REVIEW March/19

Dear Mistress
I had such a wonderful time – I wish I could have stayed all day! Both you and Lunna were amazing – I have never experienced two sessions the same with you and each time I have been surprised and thoroughly enjoyed your inventiveness. I feel very privileged to see you and hope you get as much fun out of sessions as I do. 

Reading Mistress’s Kinky accomplices.

Reading Mistresses Kinky accomplices are ready to join in the fun. Last Friday saw the return of my gorgeous feline friend and collared submissive Kitten. Our day was fully booked within 4 hours of the advert being posted so we must be doing something right. Kitten has proved to be ever so popular and the demand for her presence is growing more and more. Alas, Kitten is only available very infrequently due to her residing and working in Cornwall.

Some of you may have noticed Kitten’s twitter profile has ceased to be. This is simply because her account was hacked. Kitten will soon be going on her travels and therefore won’t be available for some time.

Sub Kitten & MJ in shiny rubber catsuits

This Tuesday will see the return of my two favourite T-Girls. Hot and sexy Tgirl Gigi, and Gigi’s partner in crime Tessa.
Our day is fully booked and if you have been one of the lucky ones to get a place then it promises to be fun as well as down right dirty. You can expect to see lots of lipstick, heels, cocks and kink.


You haven’t been lucky enough to get a chance to come and play with us on Tue?. Get in before the rush and send me an email registering your interest for such an event. Alternatively, keep an eye out on my blog pages for and up and coming announcements of such frivolities.


Your Reading Mistresses Kinky Accomplices are ready to join you!. I have my two regular accomplices Miss L’amour and Goddess Lunna. We can also be booked together making a foursome. That includes You of course. Get in contact to discuss your fantasy and lets work together to make your dreams a reality.

Orgasm Control and Multiple Milking P2

Our subject was again to under go more Orgasm Control and Multiple Milking. He wasn’t as yet displaying any signs of fatigue, which was just as well. As we fully intended to go another round of extreme Orgasm Control and Multiple Milking. He was here for the duration or at least until we were satisfied we had extracted every last drop of cum from him. Rubber assistant Trixy looked over him curiously. Stroking and squeezing where appropriate. She took hold of his balls and squeezed them. “Ripe for the plucking Mistress” she said with a Cheshire cat grin.

Rubber assistant Trixy

Third time lucky. We had decided that his third extraction would be done in part by hand manipulation and then finished by the Venus 2000. Trixy took hold of his semi sausage. “Hmmm flagging a little are we?” asked Trixy. Our rubber clad subject winked back at her, a positive sign. Maybe he was just playing hard to get for the minute. It wasn’t long before he was fully erect once again. As time went on each cum would get harder to extract. We would have to work harder the more the well was drained dry, but he would too.

Trixy was stroking his shaft slowly but firmly. Earlier I had placed a tight rubber ring around his plump balls, something I do to help with the staying off of an early spurt. Whether it helps or not is another matter, but it seemed too anyhow. It was now my turn to takeover the handling of his manhood. Adding plenty of lube, ripe and large with a deep purple head I squeezed and stroked it teasingly. He groaned and mumbled as loud as he could considering his mouth was filled with a large gag with feeder tube.

Trixy gently squeezed and stroked his nipples whilst gazing closely into his eyes. He was transfixed by her deep blue stare. I guess he wasn’t really aware of his surroundings, he was simply lost in the sensations at this moment in time. In a dazed dream state close to cuming. I reached for the Venus 2000 and slipped the receiver over the head of his swollen cock. But I didn’t allow the receiver to suck down right to the base. I held it just so it slurped on the head of his cock. this I could see drove him wild. It must have felt as though someone was sucking on his cock.

We strung him along for some time. He was gagging to cum but the moment he looked as if he was about to we stood back and eased off with the torment. He was on a roller-coaster ride of sheer bliss. I gave Trixy the nod to say ‘This is it”. I allowed the receiver to devour his whole cock. He groaned as if someone has punched him and it had winded him. I kept the Venus slurping at a steady pace. He was building up for the big one, and bang! there it was his third cum. His cock pumped hard as his body made jerking movements awhile his seaman squirted into the V2. We gave him a few moments to ‘come back down to earth’ then slid off the receiver, dripped the contents into a funnel which I attached to the feeding tube and you know the rest.


