Female Pro Sub or switch to join me. Could it be YOU?

Female Pro sub, the title says it all really. Are you a female switch or sub who is looking to gain more experience in a professional environment?. Well this could be your lucky day! I am looking for someone aged between 27 and 37 ish to join me for the occasional session.

Reliability and discretion are essential as you can imagine. It would also help if you live within a 20 mile radius of Reading and have transport. A lady that isn’t easily shocked, is level headed and focused. If this is you then drop me an email mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk

If you already have experience as a female pro sub or a switch or in the Adult Industry sector and looking to broaden your knowledge. I can offer you an environment where safe, sane and consensual practices are to be enjoyed.

The person who is interested in this advert must contact me and NOT third parties!! Any credentials you have will be checked out.

female pro sub


Dear Jane, 

T h a n k  y o u  for being the best Mistress ever, and arranging a superb event. That was a brilliant CFNM event yesterday…. I’m sure it was the best I’ve experienced. Sooo much fun. You could say that Lunna was the powerhouse in there, quietly getting on with the naughty stuff and being so splendidly seductive. Trixy too. Not forgetting the delightfully wicked Scarlet, with her very unique touch that she introduces to it all. It never ceases to amuse me, her penchant for nettle play. Of course, not forgetting your good self, for orchestrating all the moves, adding those special MJ touches, outstandingly fantastic with the CP & soothing, and perfect pegging, with all the other bits too, not forgetting the icing on the cake at the end!

You put such a lot into arranging a fabulous day for everyone.  Thank you. R


Dear Mistress Jane & Lunna
I would just like to thank you both for an incredible session yesterday, that both satisfied and went way beyond my wildest fantasies. I am just glad that there are people like you in this world who do this in in a safe environment in a non judgmental way. 

As soon as I walked in to your chambers I was struck by how stunning and sexy you both looked. However I soon found myself naked spread Eagle secured by my wrists and ankles on your Bondage bed. To be in such a vulnerable position blindfolded at the complete mercy of you both is an incredibly erotic feeling. In my email booking the session I asked for, tickle nipple cock and face sitting torture with some post orgasm torture for good measure. You certainly both provided this, with intense tickling and the use of nipple clamps with my cries being muffled by Lunna face-sitting me.  However during a brief respite in the tickling, the beautiful Lunna became very minxy and did some extra erotic teasing that I was not expecting! However I was in no position to object due to the fact that she was sitting on my face, so I just had to take it.

Lunna, you have an incredibly sexy bottom and are welcome to sit on my face anytime. Jane, the way you played with my cock and the post orgasm torture was incredible. I think I may have bit of more than I can chew at the end. Lunna had to sit on my face again to muffle my cries of mercy. However you are both welcome to dominate me and subject me to your erotic torture anytime! 
You are a great team, I hope to see you both again in the new year for another incredible session. 
Thanks again.
With Love Mr.Tickles

Erotic Sensory Deprivation experience with Reading Mistress Jane.

Erotic Sensory Deprivation or sensory overload? This is when all five senses are stimulated at once that it causes a delirium state which makes it difficult for the receiver to know what is happening where. As there is so much stimulation happening at once. Imagine your senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, sound thrown in to a state of Erotic confusion.

He could hear Mistresses heels clattering on the floor as she approached the bench where she had secured him earlier. He could sense she was stood right beside him. Then he felt her. The restraints were being tightened and extra belts were being added here and there. He concentrated hard as he listened to the echo of his breathing inside his hood. As his anticipation built the deeper he breathed and with every breath, he took in the smell of the padded leather hood which pressed against his face. What would happen now?

This felt like the calm before the storm. He knew that this short pause in the session was so that Mistress Could prepare him. Gadgets were being attached to his nipples, his cock and lastly his ass. Suddenly he felt that familiar erotic throbbing pulse from the electro stim.

He so wanted to cum but Mistress had controlled that aspect so far. A strange feeling of suction started, followed by a tingling pulsing sensation on his nipples. Moments later a dildo penetrated his ass in conjunction with suction and pulsation on his hard cock. The tingling and pulsing around his cock began to intensify, and he was beginning to find it hard to concentrate on any one sensation.

He closed his eyes. This was beyond ordinary. The confusion of his senses sent his brain in to a haze. Mistress was in full control and he knew best just to ‘let go’ and enjoy. Things were becoming really intense and although he couldn’t decipher what was happening where, one thing he did know. He would cum sooner rather than later.

