raised, her eyes flickered, and then they fully opened. She felt good…. a sensation of warmth and immense satisfaction, with a feeling in her pussy that made her wonder about many things….. she didn’t really know quite what had made her like this, but she decided it was clearly something that was very special about Christmas 2017.
a saucy tale

Southeast Mistress Jane’s FAQ’s Reading Mistress

The most frequently asked questions to Southeast Mistress Jane are…..

“What is the most popular activity?” & “Do you enjoy what you do?” & “I bet you meet some right weirdo’s don’t ya!”.

I love what I do and don’t entertain anything that I would’t find enjoyable. It is also very important to me that You have fun and enjoy yourself no matter how serious the play. I get to meet some great people and some of you have become great friends. Some of you never cease to amaze me with your kindness and generosity and offers of help that I am still blown away each week by someone. So no, I don’t meet any weirdo’s, so in that respect I have been lucky. I think you get to know with experience whether someone is on the level or not. I also get to meet other interesting people related in some way to the adult industry, whether they come in the form of another Mistress, movie makers, web masters, suppliers or other like minded people who I have met over the years and who now and again help me during sessions.

The most popular activity…hmmmm that is a hard question as it can change from one month to the next but from strapon play to rubber and from rubber to cp and anything in between should answer that question. So all in all I have a great time, i get to meet wonderful people and play with them to. Its all good.

Southeast Mistress