Dear Mistress Jane & Lunna
I would just like to thank you both for an incredible session yesterday, that both satisfied and went way beyond my wildest fantasies. I am just glad that there are people like you in this world who do this in in a safe environment in a non judgmental way. 

As soon as I walked in to your chambers I was struck by how stunning and sexy you both looked. However I soon found myself naked spread Eagle secured by my wrists and ankles on your Bondage bed. To be in such a vulnerable position blindfolded at the complete mercy of you both is an incredibly erotic feeling. In my email booking the session I asked for, tickle nipple cock and face sitting torture with some post orgasm torture for good measure. You certainly both provided this, with intense tickling and the use of nipple clamps with my cries being muffled by Lunna face-sitting me.  However during a brief respite in the tickling, the beautiful Lunna became very minxy and did some extra erotic teasing that I was not expecting! However I was in no position to object due to the fact that she was sitting on my face, so I just had to take it.

Lunna, you have an incredibly sexy bottom and are welcome to sit on my face anytime. Jane, the way you played with my cock and the post orgasm torture was incredible. I think I may have bit of more than I can chew at the end. Lunna had to sit on my face again to muffle my cries of mercy. However you are both welcome to dominate me and subject me to your erotic torture anytime! 
You are a great team, I hope to see you both again in the new year for another incredible session. 
Thanks again.
With Love Mr.Tickles


Dear Misstress Jane,

just wanted to say thanks again to you and Lunna for our session. You are a very bad influence on each other, and obviously I loved every second of it! Lunna always has a smile on her face, and it does make the session even more fun when you both clearly enjoy what you do so much. Definitely looking forward to my next visit to your tickle chamber! You and Lunna are surely the deadliest tickle combo around (can you tell I’m still recovering?!) and I’d absolutely recommend any tickle fans to spend an hour in your company if they dare.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Reading Dominatrix Mistress Jane

Reading Dominatrix Mistress Janes Reading Dungeon and Medical Clinic

This is my tenth Year as your Reading dominatrix Mistress Jane. What a fabulous ten years it has been. I’ve met and played with some wonderful people some of whom have become good friends.

My Reading Dungeon has seen some changes over the years and as some of you may know I am looking for new premises but it hasn’t been easy. Lets hope I will find somewhere new soon as I plan to go bigger and better as I feel that I have out grown my Reading dungeon and feel its time to expand and evolve. Being your Reading Dominatrix Mistress Jane can be a demanding role but I feed off that energy. Its what keeps me going.

Reading Dominatrix
Reading Dominatrix

I have some new kit on order, mainly rubber wear but also an inflatable sleep-sack chamber for heavy rubber bondage. Also coming soon are some hospital restraints and a rubber sleep-sack. I recently acquired some HW Design latex wear which really adds another dimension to the bizarre rubber fetish look. The more bizarre the better I think.

I am getting more and more in to the Fetish Medical play and as some may have seen I am working with my wonderful friend Domina Sara at The Practice in Milton keynes on 28th March and the 2nd May. I am also up in bonny Scotland on 25th April working with Lady Annisa at her Fetish Medical Clinic. Exciting times.

My Fetish Clinic & Mechanical Milking Facility.

Reading Dominatrix Mistress Janes Blog.

Do remember to keep a look out in my blog area for updates and news on your Reading Dominatrix Mistress Jane. And remember to keep your fingers crossed that I find new premises soon. If anyone out there reads this and knows of any where suitable please drop me a line. Have a good week ya’ll xx

Reading Dominatrix Gallery

Sissy training with Berkshire Mistress

Sissy training with Berkshire Mistress. Mandy had been going so well. Sissy Mandy had been such a good girl that Mistress allowed her to try on her new sissy party dress as a treat. But with it came a warning as Sissy Mandy had a habit of wetting her nappy. Mistress Jane specifically told Mandy that if she dared to wet her nappy whilst trying on her new dress, as a punishment Mistress would leave her in the wet nappy all day long.

Sissy Mandy looked so pretty in her girly pink satin dress which was adorned with lace trimmings and satin bows. As well as matching petticoat, bonnet, socks and pink frilly panties.

Sissy Mandy

Mistress let sissy Mandy play in the garden for a short while she called her friend to come and see Mandy in her pretty dress. But the joy wasn’t to last. Mistress spotted Mandy sucking at her thumb which usually meant she had done something naughty. Then Mistress spotted Mandy’s satin panties drooping below her dress. This could only mean one thing. Mandy had wet her nappy!

