Professional Dominatrix Mistress Jane of Berkshire

One to One Sessions with Professional Dominatrix Mistress Jane of Reading Berkshire

* 1 HOUR   £120.

* 90 MINS  £170.

* 2 HOURS £210.

* 3 Hours  £300

Would You like a third person to join Mistress Jane for your session? Female switch Goddess Lunna, Trixy, TGirl Gigi or The Leather Master? Pricing for this service is based on MJ and guest of your choice subject to their availability.

*1 HOUR £170.

       *90 MINUTE £250

  *2 HOUR £320

  I am happy to introduce to you my trusted fetish friends but please note: I do not and will not profit from these individuals. We are all like minded people who enjoy helping each other out occasionally. They are all freelance and take care of their own finances.

 A word to the wise

Ever wondered why I charge a lot less than other Dominatrices?  One reason is, I own my Dungeon and all its equipment, so I don’t need to rent somewhere. I charge what I am comfortable charging, end of!

Don’t go thinking that because I charge a lot less than other Mistresses that you are not going to get a good service, as you would be very wrong! I provide a good quality professional service and welcome all those who have a healthy interest in BDSM, fetish and fantasy role play whether you are very experienced, or a BDSM virgin. This for me is firstly my hobby, secondly my job, and thirdly, it is what pays my wages and the tax mans.

I am very well equipped and have invested heavily in my dungeon and medical room but also on the latex outfits, accessories, gadgets and toys that go with it. I have the latest and best equipment money can buy, no expense spared. I have been a pro Mistress for 10 years and have been on the ‘scene’ since 1990.

My philosophy is that BDSM should be available to all pockets not just those who have deep ones. Bearing in mind most of the guys that visit a Mistress are usually married with a family and for some, loosing £100 is hard enough never mind double that. BDSM is not an elitist pass time, it is a fetish driven anomaly that is not selective in whom it touches.

So, if you are new to the world of fetish and BDSM and you are looking for a Mistress, your best bet would be to look at a few sites, read them thoroughly. Don’t be put off if her prices are cheaper than others, if her site looks and sounds professional and is accompanied by lots of current photos and reviews then she is probably as good a bet as any other Mistress. Go away and digest the information. Think about what it is you would like to do during a session then email the Mistress that appeals to you most with a brief synopsis of any experience you might have, if any, and having read her ‘services’ section, relay to her some of the activities from her services page that float your boat. Then give her a call. Be clear about what it is you want, she won’t bite unless you ask her to!!

The difference between the elite and the average, is the genuine mutual enjoyment / connection, not the fee!

Good Luck