This is my 10th year working as a Pro-Domme and although I like my operation to be a quite low key affair. Meaning I don’t tour or go to clubs and socialize in order to meet other Dominants or Mistresses. It just means that it isn’t my thing. But I think all Mistresses must have a little wish list of other Mistresses they would love to meet or work with. I prefer to view the Mistresses I most admire from the comfort of my armchair via the net. About two years ago circumstances brought the original Strap-on Jane and I together. I had always wanted to meet her. I’d seen her at clubs many years earlier but never actually introduced myself. When we did eventually meet we got along really well from the word go and have teamed up on several occasions. She is an amazingly beautiful and talented lady and we have had a lot of fun since.

I had been looking at Domina Sara’s site for a while and would check it every now and again to see her latest updates. I was so impressed with her skills as a Mistress and her web site. Not to mention her and her partner’s premises ‘Fallen Angel Studio’ and ‘The Practice’ that I eventually contacted her and our friendship was born.

We teamed up for a few sessions last year which was a great honor for me. We will be teaming up again this year and I can hardy wait. A truly lovely lady as well as being a wicked Mistress and Fetish Nurse. Bring it on!

Trixy, Lunna, Kitten, T-Girls Gigi and Tessa are still going strong. Kitten will be here on Fri 8th Feb and we are already fully booked. Gigi and Tessa will be here on 12th Feb, and again that day is fully booked. Trixy is available most days and Lunna is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Enquire within.



Many thanks to Lunna and yourself for last Monday. Gosh – it was very intense and I was both emotionally and physically drained after – but with a feeling of total contentment. Being allowed to worship Lunna in her rubber was a wonderful high. The time in the sling, clad in latex, was an amazing test for me – a sensual overload in the inflatable rubber hood whilst subject to electrics, cbt, re-breather mask and plastic bagging. Total domination in the hands of two wonderful ladies. 

Thank you for the shots and film you took which highlight the experiences and they’ll be a lasting memory of a wonderful session.

With kindest regards


Tickle Fetish

Dear Mistress Jane
I would just like to thank you and Trixy for another fantastic Tickle Fetish session yesterday! As always you were both very professional and I felt very safe throughout. The way you secured me spread eagle by my ankles and wrists to your bondage table left me very vulnerable to your tickling fingers. Even the great Houdini would have had no chance of escape. The blindfold added another dimension as I had no way of knowing what was coming next. However it was not all pain and discomfort as I very much enjoyed the nipple and cock teasing that you both administered whilst I was blindfolded. Just when I was starting to get used to this immense pleasure the intense tickling started again. My old chap couldn’t take any more and shot his load. Thinking that this would end the session and we could go home.

However you both had other cruel ideas and continued tickling for a while longer with my body now in a hyper sensitive state. I was now in sensory overload and was really at my limits. I started to regret being so brave or stupid earlier? telling you to be as relentless as you like with no safe word, but now it was too late! However you must be able to read me like a book. Just when I was starting to think I couldn’t take anymore, you both stopped. This is an experience that I shall remember for the rest of my life!
Please feel free to use this as a review and thanks again!
Lots of love

Mr.Tickle (p)

Kinky kinkmas

KINKY KINKMAS will soon be upon us and I have teamed up with a couple of my fetish crew in order to add some spice to the festive season. So starting with the ever so popular TGirl Gigi, back by popular demand. Gigi will be joining me on Thursday 13th Dec for more naughty fun. Don’t think that because you aren’t a cross dresser this event wouldn’t be for you, because you’d be very wrong. This event is best suited to the bi curious, the tv admirer as well as the cross dressers. We tailor each session to each individuals experience and level. So if you are new to this, but are curious about that, then drop us a line. What goes on in the potting shed, stays in the potting shed! (Private joke that will mean something to quite a few).

kinky kinkmas

Now I have your attention I will go on to tell you about my next event which will be held on Monday 17th Dec and my partner in crime on this occasion will be the ravishing sub KittenXXX. So if the previous event wasn’t for you then this one may well be! The explosively sexy female in every way, submissive Kitten will be lavishing her attentions on You should I allow her that is. I will control you both as my subs and You will do as I ask. I may use you like puppets for my amusement or have you perform at my whim and for the really good boy, I may bestow you the honor of using my cockgag to please my sub Kitten if I feel she has earned it.

