Wiltshire Dominatrix and Pervaholic, Mistress Jane.

Wiltshire Dominatrix, Mistress Jane as you may gathered has recently relocated to the Chippenham area after dominating the Berkshire area for the past 11 years.

Sadly covid has kept my doors closed for most of 2020 and for all of 2021 so far. Looking on the bright side it has given me chance to recharge the batteries and rethink my plans for the future.

My new Wiltshire based chambers will be something very special indeed. Phase 1 and 2 are in the throws of renovation and phase 3 will begin in spring 22. With light finally at the end of the tunnel regarding covid, I hope to open my all new shiny Wiltshire chambers in June. I can hardly wait.

I placed my first order with https://enfettered.com/ and here’s a sneak preview of what will be gracing my new chambers…. https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-gynae-terminus-2/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-bondage-bed-inverter/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-bondage-gynae-bed/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-tilting-treatment-chair/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-et-line-gynae-slingboard/ https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-halothane-vaporiser-super-rigs/

Excited? Of course you are, and so am I. So, a little more about my new location. I am based North of the M4 at Chippenham. There is onsite parking for several vehicles. There are no neighbors, therefore outdoor play will be possible. I’m 15 mins off the M4 at Junction 16 and 17 depending from which direction you are coming from.

I plan to hold selected events and to produce film clips for purchase. Dungeon hire will also be an option as will overnight B&B dungeon hire. I plan to have a medical ward, dedicated male milking facility where by up to six males can be milked consecutively. Not to mention a 40 foot by 22 foot luxury dungeon with all the trimmings.

My site will get an overhaul and when I’m ready to launch my new chambers I’ll make a big song and dance about it so that you all know I’m ready to take bookings. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Wiltshire and west country Mistress Jane

Upskirting perv punished by Head Mistress

Upskirting is the practice of taking unauthorized photographs from beneath a woman’s or mans skirt. In the hope of no doubt in obtaining a crotch shot. Young David is a college pupil with a particular predilection – peeking up women’s skirts. Need I say more!

After being reported by the sixth form girls and the young French mistress (who wears her skirts eye-poppingly short) the school authorities decide they have to act. This is especially the case when they believe David has been attempting some upskirt photography. So with no further ado, David is summoned by the Headmistress, Miss Gigi who is looking particularly stern and efficient in pencil skirt, knee boots and a pink satin pussy bow blouse.

After reprimanding him and in no certain terms tells David that if he is caught ‘Upskirting’ again. He will be expelled immediately. Head Mistress Gigi tells the errant pupil that he will receive a much-merited spell of corporal punishment. Firstly she orders him to strip down to his tee shirt, briefs and socks. She then walks over to a ladder backed chair and places herself comfortably.

David stood still with his hands to his front, head bowed in shame. Miss Gigi calls him over to her. “Get over my knee BOY” she snaps. Then follows a good over the knee hand spanking. David smirks thinking he’s got off lightly as his pants are still covering his buttocks. But it isn’t long before Miss Gigi forcefully yanks them down, baring his lilly white cheeks.

As the spanks rain down on Davids bare buttocks they soon turn a deep shade of crimson. “Oooch ouch” David moaned. But this just aggravated Miss Gigi all the more. Suddenly the spanking came to a sudden halt. David breathed a sigh of relief then made a very big mistake by asking. “Is that us done Miss?”. His head was turned just enough to catch Miss Gigi’s expression and she was not amused.

He could feel Miss Gigi stretch forward to reach something. David gulped when he caught sight of the slipper gripped tightly in her hand. “Right young man” started Miss Gigi. She pulled her arm back as far as she could then swoop! thud thud thud…the slipped pelted Davids now very tender backside.

As she punished him she reprimanded him on how a head pupil ‘Should set a good example’ and not shame the school with his ‘Upskirting’ shenanigans. After a barrage of pelts with the slipper Miss Gigi asked David to ‘Stand’. She stood up beside him then pointed toward the chair she had been sat on. “Bend over my chair boy and hold the seat”. David did as he was told. “Spread your legs” asked Miss Gigi. David now feeling quite tender as well as a tad embarrassed obeyed.

upskirting perv upskirting perv punished by Head Mistress

He watched as Miss Gigi reached for her phone. He assumed she would be making a call but to his utter astonishment Miss Gigi bent down and held her camera phone upward between his legs “Smile” she said sarcastically as she snapped an ‘upskirt’ shot. “Now you know how it feels” she barked. David felt totally humiliated.

Miss Gigi was not finished with this ‘Upskirting’ Pervert yet. She had other plans in store. There was a cabinet to the left of the chair where David was stood. She opened the top draw. David’s eyes darted to see what secrets were kept in the draw. There was an array of paddles and some hair brushes. Miss Gigi reached for a leather paddle. “This is going to hurt” she informed a very worried David.

“Bend over the chair and take your punishment” Miss Gigi snapped. David wished that it would soon be over. He was beginning to regret getting caught. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in walked Dr.Jane. “Ah so this is the young man you want me to see?” asked Dr.Jane. The two ladies had a brief conversation then Dr.Jane approached David.

“Now young man spread your legs” asked Dr.Jane as she reached inside of her white doctors coat. Out emerged a latex disposable glove which she proceeded to put on. “Now this won’t hurt a bit” she started before a very worried David stood up and looked towards Miss Gigi for help. “Eeeerrr, no no Dr.Jane” interrupted Miss Gigi. “This is the Upskirting boy. He’s here for the cane not an examination” ohh sorry replied Dr.Jane, my mistake. “Phew that was a close shave” thought a very relieved David.

David breathed a deep sight of relief. But he wasn’t in the clear just yet. After all, he did hear a mention the cane. A weapon he was not fond of. “I see his backside has been nicely warmed Miss Gigi” said the Doctor. “Thank you” replied a very pleased Miss Gigi. Happy with her handy work.

Dr.Jane reached for a cane. She swooshed it in the air several times in order to intimidate David, and it did. “Bend forward boy” demanded Dr.Jane who sounded like she meant business. David gripped his teeth as well as the seat as he stretched forward. He counted 48 strokes which were delivered in batches of six’s and eights.

His backside was really smarting now. He was told to stand up and apologize for his terrible behavior and promise he would never cast a dark cloud such as this over the school ever again. No doubt David will be back in the future for some other misdemeanor but for now lets hope he has learned his lesson.