Oct 182018

Hi I am Lunna Latex and as the name suggests, I am a female submissive or switch, latex fetishist. As well as the look, I love the feel and smell as well as the restriction I get from the latex against my skin. I also like to wear other outfits such as school prefect, naughty school girl, sexy lingerie, faux fur, naughty nurse plus lots more. I am an irresistible, tall blonde athletic 5ft 9″ in my stocking feet. In my heels I tower at 6ft 1″.

I really enjoy the ‘scene’ and since meeting Mistress Jane a couple of years ago my confidence has come on in leaps and bounds and now I feel I can enjoy and accept my submissive tendencies. I like to use my sexuality to tease and taunt you while Mistress secures you down. And if you have been a really good boy, may be, just may be Mistress might allow you the privilege of satisfying my insatiable appetite by allowing you to use a cock gag on me. This is also my treat for being a good girl and I love it.

I will have you begging for release with my teasing. Once I gain your stare you will be transfixed by my beauty. I will look deep in to your eyes, smiling while Mistress plays, punishes and tortures you. You will find it hard to think about what is going on around you while I hold your gaze, you will be intoxicated by my presence, my closeness, my scent……I am your Achilles heel.

I am available most days and some Saturdays between 10am and 7pm. I am not available on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays. If you are interested in having me join you and Mistress please say at time of booking. Prices are under the tributes tab on this site.

Things I like and am happy receiving are….


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