Imagine floating in space and feeling mentally detached. You’re aware that things are happening but your mind steps away for a little while. The sensations are pleasurable but at times very intense. Suddenly, its like nobody else is in the room, although in the back of your mind you know Mistress is orchestrating everything. http://www.mistress-jane.com/berkshire-dominatrix-services/ https://www.uberkinky.co.uk/essential-guides/sensation-play-guides/beginners-guide-to-sensation-play.html

The combined sensations work up in to a crescendo of intense erotic pleasure which in turn enables you to ‘let go’. You’re not aware at this point that you are moaning and crying out loudly. Suddenly you are brought to orgasm. A most intense orgasm that makes you shudder to the very core of your soul as you experience full Erotic Sensory Overload.

Anyone who know me will know how I enjoy my gadgets and mechanical machines. Observe the photos above. This subject is hooded, so therefore his sight is restricted. He has an anesthetic mask over his nose with a rubber breath pipe. I know he can smell the rubber and the harder he breathes the more of a whiff he’ll get. He has an electric plug in his ass which is pulsing and tingling causing his rectum to contract. The Serious Kit male Milking Machine is attached to his cock. This is pulsating with the suction and tingling with the estim. Lastly he has suction applied to his nipples which pulsates and delivers a gentle tingle from the estim.

Reading Rubber Bondage Mistress

Reading Rubber Bondage Mistress in Berkshire. Explore Your alter ego. Now the summer is done the Rubber Fetishists are starting to appear again. Clad head to toe in your shiny second skin you gaze in to the mirror and staring right back at you is someone else, the anonymous kinky You!. Excited and ready for the latex fun to begin.

Mistress allows You the privilege of shining-up her rubber with your hands. A rare surprise you have been longing to do. Aimed at teasing and allowing you a ‘hands-on’ treat. As your hands slide over every curve you feel the latex tighten around your groin area as you begin to grow.

Your Rubber bondage Mistress has you lay back on a bench that swings back and forth. Leather straps are wrapped tightly around your body until you are fully secured. Your anticipation builds waiting for the next application of heavens knows what. Suddenly your eyes are covered, your senses immediately heightened and every touch tingles your whole being.

Sound exciting? Let Your Reading Rubber Bondage Mistress transform you in to her latex plaything. I have an array of latex and rubber wear for You and for me to wear. Imagine being transformed in to a submissive Rubber Doll complete with hood, heels and enormousness rubber tits. You latex clad Mistress takes control of you. She turns you the slut you always knew you were. All you yearn for is to suck her cock to prove your worth and show your obedience. http://www.mistress-jane.com/galleries/gallery-3/ https://libidex.com/

My Male milking Marathon

This is what dreams are made of. Two sexy Ladies dressed to the nines and wearing your fantasy costume, in my case latex. Ready to lavish their attention on you and only you. Today’s feet is to beat my all time record of 6 cums in one session. I have worked towards my male milking marathon for sometime and have followed Mistress Jane’s instructions and training plan which included prolonged edging at home. Healthy eating and regular exercise to keep me fit, which i do anyway.

I am feeling good about today. I had a run before breakfast. I’ve showered, put on my best bib and tucker. Sprayed my favorite aftershave, Acqua di parma and I’m ready to ‘rock’n’roll’. As I walk through the hotel lobby I notice the waitress eyeing me up. I give her a cheery ‘Good Morning’ as I head through the exit and on to MJ’s.

Its 9.50am and I’ve just arrived at my destination. I feel a little flutter deep in my belly, nerves I suspect. Yes, still after all this time I get ‘first date’ nerves. The feeling of trepidation, but I think that’s all part of the fun, its the excitement.

Its 10.30am and I’m clad head to toe in my favorite rubber which consists of an electric blue catsuit, hood, socks and gloves. I’m feeling good and looking at the mirror I see a gimp staring right back at me. You guessed it, me!. Mistress looks as gorgeous as ever, goes without saying. Lunna is topless and looking ravishing and good enough to eat, but we won’t go there. She smiles at me sweetly and the session begins.

My arms are in the hoist and held above my head. A spreader bar separates my legs. A gag is thrust in to my mouth and both MJ and Lunna stand really close to me, stroking my latex clad torso. Lunna works her way down to my groin. MJ is now behind me, she slowly releases the zip and opens it up from back to front. MJ passes the zip under my balls and Lunna takes it from here. She is kneeling before me and looking up very seductively, whilst licking her lips. She looks like she wants to eat me, if only.