This day is suited to male subs who want to share their session with a pro female sub. A male who likes to please and satisfy the female form. Or a sub that enjoys CFNM or edging, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms or multiple orgasm and post orgasm torment. Kitten will blow your mind with her ultimate tie, tease and torment…can You handle it?

kinky kinkmas

Kinky KittenXXX

Kinky KittenXXX has caused a stir recently…..

with her raunchy exploits. My dear friend Kinky KittenXXX who hails  from Cornwall, just recently moved to the Reading area. She goes under the name of Kinky KittenXXX and is not a stranger to the adult industries. She has worked as a glam model and sub in her native Cornwall for some years. She is lots of fun and very open minded as you can imagine. Kitten loves all kinds of kinky capers, and dominating the two of you together can prove very interesting for all concerned.

Punishment for treats…

You need to earn your treats or should I say your pleasure. If you can’t take your punishment then you don’t get your treats!. I will secure you and punish you. If you take your punishment well you get a treat, sound fair? of course it does. An eye for an eye. ‘What is the treat?’ I hear you ask.

This is why I have kitten by my side. What ever I ask her to do she will do. Whilst you are secured tightly to a piece of equipment I might use my strapon on her while you listen on….oh yes I forgot to say, you might be blindfolded. But if I feel you’ve been a really good boi and earned it, I might just remove your blindfold so you can see us in action. With your hands restrained behind your back, all you’ll want to do it touch your cock while you watch the spectacle before you. And for boi’s who are very very good at taking punishment, Kitten might even allow You to use the cock gag on her until she purrs. Every body loves a kinky kittenXXX……

Kitten is available on Wednesdays from 4pm and some Saturdays.

kinky kittenxxx

Kitten is freelance she takes care of her own finances. I do not profit from her in any way shape of form. She is a fetish friend who likes to help out occasionally. Although she likes to push the boundaries of your sexuality she does not offer sex so please don’t ask.

KittenXXX kinky submissive Female fetishist

Submissive Female Fetishist, her name is KittenXXX, the XXX could mean ‘Kisses’ or possibly ‘X-rated’? She oozes sex appeal, she is beautiful, her curves are all in the right places and whats more, she is available for joint sessions with me!

…..Nurse Jane and Dr.Keith were dressed in their scrubs. They were discussing the treatment of their patient, Miss Kitten. Nurse Jane had made Miss Kitten comfortable on the Gynae chair ready for the doctor to start his examination. She lay back with her feet in the stirrups and her legs apart. Dr Keith approached Miss Kitten and asked “What ever is the matter Miss?” to which Miss Kitten replied “I feel faint Doctor”. Nurse Jane promptly unbuttoned Miss Kitten’s blouse in order to cool her down quickly and pulled it apart to reveal her big heaving breasts. “That feels better, thank you Nurse” said Miss Kitten. The Doctor, a man of few words held a vibrating medical instrument in his hand, and said “I had better check the patient responses”. He removed Kittens panties then gently pressed the vibrating want against her pussy. Kitten moaned loudly, “Oooh Doctor,that feels nice”. She began to roll her hips in a circular movement. The Doctor placed down the wand and buried his head between her legs. Kitten threw her head back let out a wail “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….yeahhh”. Nurse Jane tweaked Kittens nipples and began to give her mouth to mouth to keep her quiet. The Doctor meanwhile, licked and as he did slipped his fingers deep inside her wet pussy in order to keep a check on her temperature. Soon after Kitten lay quietly, temperature back to normal and feeling on top of the world.

submissive female fetishist

For further information on KittenXXX Submissive Female Fetishist click on the link below…..



TGirl Gigi

Hello Darlings, I am TGirl Gigi.

So you fancy something a little different do you? Well sweetie, look no further, you just found me.

I am Mistress Jane’s slut. I am at MJ’s beck and call and will do anything she asks of me. I am a switch, tv Mistress and sub. Whatever a session dictates or whatever Mistress dictates. I am naughty but nice, willing and able, greedy and insatiable.

I am available for joint sessions with Mistress Jane on selected dates which will be advertised not only on ‘My page’ here but also in Mistresses blog area. Our joint sessions are suitable for subs who are bi curious, for sissies who enjoy suckies, tv’s, and for slaves who seek forced bi or a tv Mistress.

You can request my outfit if you have a particular idea in mind. Mistress can give you a full makeover so she has two sluts to command and use as her play puppets. So keep an eye out for my next visit and I shall look forward to meeting you my darlings.

Please refer to ‘Tributes link’ for price




tgirl gigi