A suspiciously heavy nappy.

As soon as Mandy confessed to wetting herself Mistress immediately spanked the back of Mandy’s legs until they turned red.

Frills and spills for sissy Mandy.

“What will my friend think when she spots your heavy nappy?” barked Mistress. “She will know you are a naughty nappy wetting sissy and she will see the red spank marks on the back of your legs and realize you’ve been punished for wetting yourself” Mistress carried on.

Mistress took sissy Mandy by her hand and told her to lay on the bed so she could put some plastic pants under Mandy’s satin pants to keep in the wet.

Nappy change for sissy Mandy.

When Mistresses friend arrived she asked Mandy to give her a twirl. When Mandy began to swirl round the friend began to laugh. “Look, she’s wet her nappy. What a big baby girl she is”. Mistress grinned. “Yes, she’s a nappy wetting sissy and as a punishment she’s to wear her wet nappy all day long” Said Mistress. The two Mistresses laughed as Mandy spun round.

Mandy’s new party dress.

“Sorry Mummy” said Mandy as she sulked and sucked her thumb. Mandy was taken in to the room where the nappy changing bed was and told to sit down. Mandy was now rubbing her nappy. The friend pulled Mandy’s plastic pants from the front and peered inside. Her nappy was stained yellow and it was warm. “She has wet herself again Mistress” said the friend. May be we should make her nappy a little more wet and by having her cum in her nappy too. The friend thought this was a very good idea and a very humiliating one. So the two friends set about teasing Mandy and forced her to cum in nappy while mocking her and telling her she would be sent to bed that night in a nappy to.

Layers of Plastic pants, nappy and satin frills.

Do you want to have some sissy training with Berkshire mistress Jane? I have lots of satin, silky and frilly dresses and costumes for wanna be sissies to wear. Plus shoes and bonnets with all the trimmings. Get in touch for more details about how You can live out your fantasy and have some fun sissy training with Berkshire mistress Jane.

Reading Mistress’s Kinky accomplices.

Reading Mistresses Kinky accomplices are ready to join in the fun. Last Friday saw the return of my gorgeous feline friend and collared submissive Kitten. Our day was fully booked within 4 hours of the advert being posted so we must be doing something right. Kitten has proved to be ever so popular and the demand for her presence is growing more and more. Alas, Kitten is only available very infrequently due to her residing and working in Cornwall.

Some of you may have noticed Kitten’s twitter profile has ceased to be. This is simply because her account was hacked. Kitten will soon be going on her travels and therefore won’t be available for some time.

Sub Kitten & MJ in shiny rubber catsuits

This Tuesday will see the return of my two favourite T-Girls. Hot and sexy Tgirl Gigi, and Gigi’s partner in crime Tessa.
Our day is fully booked and if you have been one of the lucky ones to get a place then it promises to be fun as well as down right dirty. You can expect to see lots of lipstick, heels, cocks and kink.


You haven’t been lucky enough to get a chance to come and play with us on Tue?. Get in before the rush and send me an email registering your interest for such an event. Alternatively, keep an eye out on my blog pages for and up and coming announcements of such frivolities.


Your Reading Mistresses Kinky Accomplices are ready to join you!. I have my two regular accomplices Miss L’amour and Goddess Lunna. We can also be booked together making a foursome. That includes You of course. Get in contact to discuss your fantasy and lets work together to make your dreams a reality.