I’m looking down for two reasons. One, because I’m watching Lunna un-do my zip in a very seductive manner and the other because I’m worried she’s going to catch my balls in it. My balls eventually fall out and I breathe a sigh of relief. Incidentally, if you’ve never had a session with MJ and Lunna then I urge you to do so. Lunna is semi sub and sexy as f’k and MJ is the dogs bollox! Brilliant. (Whether she’ll edit this bit out who knows). I digress.

Now where was I. My cock is rock hard and Lunna licks the latex still covering my bulge. OMG….need I say more. Then ‘oooh what the F’k’. MJ’s slips a finger in my ass. She hits the spot like an exocet missile bang on target. Nobody can massage a prostate like she can. What with Lunna licking my cod piece and MJ fingering my arse I have no choice in the matter. My weapon is cocked and ready to fire. If they want a cum, they’ll take one. Yep, its just like that.

I’ve just shot my load and I’m in gaga land right now. Have no fear MJ’s hand of evil to the rescue!. Oh boy, I’m in heaven, or is it that other place?. She quickly whops my dick from its hiding place. Its getting the full Post Orgasm Treatment today which I have a love hate relationship with. My cock is tingling and finished with, for now anyway.

slave girl lunnaMale milking sub

I’m untied and offered a drink of water and its on to the next piece of apparatus for my Male Milking no 2. MJ’s dungeon is magnificent. Its got more kit and gadgetry than you could ever imagine and whats more she knows how to use it all. This time I’m lay on a short board which is supported by chains and floats above a bondage bed. My legs are supported by stirrups and my hands put in inflatable latex ball mitts, then secured. A gas mask is placed on my head and pulled over my face. Various straps and belts are wrapped around my torso to help secure me. A job well done.

Various attachments are placed on my cock which has just woken up from a little power nap. An estim plug is slipped in to my ass. I know this because they are steel and very cold when first inserted. Or maybe she just popped an ice cube in there, who knows. It isn’t long before my nether regions feel the tingling pluses from the electrodes. Something else that MJ excels at. She has so many estim combinations which can deliver the most insane pulses it blows my mind. Well, not really my mind. The rhythmic sensations are intense but not quite enough to make me cum for a second time.

masturbation and milking machines

I look up and see Lunna through the visor of my gas mask. She is stood astride over my face. Her hands are stroking her legs and slowly working their way up to her crotch. ‘Oh f*cking hell’ the visor has started to steam up. She pulls her panties to the side to flash me her perfect pussy. Then starts to finger herself. At this point I am putty in their hands. MJ turns up the estim and squirt squirt squirt. Cum numero duo and so easily extracted.

Now MJ knows me well. We have had many sessions together. So because of this she knows that as long as I have kept to my male milking plan. I am quite capable of cuming 5 times in 3 to 4 hours. She calls the first two cums a ‘warm up’. Its after the first 2 that things start to take a turn and get tougher. There is motive in her madness. From here on in I will find it harder to cum each time and this is when she will indulge in prolonged edging. My Male Milking Marathon no 3 By Milking Sub…..to be continued


Spanking from Miss

‘Miss, may I come in Miss?’……the boy approached her desk. ‘Please Miss, Matron has sent me’. ‘What on earth for?’ she replied. ‘I’ve been a naughty boy Miss. Matron caught me masturbating Miss’. ‘So why are you here if Matron has already punished you?’ she asked. ‘Matron said that I was to come and tell you so that you could punish me some more Miss’. ‘Oh I see’ she replied. ‘Did Matron spank your naughty bottom?’ she asked the boy. ‘Yes, She took me over her lap and spanked me on the bare bottom Miss. Her lap was warm and it caused me to get more excited. So she said I aught to come and get a spanking from Miss’.

Miss stood up from the creaking slatted back wooden chair she had been sat on. She then dragged it away from her desk. The boy watch intently as she moved. Eyeing up her legs and imagined she was wearing stockings. She had a plump but well shaped bottom that was wrapped tightly in her pencil skirt. He found it mesmerizing to watch. Miss pulled up the chair then sat on it. ‘Did Matron give you anything to cover your erection?’ she asked. The boy dug deep in his trouser pocket and passed her a hand full of stockings.

Miss told him to remove his trousers and to pull his underwear down to his knees. She then pulled one of the stockings over his erection. Then used another stocking to tie around his genitals to secure the first stocking in place. He was told this was to stop any sticky mess or leakage from his perpetual erection.

She patted her lap. ‘Come over here for a spanking from Miss’. He was very excited and as he bent over her lap his big hard erection began to throb. She could feel it as it pressed against her lap. ‘I think you should receive some extra spanks for getting so excited’ she told him as he positioned himself. ‘I am very excited Miss’ said the boy. Of course Miss could feel his throbbing erection pressing hard against her lap, so he didn’t really need to give her a commentary on how excited he felt as she could feel everything.

Miss began to spank his bottom over his pants. After a time she pulled them over his buttocks and began to spank him harder. ‘Its for your own good’ she told the boy. ‘The bigger the boy the harder my spanks’ she told him. As his cheeks began to warm he began to fidget. ‘Be still’ she told him and carried on spanking his sore red bottom.

Eventually the spanking stopped and he was told to stand up. She stood up too and placed the chair back by her desk. She then turned and noticed the boy looking at her bottom. ‘I saw you looking’ she told the him. ‘Go to my desk and open the top right draw’. The boy did as instructed. Inside the draw was a lone belt apart from that the draw was empty. ‘Bring the belt to me’ she told him. The boy reached inside and grasped the belt. He slowly closed the draw before turning and walking towards her.

‘Please Miss, here is the belt you asked for’. Miss held out her hand in order to take the belt from him. As he passed her the belt he said ‘Matron spanked me earlier but she told me that I had better come to see you for more punishment because I’ve been a naughty boy’. ‘Matron did the right thing’ she answered. ‘After a spanking from Miss you will receive more punishment until I am satisfied you have learned your lesson’.

He was told to ‘Hold out his hand for a hand warming’. Thwack, ‘Other hand’ she said and he swapped hands. Thwack ‘Other hand’ she said. Again thwack. ‘Swap’ Thwack. Until he had received 12 belts, six to each hand. He rubbed his hands together to relive the pain. ‘I can see you are still very excited’ said Miss. ‘Ooh yes Miss, I’ve been looking at your lovely bottom and imagining how many suspender straps are holding up your stockings’.

Upon hearing this she asked him to follow her upstairs immediately. He knew that Miss kept her canes upstairs and also knew that he was now in for a caning. As he followed behind her he watched he bottom wiggle. ‘I know you’re looking at my bottom’ she told him as he entered the room at the top of the stairs. ‘You are a very naughty boy and because of this you will be caned over your pants to begin with’ she told him. ‘If you remain excited you will be caned repeatedly on the bare bottom’. ”Yes Miss’ he replied calmly.

She stood to the center of the room before asking him to pass her her cane. The cane was hung on the back of the door. It was a typical school cane with a crook end. He unhooked it from the door and passed it to her. ‘Please Miss, I’ve been a naughty boy and after Matron punished me she told me to come and see you for a spanking from Miss’ he paused before carrying on. ‘I’ve been looking at your bottom Miss and watched it as you climbed the stairs’.

She stood to his left side swooshing her cane through the air before telling him to ‘Bend forward and push your bottom out!’. She gave him six beauties over his pants before pulling them down to bear his buttocks. ‘These you can count young man’ she told him. Swoosh….’One beauty on the bare bottom Miss’ he said. Swooshhh…’Two Miss’…..swooooossshhh…’Three beauties on the bare bottom Miss’. He counted twelve in all and still he showed excitement. ‘I reserve the cane for the big boys’ she told him. ‘The bigger the boy the more strokes he’ll receive’ she carried on ‘The more excited he becomes the more punishment he will get and so on’.

caning from missspanking from Miss


His bottom was beginning to smart but he saw no let-up. He was delivered five batches of twelve strokes on the bare bottom. Miss did this until his erection subsided then excused him but not before he was made to apologize for being a naughty boy.

Rubber Bondage Mistress.

Rubber Bondage Mistress welcome’s You to the world of rubber fetish. The look the smell the feel just drives you wild and who can blame you. Are you a rubberist?

Rubber bondage Mistress
Rubber Fetish

It would seem that Latex and bondage go hand in hand. I don’t think I’ve ever had a latex fetishist who wasn’t in to their bondage in some way shape or form. Many years ago when I first started going to fetish clubs I would see people in latex and think ‘Oh my God, they are hardcore’. Especially if they were wearing a hood which I used to find really scary. Now I’m the proud owner of around 30 hoods of varying styles. Funny when you look back isn’t it.