Prison strap 36

The Prison Strap swooshed through the air and landed with a blunt thud.
“Six” announced Mistress Jane. Kay grunted, a sort of reluctant “Ouch”.  That one had stung.
 A few seconds later she announced “Seven”.  Mistress Jane was using a Prison Strap, there had been no swish to presage the blow, only a resounding ‘Thwack’ as it had landed on Kay’s backside, to be followed by a louder grunt.
After a few more seconds of suspenseful silence there was another loud ‘Thwack’ followed by a gasp from Kay, as Mistress Jane calmly stated “Eight.”
The ninth stroke was followed by a ‘yelp’ from Kay, the tenth by a louder ‘yelp’, and the eleventh by a louder ‘yelp’ still. Things were starting to get interesting.
The twelfth Thwack was followed by what can only really be described as half-gasp, half-shout, half-shriek from Kay.  It was hard to tell really, the Prison Strap had landed with a force that had driven the air out of Kay’s lungs, his reaction somewhat garbled by the time it left his mouth and further muffled by the heavy leather hood that encased his head.  Either way stroke 12 had ‘got through’ to Kay.
Kay was, in fact, getting exactly what he had asked for – 36 Good strokes with the Prison Strap.
“Thirteen” announced Mistress Jane, this time the Strap had landed on the sweet spot of Kay’s backside, a loud crack echoed around the room in perfectly synchrony with a loud, if somewhat muffled, shriek.
“I want to be strapped down across your whipping bench” Kay had asked, “and punished at a level that is genuinely challenging for me, whereby every single stroke, from first to last, is ‘effective’ and ‘appreciated’.  I want you to ensure that it is a ‘truly memorable’ occasion for me.”
“Fourteen” counted Mistress Jane as the Prison Strap once again connected with Kay’s naked bottom with a loud ‘crack’, and Kay once again responded with a shriek – clearly that stroke had also been ‘effective and appreciated’!
Kay had told Mistress Jane about his curiosity about what it would be like to receive a prison style strapping.  Mistress Jane had warned Kay that it would be an intense experience, not something for the faint-hearted.  But Kay had been undeterred, and had insisted that was what he wanted.
Well, today was the day and he was starting to regret being so brave.
“Fifteen”, as the Prison strap once again connected with Kay’s naked backside, where hotness was now quickly turning into a raging fire.
When sitting at home in front of his computer watching porn and reading stories the idea had made Kay go weak at the knees (but, positively ‘firm’ elsewhere), and his heart beat faster.  To be restrained and thrashed across his naked backside with as fearsome a weapon as the Prison Strap was a most exciting thought indeed, which had caused him a raging erection that had, one might say ‘stiffened his resolve’ to experience it for real.
“Sixteen” called out Mistress Jane, as the stringing, burning sensation spread further across Kay’s backside.
In his arousal, Kay had written to Mistress Jane and asked her to make it happen for him.  In fact, he had even gone so far as
to reference a little quote on one of her blog’s that appealed to him:  “make him noisy”.  “That’s what I’d like you to do to me,” he had written, ” – make me noisy!”
But, now, this was reality.  Kay was strapped down – exactly as he had requested, and he was being thrashed by a beautiful, powerful woman – again exactly as he had requested.  And he was experiencing what a proper thrashing with a Prison Strap was like – just as he had asked.  It really, really did sting something horrid, and his bottom already felt twice its normal size and was throbbing like a sore tooth – again exactly as he had asked.
Mistress Jane was, of course completely unaffected by Kay’s distress, and administered the seventeenth stroke.
Kay squealed again, his body wriggling and writhing against the bench.  But the bonds were secure, there would to be no escape for him.
And he had made it absolutely clear that he wanted to receive the full 36 strokes: “I want an ‘authentic experience’,” he had written, “and to know that the punishment is going to be carried out, in full, and that once the punishment has started it will continue to it’s conclusion – no discussion, no negotiation, no stopping and no mercy.”
Kay had asked Mistress Jane to make it memorable, and noisy.
Well, she was doing just that and Kay was about to have an experience that he would remember for a very long time to come . . .

BDSM The Great Escape

BDSM The Great Escape….With the pressures of everyday life and everything that goes with it, people are seeking out more and more ways to unwind in order to de-stress and de-clutter their mind. Something to take them out of themselves in the way of escapism. Someone to take control of their mind, body, and soul- whether that be a full on BDSM experience with rubber and all the trimmings or a simple bit of role play and an over the knee spanking.

BDSM has been likened to some adrenaline-driven sports such as skydiving and snowboarding, simply because people are getting the same buzz. See, we’re not so different, are we!

I can only speak from my experiences, all with men. With the weight of life hanging over them, the pressures of work, providing, paying the bills, life certainly isn’t easy. Is it any wonder they try different ways to declutter their minds and rid themselves of the pent up anxiety life has brought upon them?

For some, it is not a sexual journey, but a journey of self discovery and curiosity. I have met many an older gentleman, who in recent years have discovered the internet, found BDSM, and realized that it’s something they want to tick off their bucket list.

Others, have had a yearning for kinky play their whole lives, but never dared ask for it, for fear of ridicule or embarrassment. For some, it is a sexually expressive journey as well as a lifestyle. To others, it is like a drug; they love the high it gives them-like chasing the dragon, always seeking that all time ‘high,’ like an addiction. In short, something they can not do without. Some, are just passers by, thrill seekers who want a brief dalliance just so they can say they have ‘done it.’ They too can get caught up by the BDSM bug, and often find themselves returning for more.