Rubber Bondage Mistress
Rubber doll

I suppose wearing a hood offers some kind of anonymity as well as enclosure. To be completely encased, like a second skin. I love its ability to transform a person. There’s nothing quite like dressing a willing participant head to toe in layers of latex. The more bizarre the better.

Rubber transformation

I have around 15 catsuits in different colours and sizes for clients to wear. Plus Gloves and corsets. Stockings and suspenders. Hoods and head gear. Skirts, dresses, uniforms, leggings and accessories. So something to suit all styles and tastes. Whether you want to be Transformed in to a rubber slut. A gimp or rubber doll. You will find my latex collection more than adequate.

Rubber Bondage Mistress
Rubber Bondage Mistress Jane of Reading in Berkshire.

Rubber Bondage Mistress Jane knows exactly what you want. Encased in your second skin and now asked to slide in to a body hugging latex sleep sack, bliss!. As the zip closes the lips of the sack together you feel it hug to tightly. The belts are tightened around you and there is no escape. A gas mask is places over your already hooded face. You hear your every breath echo within the mask. You relax in to your latex cocoon as your rubber bondage Mistress unzips the access holes.

Latex Bondage Mistress
Mistress Jane’s Rubber Bondage Klinik.

This is the start of your journey in to rubber bliss heaven. A head trip, and a body morph. There are many themes that can accommodate your style rubber fetish. Dr.Janes Rubber Fetish Klinik if you like to combine your medical fetish with your Rubber fetish. Rubber sleep-sack bondage and suspension. Tv slut in the dungeon or Rubber maid. Lots of choice to suit all palates. Like the sound of it?

Rubber Bondage Mistress.
Mistress and Rubber Bondage slave.

Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers.

Come and meet Tgirl Gigi. We are having a day especially for the Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers on May 9th. You have admired from a far but never quite plucked up the courage to go a head and do it. Well now is Your big chance. My lovely friend and kinky partner in crime Tgirl Gigi will be joining me for a day of divine delights and making all Your dreams come true. A day for kinky curiosity and exploring your Bi urges in a safe, discreet environment.

Bi-curious subs and Tgirl admirers
May 9th Double Trouble in Reading Berkshire

Does a Tgirl turn you on? Short skirt and stockings only with something a little extra lurking under that tight skirt. Something that You wouldn’t mind getting to grips with…..hmmmm sound tempting? Our Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers day is aimed at those who want to explore their kinky fantasy. Maybe you just want to ‘suck it and see’. It doesn’t matter whether this would be your first time or your tenth. Each session is adapted to fit in with your fantasy, interests and level of experience.

You can wear your birthday suit, you can be transformed in to a tarty slut or a prissy sissy princess. We are here to adapt and make Your liaison with us the best it can be. Both Tgirl Gigi and I enjoy working together and more importantly love what we do. We are the catalyst in to making your naughty dreams a true reality.

Bookings for our Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers day are now being taken. Contact Mistress Jane through either the email or phone number on this site. Send a brief synopsis of any experience you might have plus session interests and scenario or fantasy. You must meet our minimum age requirement of 30 years, no exceptions!



Professional Mistress, your first time.

So you’ve sought the services of a Professional Mistress or Dominatrix. After weeks of trawling though site after site, one particular has caught your eye. You read through it and make your very first booking.

Nervously you make your first appointment and you’re sh*tting bricks. Its impossible to concentrate on anything else, you feel distracted. As your appointment draws nearer your mind goes in to overdrive.

‘What will happen?’…’Will I be safe?’…What if….? ‘Will she look like her photos?’….’Will i enjoy it?…’What the F’ck am I doing’…Questions, questions and scenario’s going round and round in your head.

Parking your car, you take a deep breath…this is it! You’re approaching her premises. Thud thud thud, as your heart pounds deeply, making you feel breathless. Butterflies, your stomach is churning. Fight or flight. Adrenaline is what is driving you right now. You lift your hand to knock on her door….knock knock. Silence. Then you hear the distinct sound of heels walking towards the door. Oh my God, this is it and the door opens. Sound familiar?

Yes, I do get it. Its a big thing booking your first appointment with a Professional Mistress. From the moment you make a booking to the very moment you cross her threshold, its been a roller-coaster of feelings. Like fear and excitement all rolled in to one big soup. But that’s all part of it, the build up to your session.

Some guys have been visiting Professional Mistresses for years and still feel like its their first time every time. Its all part and parcel. Anyway Its supposed to be exciting so embrace it, enjoy it and never say never.


Professional mistress
Mistress Jane your Reading Dominatrix