However, whatever the reason, these individuals have one thing in common: they all feel a sense of relief afterwards-not relief the scene is over, but a relaxed relief. Some subs are lucky enough to reach a zen-like state known as the ‘zone’ or ‘subspace,’ where nothing else matters at that moment. When they ‘come round’ later on all their cares have gone, as if a huge weight has been lifted, and they feel ready to face the world again, feeling refreshed and recharged.

‘Subspace’ is due to the release of endorphins. I am not a scientist; If you are interested in learning more, click on the link below. It’ll explain it a lot better than I can.

In the ten years I have worked as a Pro Domme, I would say at least 90% of the men I see feel this way after a BDSM session. It gives these men a brief escape from the ‘norm’- whether it be crossdressing, strap-on play, heavy rubber, cock and ball play, corporal punishment, and so on. For the brief time they have spent with me, they have been able to forget their woes, and enjoy their ‘Pamper Time’ by means of mental escape and total surrender; it makes them feel good. If it makes someone feel good, then I am all for it (as long as it is safe, sane, and consensual).

My clients come from all walks of life. It’s a total myth that they are all high-flying business men. You don’t need to be a person with high stature to be buffeted by life. I have road sweepers, teachers, policemen, you name it. But, they all have that one thing in common no matter what their particular kink happens to be. They are all seeking escapism through kink and/or BDSM.

I consider myself to be in a very privileged position with all my clients, and in a great position of trust. They tell me their troubles, their life story, their worries, woes, and their sexual desires or kinks, which is what has led them to my door. In a way, it’s similar, I suppose, to being a counselor-you have to sit and listen without judgement. I feel that for some clients, BDSM acts as an alternative therapy, that is certainly the feedback I receive time after time.

Maybe we never really grow up. As kids we play-we are cowboys one minute then Buzz Light-year the next. Maybe the adult playground is pretty similar in that some regress to a safe place in their mind through BDSM and by someone else taking control. Some adults need that escape just as they did when they were young.

A session starts way before entering a dungeon or a scene. It starts when the person seeking a BDSM session finds the Dominatrix or Mistress that appeals to them. They feel that instant rush of excitement, and as their appointment draws nearer they have all the feelings of going on a first date. Then, the door opens, and there The Mistress, the catalyst to their fantasy, stands in all her glory. It is through her that they give themselves over in order to reach that special place, that memory, that feeling, that endorphin high, that escape.

There are many Dominatrices or Mistresses out there. Each have their own personal style and all conduct their sessions differently. You know the old saying ‘always read the label’? Well, this applies in this case. Find a Mistress that appeals to you and your tastes. Read her site thoroughly to check whether she covers the type of session that you have in mind. Some Mistresses cover certain activities that others don’t. So, make sure you read carefully. Once you have found the Mistress that fits the bill, follow her booking procedure, go along, and enjoy the ride.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this article at the following link below………………..


Submissive Female KittenXXX…Mon 26th Nov.

Submissive Female KittenXXX is back for a ‘Day of utter Debauchery’ on Monday November 26th. To find out a little more about what Kitten is all about, take a look at the following link …..

If you like what you have read about submissive female Kitten, then get in contact to book your session with us via my email or phone number on my site. Interested? Send me an email with your session interests.

BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN. See my tributes page on this site for pricing.

Submissive female KittenXXX enjoyes receiving #spanks #CockGag #BreastWorship #PantyWorship #PantySniffing. She enjoys #FaceSitting You and going #topless #liteBondage #PlayingThePatient #roleplayand #assworship.

submissive female

BiCurious TGirl Gigi Joins MJ Wednesday 26th Sept


Back by popular demand. TGirl Gigi will be joining me for a day of total naughtiness. We pride ourselves on making the day more debauched than the last time we got together for a day of sessions. But in all seriousness, these sessions are suitable for anyone with or without any experience in pushing the boundaries of their sexuality. We practice safe play at all times and guarantee you’ll have a fun filled time with us. If you have any queries or questions relating to this event please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email or phone. You will fine my number on each page of my site. Please note I have an age requirement of 30 years before I will accept you for a booking.


As you will see from the posted above, TGirl Gigi has many guises, one of which is Nursing assistant Gigi. She enjoys taking the patients temperature and inspecting the patients is fully functioning. She has her own special ways of treating her patients and Nurse Jane is always on hand to assist with any of the procedures carried out at the clinic in the countryside.

As you will have guess we enjoy our role play, it can be fun especially if you play along too. We love cheeky patients and naughty boi’s. So don’t be afraid to share our stage and enjoy yourself, you only live once!


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